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It's not history that repeats itself, it is people that never change.

Notes - 2020 - Diary

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 The Ukrainian Prime Minister resigns, over grasp of economics in a leaked recording.

Greece announces that it will block all EU decisions on Libya.

Danske Bank offers 2000 employees in Denmark an attractive retirement package as the costs of adjusting to stricter regulations and negative interest rates are constantly rising.

Scientists who studied one meteorite discovered the oldest material ever on Earth. They have found dust particles in space rocks that have fallen to Earth in the 1960s. And that dust is as much as 7.5 billion years old.

A 12-year-old girl was rescued after being stranded in the snow for 18 hours in a house in the Pakistani-administered area of Kashmir.

Metallic hydrogen is said to revolutionize science and technology and to be the best fuel in the world, two different groups of scientists claim to have created the material.

Microsoft has officially discontinued support for Windows 7.

Elon Musk, combining laser connectivity with numerous terrestrial terminals, will make Starlink Internet Service the fastest in the world. Such prediction is based on an analysis of documents submitted to the US regulator.

New particles found in Antarctica cannot be explained by physicists, the race to find out what they are started.

Scientists have found a way to keep the liver alive without the body for even a week.

Archaeologists have discovered rare swords, spears and knives among hundreds of artefacts found in the Suwalki region of eastern Poland that belong to a long-lived Lithuanian ancestry with a warring culture.

Once upon a time there was plenty of water on Mars; later it evaporated or turn into ice. Today's residual water continues to evaporate gradually. Rising high above the planet's surface, water vapor dissociates into oxygen and hydrogen; Mars' gravity does not retain hydrogen atoms, so this gas quickly escapes into space.

Burundian journalist Blaise Pascal Kararumiye, who works for the privately-owned Radio Isanganiro, is in police custody after reporting on misuse of public funds intended for public co-operatives.

At the same time, China's population hit 1.4 billion in 2019 - but the gender imbalance remains.

Panama finds seven dead in suspected sect exorcism.

Health leaders from seven African countries are meeting to sign an agreement criminalising trafficking in fake drugs, from which millions dying every year.

A dramatic Monaghan deathbed scene and a bloodsucking Derry chieftain suggest Dracula was Irish, analysts say.

Asia's richest man in $13bn phone ruling boost, India's Supreme Court rejects telecom operator's plea for relief on government levies.

China's economic growth hits 30-year low.

At least 15 killed in Mali night attack.

Airline sorry for making women take pregnancy test, Hong Kong Express Airways told the woman she could not fly to US territory Saipan without the test.

Russia, new PM, new government and plans to change the constitution.

Farmers block Dublin motorway in beef protest, organisers of the go-slow demonstration say a better beef price is needed to sustain rural Ireland.

'Sars-family' virus claims second victim in China.

Missing girl and dog found in Australia floods, the girl, aged three, was spotted 3.5km from her home in Western Australia's Pilbara region.

Hungary sends patrol boat to intercept migrants, about 100 are trying to cross illegally every day from Serbia and Romania.

Million birds feared dead in 'blob' ocean heatwave, seabirds that died off the US in 2015-16 probably starved because of warmer waters.

Billionaire guilty of trying to smuggle a Picasso, jailed for trying to get The Head of a Young Woman out of Spain to sell abroad.

Harry on first royal duty since talks with Queen, agreed living at 50/50 Canada/UK, the prince appears relaxed as he hosts the Rugby League World Cup draw at Buckingham Palace.

Judge orders 'unsafe' Rio Olympic Park to close, the site is now used for concerts and events but some parts have suffered from poor maintenance.

A South African nurse has converted part of her home into a clinic providing low-cost healthcare to residents of a township.

Uganda has protested over the seizure of milk and milk products worth $360,700 (£276,300) by the Kenyan authorities on allegations of being contraband and substandard.

Isabel dos Santos, the daughter of Angola's former leader, is embroiled in a $1bn financial scandal.

Nile River mega dam row ends with draft deal.

Gunmen have killed six people, injured five and kidnapped others in Nigeria's northern Kaduna state.

A huge diamond unearthed in Botswana in April has been sold to French luxury fashion house Louis Vuitton for an undisclosed sum. The 1,758-carat stone is reportedly the second-largest found in a century.

Mexico to stop migrant group trying to reach US, hundreds of migrants have left Honduras and are now in Guatemala, where security has been stepped up.

Germany agrees to phase out coal power by 2038, the plan to shut down coal-fired power plants involves compensation of €40bn ($45bn; £34bn).

Man held at airport with 20 birds in suitcase, the Belgian traveller was trying to smuggle the protected species from Peru to Spain.

Ethiopian Airlines has announced it will start building a new $5bn (£3.8bn) airport in six months at a town located outside the capital, Addis Ababa.

Rain brings temporary relief in Australia.

Turkey ends Wikipedia ban after nearly 1,000 days.

Three aid workers have been released after being kidnapped by armed militants in north-eastern Nigeria's Borno state on 22 December.

Some 74 parents of children who have been excluded from schools in Malawi because they have dreadlocks have contacted the lawyer who is fighting to allow one schoolgirl back into the classroom.

Indian arrested after confessing to murder on TV, the man said he killed his girlfriend because of tensions between their families.

Fisherman are catching foreign "spy drones" – giving us a rare insight into covert sea surveillance.

Turkey's foreign ministry has summoned the senior Egyptian diplomat in the country to protest against a raid by Egyptian police on the Cairo office of Turkey's state news agency.

Kenya’s Public Prosecutor Noordin Haji says the state has recovered stolen assets worth $20m (£15.3m) from corruption cases, however that is only 1% of an estimated $2bn (£1.53bn) worth of public money involved in high profile corruption cases.

Teenager found a new planet on the third day of his internship at the US space agency.

Syria air strikes kill 18 in Idlib despite truce.

Spanish factory explosion kills man 3km away, a blast at a chemical factory launched a metal plate that hit an apartment block.

Epstein 'abused girls on his private islands', the case filed in the US Virgin Islands says the late financier molested girls as young as 12.

People from around the world are knitting blankets and clothes to help the animals hurt by Australia's bushfires. People are making pouches for orphaned kangaroos, mittens for burnt koalas, and blankets for bats which have lost their homes.

Security forces in Saudi Arabia have reportedly arrested a number of people accused of trying to smuggle cheetahs into the country.

Thousands of Eritreans, including many children, continue to flee Eritrea because of human rights abuses and the nation's indefinite national service.

First woman appointed to senior Vatican office, Francesca Di Giovanni has been hired in the Secretariat of State and will co-ordinate with the UN.

United Nations sanctions experts have told potential attendees of a cryptocurrency conference in North Korea that if they attend it would violate international sanctions.

Lebanon protesters hit banks in 'week of wrath', Riot police met with resistance as demonstrators in Beirut continue demand a new government.

Mozambique’s government has paid lawyers around 100m meticais ($1.6m; £1.2m) to try and keep the former finance minister from facing trial in the US.

Plane dumps fuel over Los Angeles schools, at least 60 children and adults were treated after a jet released fuel during an emergency landing.

Amazon's Bezos announces $1bn Indian investment.

Trump launches fresh attack on Apple over privacy, the firm rejects claims that it is shielding criminals by refusing to co-operate with investigators.

Tesco faces Thai regulatory threat to $10bn deal, as Tesco gets ready to unload its Thai and Malaysian assets, regulatory hurdles may stop it from getting the price it wants.

Since 2017, thousands of Kazakh Muslims have been detained in China’s infamous re-education camps.

For the first time in 28 years the population of Lithuania has been growing.

At the forefront of the Chinese fleet, ‘Nanchang’ marks the beginning of a new generation of ships.

United Kingdom financial technology startup Revolut Bank, which has a Lithuanian banking license, has joined the Lithuanian Banking Association.

Iran admits 'unintentionally' shooting down plane. Several persons suspected of being involved in the shooting down of a Ukrainian aircraft have been arrested.

The Turkish president began deploying his troops to civil war-torn Libya to support a foreign-recognized leadership in Tripoli. Turkey's goal is to protect Tripoli and help the Libyan National Conservation Government, under the auspices of the United Nations (UN), to remain in power. After The Libyan military strongman Gen Khalifa Haftar has left Moscow without signing a ceasefire agreement with the UN-backed Libyan government.

Animals can evolve backwards - to regain their ancestral traits. In the past, scientists thought it was impossible, but new algorithms and gene analysis have shown that this has happened to lizards, frogs and even humans.

In 2019, Volvo Cars achieved its sixth consecutive year of record sales and, for the first time in 93 years in the company's history, saw sales rise 9.8 percent year-on-year and total 705,452 new cars sold last year.

A teachers' union in Kenya has threatened to evacuate teachers out of an area where three teachers were killed if the government does not improve security. The deadly attack happened in Kamuthe in Garissa county. A telecommunications mast and a police camp were also targeted.

Nigerians online are angry after President Muhammadu Buhari’s daughter Hanan travelled in a presidential jet to Bauchi in northern Nigeria for a private function.

Irish police were alerted when human limbs were found in a bag outside houses.

French priest to face sex abuse accusers in court, men 74, is alleged to have assaulted dozens of Boy Scouts in the 1980s and 1990s.

Ireland and UK is visited by storm Brendan swepting east.

Giant sinkhole swallows bus in China, killing six.

Two protesters have been shot dead by security forces in Guinea, on the first day of open-ended protests against President Alpha Condé's suspected plan to amend the constitution so he can serve a third term.

US expels 21 Saudi military cadets after gun attack.

France and Sahel nations step up jihadist fight, the partners form a joint command to tackle Islamist insurgents in the African region.

Iran denies shooting anti-government protesters, videos posted online recorded what appeared to be gunfire and showed blood on the streets.

Venice canals almost dry, two months after floods.

Israeli police have arrested a rabbi who is suspected of holding around 50 women and children in conditions of slavery.

China accuses West of 'Cold War' against Zimbabwe.

Hundreds of live scorpions rescued from smuggler

Scorpion, the Chinese man was caught in Sri Lanka with the live animals hidden in his check-in luggage.

Authorities in News South Wales are dropping vegetables from the air to feed wallabies.

Philippine Taal volcano begins spewing lava, people evacuating.

The military in the Democratic Republic of Congo says it has captured a rebel camp in the east of the country from where many attacks were planned.

A Russian train is delayed for more than 40 minutes after a camel takes a run along the tracks.

Love Island ratings dip for winter series launch, more than 2.5 million people tuned in for the launch of the first winter series on Sunday.

Siemens resists climate protests over coal project, the German engineering giant says it cannot back out of a huge coal mining deal in Queensland.

Man survives three weeks stranded in Alaska, fire destroyed Tyson Steele's remote cabin, killing his dog and leaving him alone for weeks. Sign SOS on the snow helped to find him.

Malawi chief justice reports bribe offer in election case.

Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa is looking for a female "life partner" to accompany him on Space X's maiden tourist voyage to the Moon.

Colombia foils bid to assassinate ex-Farc leader, police said they killed two would-be assassins who were about to target ex-rebel chief.

Storms sweeping southern US states kill 11.

Protesters in Iran condemn 'lies' on downed plane, demonstrators in Tehran vent anger at officials who earlier denied Iran shot down a Ukraine airliner.

Plants are photographed regrowing in parts of Australia ravaged by fire last month.

French PM offers compromise to end pension strike.

India demolishes illegal luxury high-rises, waterfront high-rises are demolished after the Supreme Court ruled they violated environmental laws.

Arab world's longest-serving ruler dies at 79, Sultan Qaboos deposed his father in a bloodless coup in 1970 and set Oman on a path to development.

Texas to reject new refugees under Trump order, governor Greg Abbott says the state's resources should be focused on "those who are already here".

Lithuania's five largest umbrella organizations are withdrawing from the agreement signed in 2017 on the reforms needed for the country's progress.

Year-on-year (12-month) inflation in Ukraine fell to 4.1 percent in 2019 from 9.8 percent the year before.

The captured images stunned scientists: a waking black hole "swallowed" a nearby star for a week.

Internal documents released by US giant Boeing show that employees at the company mocked US aviation regulators and excelled at being certified by the notorious Boeing 737 Max with only minimal pilot training.

Samsung has introduced an "artificial man" who can talk and sympathize with the real person: "NEONs" will be our friends, collaborators and companions, they will constantly learn and evolve.

A massive drought in Australia will result in the shooting of 10,000 camels. Animals threaten remote Aboriginal settlements. suggesting better to sell or give away to poor countries and outraged Somalis are urging Australians to stop culling camels, and to instead send the animals to the Horn of Africa so that they can look after them.

LG has introduced an exciting device that lets you grow vegetables in the kitchen.

Iran commander: We planned more strikes against US and seeks to drive US forces from the Middle East. The US president said no Americans were harmed after Iran targeted bases housing US forces in Iraq. A total of 16 missiles were launched from at least three sites in Iran. At least 11 of them struck the air base in Al Asad, west of Baghdad, and at least one more hit the Irbil base. Several other missiles landed at some distance from the targets and one didn't even detonated. Western powers suggest Iran missile downed a Ukrainian airliner with 176 passengers. Canada leads calls for a full and thorough investigation of the Ukrainian passenger jet crash, Canadian PM Justin Trudeau says sources suggest the Iran plane crash was caused by a missile. Iran won't give plane black boxes to Boeing or US.

Attack on Niger army base kills 25 soldiers, Niger and its neighbours are struggling to contain an Islamist insurgency in West Africa.

Australia legend Shane Warne raises one million Australian dollars (£528,514) for the bushfire appeal after his "baggy green" Test cap is sold at auction.

South African Finance Minister Tito Mboweni has called for the legalisation of the cannabis trade in order to collect more tax revenue.

Israel frees jailed Syrians in 'goodwill gesture', the two, jailed for spying and murder, were freed after an Israeli soldier's body was handed over.

Brazil supreme court lifts ban on 'gay Jesus' film, the court rules that Netflix can stream a parody film where Jesus brings home a presumed boyfriend.

Lewis Hamilton pledges more than £380,000 to help animal welfare charities and the fire service battling bushfires in Australia.

US-government issued phones run 'Chinese malware', mobile phones offered to poor families come pre-installed with malware, according to a security company.

A major meeting on the future of Africa’s biggest hydroelectric dam - currently being built on the River Nile - has ended without agreement in Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa. This is the fourth meeting in the latest efforts by water ministers from Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan to find a resolution to the tensions over the project.

Prisoners starve to death in DR Congo, seventeen people have died in the country's biggest jail where it is feared another 100 are close to dying.

Sandwich poisoning victim dies after years in coma, the young German man was targeted by a work colleague who peppered his lunch with mercury and lead.

Somalia-based jihadist group al-Shabab says its attack on a Kenyan naval base used by US forces was carried out with "guidance" from the head of al-Qaeda.

Buckingham Palace was "blindsided" by Prince Harry and Meghan's statement they were stepping back from their roles.

Police in northern Nigeria say they have rescued 27 children from two illegal orphanages operating in Kano and Kaduna states.

A locust infestation in the Horn of Africa has spread to eastern Kenya, where farmers are fearful of crop losses.

The pneumonia which struck the Chinese city of Wuhan was caused by a new virus.

Norway has offered to take in 500 migrants who were evacuated to Rwanda from Libyan detention centres.

The US government has imposed sanctions on South Sudan’s First Vice President. Taban Deng Gai is accused of human rights abuses and trying to derail the country’s peace process. Negotiations aiming to get the peace deal back on track have stalled since it was signed last year.

Women fed up with being forced to cover up their breasts are challenging American laws about nudity.

'Child stowaway' found dead in plane undercarriage, a body was discovered after an Air France flight had arrived in Paris from Ivory Coast.

Vietnamese bars arrange transport home for customers after tough drunk-driving laws come into force.

Three die in Somali capital car bomb, a few days before another car bomb which exploded at a busy junction in the Somali capital has wounded at least 11 people.

UK puts ships and helicopters on standby in Gulf.

UK teen returns home after false rape claim trial, she lands back in the UK after being given a four-month suspended sentence in Cyprus.

Investors demand € 896 million from Daimler. German luxury car maker Daimler has been the subject of a collective investor lawsuit for damage caused by a diesel scandal.

In the depths of Russia, has found the graves of women's warriors: the myths about Amazons are real.

Russian President Vladimir Putin came to Damascus and met with Syrian leader Bashar al Assad there.

Iran, at least 40 people were killed and more than 200 injured during a funeral procession for a General killed in Baghdad.

Archaeologists have found hundreds of antique weapons and other items on the site of an ancient cemetery in the Suwalki region (Poland).

The Lithuanian Ministry of Energy is inviting residents to apply and receive support for solar power plants: 9 million euros in support.

97% of teens play computer games. It doesn't have to be a problem. Computer games can develop memory and even eye and hand coordination. But they also hinder concentration and distraction. But not the new Tenacity that scientists have designed and tested.

From the beginning of 2020, the Netherlands will no longer use the name "Holland" in its official logo.

British teenager sentenced over false rape claim, she is free to return home to the UK after being given a four-month suspended sentence in Cyprus.

A woman who had a facial tumour gets a new face thanks to a digitally engineered prosthesis.

Nine die after boy picks up discarded grenade, twenty-six people were wounded in the blast on the Nigeria-Cameroon border.

Court sets execution date for Delhi gang rapists, an Indian court has said the men will hang on 22 January, after they have exhausted their appeals.

Lesotho's police commissioner has accused Prime Minister Thomas Thabane of involvement in the murder of his estranged wife two years ago.

Baby left on Russian balcony freezes to death, an investigation is launched after a seven-month-old boy is left outside in temperatures of -7C.

Ikea to pay $46m after child killed by drawers, the furniture giant reached the settlement after a two-year-old was crushed by falling drawers.

Thousands in Guinea march in anti-government protest.

Almost 2,000 homes destroyed in Australian fires. 'Nothing left to eat' for animals after bushfires.

Police in Uganda have arrested a Liberian missionary who they accuse of faking his own kidnapping and demanding a 74m Ugandan shilling ($20,000; £15,000) ransom.

Brent crude - which is the international benchmark for buyers and sellers of oil - is down 1.1% at $68.14 a barrel and West Texas Intermediate is off 1% at $62.61.

Several people have been killed in a blast in north-eastern Nigeria, on a bridge leading to the border with Cameroon. The improvised explosive device detonated on Monday evening in the town of Gamborou in Borno state, killing at least 30 people

More than 60,000 Mexicans 'disappeared' in drug war, the number is 20,000 higher than the previous estimate, which was issued in 2018.

Italian teenagers hijack ambulance to treat friend, they forced hospital staff in Naples to attend a 16-year-old with a minor knee sprain.

Thousands of people have marched through the streets of the Liberian capital, Monrovia, to protest against President George Weah's handling of the economy - which has seen spiralling inflation. The demonstrators want Mr Weah to say what happened to $25m (£19m) that the government withdrew from the country's Federal Reserve Account in 2018 in an effort to stabilise the economy.

In Libya, rebel forces loyal to Gen Khalifar Haftar say they have entered and seized large parts, including the airport, of the coastal city of Sirte.

Three men are being interrogated over an attempt to break into a British base in central Kenya.

The Islamic police force in northern Nigeria's Kano state says it has released 15 people who were arrested for being "crossdressers" and being involved in "gay activities".

In Mali say five soldiers have been killed in a roadside bomb attack on a military convoy near the border with Mauritania.

US federal site hacked with pro-Iranian message, visitors to the site were met with a photoshopped image of a bloodied Donald Trump.

Stunning ice sculptures at Chinese festival, towering ice palaces and a freezing swimming competition feature at the Harbin festival.

Turkish forces will support the UN-backed government in Libya as it battles an insurgency.

The US president warns Iraq of sanctions "like they've never seen before" if US troops are expelled.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said troops have begun moving into Libya to ensure stability for the UN-recognised Government of National Accord (GNA) in Tripoli.

The price of getting away with murder in Pakistan, thanks to forgiveness laws, murder doesn't always result in a jail sentence - or even a trial.

Iran lifts all limits on uranium enrichment, effectively ending its commitments to the 2015 nuclear deal.

Thousands of Iranians mourn the death of an Iranian general chanting 'death to America'. The United States is sending even more troops to the Middle East, US troops have arrived in Kuwait and thousands more may be deployed as tensions with Iran escalate.. Iran's top military commander Qasem Soleimani was killed in a strike by the US on the way to Baghdad airport. Iran vows 'severe revenge' for top general's death. Baghdad protesters target US embassy.

The first baby born this year in Norway is Lithuanian.

When Russia stops supplying oil to Belarus, Lithuania and Latvia are helping out.

Geros Dujos, Lithuania, Vilnius has been fined EUR 28.6 thousand for manipulating the market at the GET Baltic gas exchange.

Israel's unique and amazingly effective ALPHA DaRT method is so effective that over 78% of cases completely eradicate the cancer tumor.

'Dozens of fishermen' killed in Lake Chad attack, suspected Boko Haram militants disguised as traders kill at least 50 people.

Attacker shot dead after fatal stabbing near Paris

French police guard security perimeter at the Hautes-Bruyères public park in Villejuif, near Paris, 3 January 2020

The 22-year-old man, who killed one person and injured two others in Villejuif, had psychiatric issues.

Mystery pneumonia virus probed in China, some 44 people have been infected in the central city of Wuhan

It's estimated 480 million animals are directly affected by the Australian bushfires.

Man who threw 'lucky' coins into plane engine fined, the 28-year-old first-time flier said he threw the money to ensure a safe journey.

Turkey has passed a bill that will allow the government to deploy troops to Libya.

Norway records warmest ever January day at 19C, people in Sunndalsora have been experiencing temperatures more than 25C hotter than usual.

School artillery strike kills nine in north Syria, five children were among the dead at the school which was sheltering displaced people in Idlib.

Three killed in Kenya bus attack, the gunmen who targeted the bus, travelling close to the Somali border, have not been identified.

Three women suspected over deadly German zoo fire, Sky lanterns are blamed for a New Year's Eve blaze at Krefeld Zoo that killed rare apes and monkeys.

NZ suffers smog from Australian fires.

The strike against pension reforms is now in its 29th day, making it France's longest since 1968.

British man killed by fireworks in Thailand.

Protesters chanted "Liberate Hong Kong!" at midnight, and thousands joined a New Year's Day rally.

Kim Jong-un says his country is developing a new "strategic weapon", but leaves room for US talks.

Angola orders Isabel dos Santos asset seizure, the ex-president's billionaire daughter has been targeted in an anti-corruption investigation.

US Army bans TikTok on work mobile phones.

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