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It's not history that repeats itself, it is people that never change.

Notes - 2019 - Diary

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 Russia and China built the first bridge across the Amur River.

Scientists had never seen such a phenomenon: in 60 years, the same star exploded twice.

The European Space Agency (ESA) has approved the largest budget in 25 years. At a conference in Seville, Spain, 22 ESA member states agreed on a budget of € 14.4 billion over the next 5 years.

Two players. Two control panels. Moving ball on screen. And it has impact bands that can be moved up or down with the console. Indeed, nothing spectacular - but that was the beginning of commercial computer games. Celebrating his 47th birthday, table tennis simulator Pong is considered an icebreaker in the computer games market.

US threatens tax on champagne and French cheese.

The class action accuses TikTok of "surreptitiously" transferring data of American users to China.

In 2011 seven Danish students were revived after they fell into ice-cold water, and "died".

An international aid group says armed men have stormed its compound in South Sudan, injuring five employees.

Trump to 'restore' tariffs on Brazil and Argentina, the US President says the countries' weak currencies and cheap exports are harming US farmers.

Libya blames UAE for deadly airstrikes, at least five people have died and more were wounded in overnight air strikes in a suburb of Libya's capital, Tripoli.

AI cameras to catch texting Australian drivers, the system, which can spot a driver holding a phone, was activated in New South Wales on 1 December.

Thirteen Pakistanis die in Jordan farm fire, eight children are among those killed after a blaze tore through iron sheds housing migrants workers.

South African police have arrested three members of the National Christian Resistance Movement (NCRM) for an alleged terror plot.

Switzerland's 20-time Grand Slam champion Roger Federer will become the first living person to be celebrated on a coin in the country.

China suspends US Navy visits to Hong Kong. US-based human rights groups also face sanctions after Washington backed pro-democracy protests.

Hunt for Mexico gunmen behind deadly shoot-out, twenty-one people are confirmed to have died when gunmen attacked the mayor's office in Villa Unión.

Tiger on 'longest walk ever' for mate and prey, the tiger has traversed 1,300km in five months, the furthest a big cat is known to have walked in India.

Swine fever in China has fuelled fears of a pork shortage in Germany.

Tanzanian mothers who were thrown out of school for getting pregnant have graduated this weekend thanks to a retired teacher. Teenage pregnancy in Tanzania became a topic of international debate after President John Magufuli said in 2017 that pregnant girls should be expelled from school.

EU are investigating allegations of high-level corruption in Malta.

Heavy rain has led to severe flooding and several deaths in the Var region of France.

Retailers are poised for bumper Cyber Monday sales in the US after a record-breaking Black Friday.

'Toxic' foam blankets Indian beach, the foam is said to be caused by pollutants in sewage mixing with sea water and frothed by waves.

Thousands rally to support Poland's judges.

At least 14 killed in Burkina Faso church attack, the victims were attending a church service on Sunday when gunmen opened fire.

Maltese prime minister to resign in new year, Joseph Muscat makes the announcement amid anger over the inquiry into a journalist's murder.

IS recruit arrested after arriving back in Ireland.

Turin evacuated after WW2 bomb discovery, more than 10,000 people were evacuated from central Turin as experts worked to defuse the device.

Eleven shot near New Orleans' French Quarter.

Outrage mounts over India vet's rape and murder, the 27-year-old's death in the southern city of Hyderabad has sparked furious protests.

Miss World ban on mums 'has no place in the 21st Century', model is taking legal action after being disqualified in 2018 for having a son.

US man killed by own home booby trap, the 65-year-old in the US state of Maine had rigged a door to fire a handgun should anyone enter.

Canadian islanders angry over US mail searches, Campobello islanders can only get their mail via the US, and now their packages are being searched.

China due to introduce face scans for mobile users, Beijing wants people to use only real identities online but there is concern over data collection.

A new breed of apple that took two decades to develop and allegedly lasts for up to a year in the fridge goes on sale in the US on Sunday. The apple - Cosmic Crisp - is a cross-breed of the Honeycrisp and Enterprise and was first cultivated by Washington State University in 1997. The launch of the "firm, crisp, and juicy apple" cost $10m (£7.9m).

Malta businessman charged over journalist murder in 2017.

Christians welcome Jesus manger relic in Bethlehem, the thumb-sized relic is returned to Jesus' birthplace almost 1,400 years after being sent to Rome.

Dutch police arrested the suspect in Friday's stabbing that targeted three 13 and 15 years old teenagers.

Facebook bows to Singapore's 'fake news' law, it is the first time the social media giant has added a correction to a post under the new law.

Brazil's leader accuses DiCaprio over Amazon fires, the Hollywood actor dismisses Jair Bolsonaro's claim he "gave money to set the Amazon on fire".

Chile football season called off amid protests, all matches were suspended six weeks ago due to security concerns amid anti-government protests.

Suriname president convicted of murder, Desi Bouterse was found guilty of ordering the execution of 15 political opponents in 1982.

Iraq PM to resign after bloodiest day in protests.

In Russia, the HIV epidemic, Putin sees the epidemic as a "threat to national security."

Lithuania was first elected to the Executive Council of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons at the Conference of the Parties to the Chemical Weapons Convention in The Hague (Netherlands).

Amazon and eBay are accused of selling mercury-containing cosmetics.

Recent polls indicate that a record number of young Russians who grew up under Vladimir Putin would like to leave Russia at this time. 53 percent of 18-24 year olds said they would like to emigrate from Russia, the highest rate recorded in the last decade.

A member of the Russian State Duma said that US technology giant Apple had met the requirement to designate Moscow-annexed Ukrainian-owned Crimea as Russian territory in its products.

With Estonia's ban on flavored e-cigarettes, DIY kits have been sold in national shops.

Hong Kong police find almost 4,000 petrol bombs on campus, also found 1,339 explosive items; 601 bottles of corrosive liquids; and 573 weapons.

US President Donald Trump speaks to US troops during a surprise Thanksgiving visit to Afghanistan, the US president says the "Taliban wants to make a deal".

World-renowned climber Brad Gobright has fallen to his death while abseiling in northern Mexico.

Trio jailed over Australia Christmas terror plot, the men had planned to use machetes and explosives to maximise casualties in central Melbourne.

A huge wildlife haven is at risk as Russian coal ships exploit melting Arctic ice in Siberia.

Escalating Iraq protests leave dozens dead, troops fire live rounds in Nasiriya, Baghdad and Najaf on one of the bloodiest days of unrest so far.

Hong Kong protesters celebrate Thanksgiving.

Plot 'to create new Nazi party' uncovered in Italy, weapons including automatic rifles that were seized in searches of properties of an extreme right group in Italy, police say the plan was to form a European alliance with other xenophobic and anti-Semitic groups.

Burning of the rainforest appears to speed up the melting of tropical glaciers, scientists find.

Scientists stumped by 18,000-year-old frozen 'dog', scientists say the specimen could represent an evolutionary link between wolves and modern dogs.

Maldives ex-leader convicted of money laundering.

Rwanda's ambitious bid to tackle cervical cancer is inspiring other African countries to follow suit.

EU net migration to UK at lowest for 16 years, fewer people came to the UK from the EU to work and a record number returned home

Zambia court sentences two men to 15 years for gay sex.

Yemeni detainees sent home from Saudi Arabia, the International Committee of the Red Cross assisted the repatriation of 128 rebels.

Journalist in UK attacked by pro-Eritrean activists, police in the UK have detained a pro-Eritrean government activist after he attacked an Eritrean journalist in a London street.

China rebukes US for backing Hong Kong protesters, Beijing's warning comes after President Trump signed a bill in support of pro-democracy activists.

In Uganda, 32 Rwandans who were arrested in the west of the country, in an operation against people accused of illegally entering the country, have been deported.

Three health workers fighting to curb the spread of the Ebola virus in the eastern region of the Democratic Republic of Congo have been killed and four others critically injured after an attack by armed groups in the restive Ituri province.

Japanese beer exports to South Korea hit zero as a trade row between the countries simmers.

Texas chemical plant blast prompts mass evacuation, about 60,000 people are told to evacuate, just before Thanksgiving, due to a series of explosions.

Science investigations of the Universe will get a budget increase at the European Space Agency.

Iraqi protesters set fire to Iranian consulate.

Russia hails spy who 'foiled Churchill death plot', Goar Vartanyan was credited with uncovering a Nazi plot to kill the "Big Three" allied leaders.

Swiss condemn 'attack' on Sri Lanka embassy worker, abductors tried to force the woman to "disclose embassy-related information".

Woman took own life hours after partner Jason Francis was killed by a car in Australia.

Mexico rejects US intervention against drug gangs.

Benin has expelled the European Union’s ambassador over political interference.

'We need food, not a social media law', feelings are running high in Nigeria at the moment over two bills currently before parliament, known as the Hate Speech and Social Media bills.

Nigeria sets up register to track sex offenders, already 10 on the list.

2016 cafe attack, seven Islamists are sentenced to death for an attack on a Bangladesh cafe that killed 22 people.

Amnesty International has accused Egypt's government of using a secretive anti-terrorism agency to detain government critics.

US and UK protest after Tanzania ruling party's 99.9% win.

Ex-Namibian minister arrested over fish contracts.

HIV-positive sperm bank opens in New Zealand, sperm Positive, a world-first, has launched in a bid to fight stigma around the illness.

Kidney transplant given to wrong patient in US.

Russian cows get VR headsets 'to reduce anxiety'.

Senior doctors in Zimbabwe have gone on strike in protest against the sackings of hundreds of junior doctors who have boycotted work in a pay dispute.

Brazil currency hits all-time low.

China now has the most diplomatic posts worldwide, Beijing overtook Washington for the very first time.

Dead Thai deer had 7kg of rubbish in stomach, among the items found in the deer's stomach were instant coffee sachets, rubber gloves and a towel.

Bolivia appoints first US ambassador in 11 years.

Albania was shaken by a powerful 6.4 earthquake and panic struck.

The world's first male contraceptive injection was developed.

Lithuania declined Finland's invitation to trialogue with Belarus on the completion of the construction of the Astrav nuclear power plant.

Nuclear Poland: The $ 60 billion project shows that this country is not kidding. After at least a decade of preparations, Poland's reliance on fossil fuels could be one step away from its largest ever energy project, with $ 60 billion in funding negotiations.

NASA's new rover is designed to move around in the water - a must-have for exploring Encelad, Europe, and other solar system planets that contain water. Such a rover will be tested by NASA in Antarctica. It is designed to find extraterrestrial life in other worlds.

Tesla has already sold more than 200,000 Cybertruck pickups without advertising.

The director of the Spanish Research Center said plans to build a huge $ 1.4 billion ($ 1.26 billion) telescope in the Canary Islands could become a reality if the international consortium abandons its own ambition to build such a facility in Hawaii.

“Iz” returns to the streets in the body of an electric motorcycle - Kalashnikov prepares to become Russian Tesla. Kalashnikov, Russia's largest arms manufacturer, is renowned for its automatic rifle AK, and unveiled its "Iz" electric bike.

160 years later, scientists admit that snakes had legs.

Russia's staging of matches at Euro 2020 could be under threat after the World Anti-Doping Agency recommends a four-year ban on the country hosting sports events.

The US has recalled its ambassador to South Sudan following the failure of President Salva Kiir and his rival Riek Machar to form a unity government as agreed in a peace deal.

The thieves break into a German museum and steal diamonds worth up to a billion euro.

Reports suggest that Russian mercenaries have been forced to retreat by Jihadist insurgents operating in the North of the country. The soldiers, belonging to the shadowy private Wagner Group, have pulled back after a number of men were killed in military operations. The attacks were ambushes in Mozambique's Cabo Delgado state, where the so-called Islamic State Group first announced its presence in June this year.

Police clash with protesters in Georgia, activists have also been detained at anti-government demonstrations.

Indian doctors remove 7.4kg kidney from patient, a kidney usually weighs between 120-150g, so this was one of the heaviest on record.

Bank boss quits over 'disgraceful' scandal, Australia's Westpac is accused of 23 million law breaches, including possible child exploitation links.

UN base torched in DR Congo, protesters accuse UN troops of failing to prevent a deadly rebel attack in the town of Beni.

Priests jailed for child abuse in Argentina.

France announces new action to counter domestic killings, but many of those protesting remain sceptical.

People in northern Nigeria are celebrating the renaming of their village from Area of Idiots to Area of Plenty.

India Supreme Court says world 'laughing' at smog, Northern parts of India have been blanketed in smog for weeks.

Pesticides make palm-oil workers 'impotent', a UK government-funded firm is accused of not doing enough to protect workers in DR Congo.

Kidnapped Briton and wife rescued in Philippines, the couple were freed after a gun battle between soldiers and the kidnappers.

Dublin, man, 22, shot dead in act of 'wanton violence'.

Mother charged with murder after girls die in car, temperatures in Australia at the time the two children were discovered were about 31C (88F).

Hong Kong is celebrating historic district council election results including pro-democracy wins.

China's secret 'brainwashing' camps, official documents, seen by BBC Panorama, show how inmates are locked up, indoctrinated and punished.

Spain seizes drugs submarine, two people were held after the vessel, said to be from Colombia, was found off Galicia's coast.

Egypt independent news outlet's office 'raided'.

The Pope condemns nuclear weapons in Japan.

K-Pop star Goo Hara found dead at home aged 28, the cause of death of the former member of girl band Kara is still under investigation.

Three bedrooms, two storeys, all in one truck, an Ethiopian built a three bedroom home on a truck.

Dutch doctor dies of Lassa fever, the doctor got the viral haemorrhagic illness in Sierra Leone, and was flown home for treatment.

Iraqi security forces open fire on protesters, at least five people have been killed in southern Iraq as anti-government protests continue.

Rare cache of mummified animals unveiled in Egypt, the mummies, including cats, crocodiles, cobras, were found at the Saqqara necropolis near Cairo.

Pope Francis arrived in Japan on Saturday ahead of a trip to Nagasaki to pay tribute to the victims of the atomic bomb dropped on the city during World War Two. But he will also pay tribute to a lesser known group of residents who, hundreds of years ago, were tortured and forced into hiding for their beliefs, many who refused were tortured, forced into boiling hot springs or suspended upside down in excrement.

Malaysia's last known Sumatran rhino dies, the species is now extinct in Malaysia, with fewer than 100 animals believed to exist elsewhere.

Samoa measles outbreak worsens, close to 2,000 people are infected in the Pacific nation, which has declared a state of emergency.

Restoring Mongolia's fossil heritage, the Gobi Desert produces stunning fossils but many Mongolians never get the chance to see them.

Orphaned children returned to UK from Syria, they are the first UK citizens to be repatriated from an area formerly under the control of IS.

Iran detains '100 leaders' of petrol hike protests.

Thousands of people in Kiev took part in the anti-Russian protest.

The SpaceX experimental spacecraft exploded during testing.

2100 years ago, two babies were buried wearing "helmets" made of other children's skulls, archaeologists say.

Biologists were amazed by the tiny fish at the University of Nottingham's aquarium. The female stud became pregnant - eggs in the body have developed embryos. This is usually not the case with the spiky fish, which, like almost all other fish, lays its eggs on the weed and the males fertilize them with sperm.

In an attempt to heal fatal injuries in the United States, doctors first caused anabiosis in humans.

The first victim of electronic cigarettes in Europe: 18-year-old died.

Britain has been branded an "illegal colonial occupier" by the Prime Minister of Mauritius after it ignored a United Nations deadline to hand back the Chagos Islands.

Serbia accuses Russia of spy plot.

Tuvalu has chosen to retain ties with Taiwan, rejecting offers from Chinese firms to build islands.

Brazil's president launches new political party.

Israel PM Netanyahu charged with corruption, the prime minister described the charges as an "attempted coup", blaming a "tainted" process.

The president of Russian athletics, along with senior officials, are suspended for anti-doping rule breaches involving athlete Danil Lysenko.

Russia bans smartphones without local software.

Museum returns 'stolen' Aboriginal artefacts, ceremonial artefacts and a garment made with emu feathers will be returned to Australian Aboriginals.

Radar finds 145 graves underneath US school, nearly all the people buried at the mid-20th Century paupers' cemetery were African Americans.

'Butt lift' victim 'may not have known risks', the mum of three died after paying £6,500 for the surgery at a private hospital in Turkey.

Endangered red panda escapes zoo in France.

Ukraine boats returned by Russia 'missing weapons', Ukraine's president accuses Moscow of stripping the vessels of "weaponry and equipment".

Fundraisers help send Vietnam's lorry dead home, more than $110,000 is raised to help the families of 39 people who died being smuggled into the UK.

French hospital hit by ransomware attack, the University Hospital Centre in Rouen says it will not pay the ransom and has taken steps to contain the attack.

Cameroonian teen wins international peace prize.

The bar selling oxygen to choking Delhi, pollution is at dangerous levels in the Indian capital and one bar is selling fresh air - at a price.

Ex-South Africa minister charged with corruption.

China could 'turn off power' in the Philippines, the revelation has led to concern in the country, which has a territorial dispute with China.

The Nigerian government has appealed against a London court ruling which required it to pay $200m (£155m) to prevent a firm from beginning to seize the country's assets worth $9.6bn.

Johnson & Johnson loses vaginal mesh class action, in one of Australia's biggest class actions, a court ruled the firm failed to warn women of the risks.

Bougainville could be about to vote for independence.

Sea of fire races across Australian field. Bushfire smoke shrouds Sydney and Adelaide.

A third of tropical African plants face extinction.

The Indian Ocean archipelago suffers from the highest rate of heroin abuse in the world, but policy makers are hopeful that rehabilitation will curb addiction.

The US is at the centre of an international row over claims to a slice of Syria's oil revenues.

Three men die in a little over a month in Romania, home to Europe's biggest brown bear population.

Dutch footballers to hold racism protest, footballers in the top two divisions in the Netherlands will not play the first minute of their matches this weekend to draw attention to racism.

Iran 'jails wildlife activists' accused of spying, the case has been widely criticised, with even a government committee finding no evidence of spying.

Russian tour operators have started promoting organised tours to Syria, despite warnings to avoid the war-torn country.

The international police agency Interpol has arrested Nigeria's former attorney general and justice minister in connection with a corruption scandal over an oil deal worth more than $1bn (£770m).

Ex-US mayor charged with fraud over book scandal.

Former UK consulate worker says China tortured him, the man, detained in August, says he was blindfolded and beaten for his part in Hong Kong's protests.

Iran claims victory after deadly protest crackdown, president Hassan Rouhani blames "subversive elements" backed by foreign enemies for the unrest.

Iran's internet 'blackout' hits four-day mark.

Pregnant woman killed by dogs in French forest, women 29, is found dead with multiple bites in an area where a hunt was taking place.

South Africa is working to expand its marine manufacturing industry.

South Africa, Yoco, a contactless mobile payments service, is helping small businesses in Cape Town take off.

Wave of Israeli strikes hit Iran's forces in Syria, Israel's military says the strikes inside Syria were in response to rockets fired by Iranian troops.

Two women in South Africa have been filmed carrying a large bag, apparently containing a corpse, out of a branch of well-known insurance company Old Mutual. It has been alleged that Old Mutual refused to pay funeral costs unless the family provided proof of death

At least 12 people were killed when rebels attacked the town of Beni in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Son of former German president stabbed to death.

Burger King 'cooked vegan patty on meat grill'.

China has rejected a statement by Zimbabwe's government that it received only $3.5m (£2.7m) in aid from Beijing last year. The Chinese embassy in Harare issued a statement saying the correct figure was almost 40 times higher - $136m.

Kenya hunts for killers who 'hacked elephant to death'.

First woman to lead the Methodist Church of Southern Africa.

Twenty-five people are found in a cooling container on a UK-bound ferry coming from the Netherlands.

The Lithuanian employer has stated that he also faces psychological violence: he comes and asks for a salary increase.

Scientists have discovered a vitamin that can help treat skin cancer melanoma.

Taliban swap Western hostages for top militants, two professors are freed in exchange for three top Taliban prisoners to try to reboot peace talks.

Julian Assange gestures to the media from a police vehicle on his arrival at Westminster Magistrates court on 11 April 2019. Prosecutors drop a rape inquiry into Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, who is in custody in the UK.

A million faulty condoms recalled in Uganda.

Spain starts tracking mobiles but denies spying, millions of phone users are being followed this week but critics fear it is a step closer to spying.

Twenty-four suspected militants have been killed in Burkina Faso and Mali by regional counter-insurgency forces.

The leaders of 12 African countries will meet German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin for discussions on boosting business investment in Africa.

Protesters arrested as they run from HK campus, some manage to escape on motorcycles after using rope ladders to get out of the Polytechnic University.

'Targeted shooting' at California party kills four, at least one gunman opens fire during a family gathering, just days after a deadly school shooting.

Russia's new Vostochny space centre has lost at least 11bn roubles (£133m; $172m) through theft and top officials have been jailed.

Six dead after Kashmir glacier avalanche, four Indian soldiers and two civilians die as they are patrolling the Siachen glacier in Kashmir.

Tanzania's government is investigating allegations of widespread fraud in a scheme intended to rescue the country’s cashew nut industry.

Banks 'facilitated S Africa corruption' under Zuma, several international firms helped with theft of state funding.

Nigeria bandits 'slit throats and kill children'. Nigerian police say at least 14 people have been killed and many others wounded in an attack by armed men on a village in Nigeria's north-western Zamfara state.

Brazil's Amazon deforestation 'highest since 2008', the rainforest loses 9,762 sq km in 12 months, an increase of nearly 30%.

At least 12 killed at Iran petrol price protests.

Russia returns Ukrainian boats seized off Crimea.

The badly mutilated body of a child has been found in a rubbish dump at a market in Mozambique's central city of Quelimane.

Children fish WW2 ammunition from pond with magnet, the children, in eastern Germany, got more than they bargained for from their fishing expedition.

Yahoo Japan and Line set to merge, the deal would combine Japan's largest messaging service with its largest search engine.

A new £30m museum planned for Cardiff Bay aims to be the first in the UK with Deep Space 8K visuals.

A new £30m museum planned for Cardiff Bay aims to be the first in the UK with Deep Space 8K visuals....

Bloodhound land speed racer blasts to 628mph, the British jet-powered car goes faster still during trials on a dried-out lakebed in South Africa.

Opening of a spy exchange with Russia: Lithuanian President pardoned two Russian spies.

Egypt raises exit fee for tourists.

The European Investment Bank will no longer finance fossil fuel projects.

The United Arab Emirates and Egypt have announced the launch of a massive $ 20 billion investment plan to "develop economic and social projects".

Alibaba Group Holding will offer investors 500 million shares through a secondary public offering (SPO) on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

California police have arrested a 16 year-old suspect who broke into one high school in northern Los Angeles and shot three people, and two fatally.

Curiosity noticed an extremely strange change in oxygen levels on Mars, first and foremost with the disappearing and emerging methane. It is now observed that the oxygen level above the Gale Crater increases and decreases to an extent that simply does not correspond to any known chemical process.

The so-called CRISPR technology, known as gene scissors, enables very precise DNA alteration. The unwanted part can be cut, thus changing the characteristics of the organism. Now CRISPR has been used for the first time in the US for cancer treatment.

With the successful launch of the first Starlink satellites and proven data speeds, a new era of telecommunications and even warfare begins.

China is starting to export a small but powerful and fully autonomous drone - it can spy, it can kill.

Russian banking giant, state-controlled Sberbank, has reportedly created the most powerful computer in Russia.

Scientists are already producing live, transplantable skin with full blood vessels.

Tanzania suspends female rapper for raunchy video.

Kenya's staple food well-known brands of maize flour have been banned after a warning they could be poisonous to humans.

US gynaecologist 'removed organs without consent', an obstetrician-gynaecologist, allegedly carried out unnecessary surgeries on women.

Turkey's president got an icy response when he tried to sway pro-Kurdish US senators.

Half of Nigeria still struggles to access electricity, but started hydropower could be the solution.

Ugandan automobile manufacturer Kiira Motors has created two car prototypes and a solar electric bus.

Italy declares emergency over Venice flooding, the damage from the 1.87m (6ft) high waters is a "blow to the heart of our country".

Court dismisses rape case against Nigerian pastor.

The High Court in Kenya has dismissed a petition seeking to increase prisoners' wages.

Iran van crash kills 28 Afghan nationals, they died when two vehicles collided in an area often used for smuggling Afghan migrants.

Seventeen arrested in human trafficking raids, nearly 30 women were rescued in the operation which took place across east London.

Western plastics 'poisoning Indonesian food chain', chicken eggs were found to contain 70 times the level allowed under European safety standards.

US senator blocks Armenia 'genocide' recognition.

Israel-Gaza fighting continues for second day.

Croatia's Kristijan Durasek is banned for four years for doping by the International Cycling Union.

Stormy Eva brings winds of 85mph, weather causes disruption across Northern Ireland, hundreds of homes were left without power for a time and debris was strewn across coastal roads.

A second Ebola vaccine is to be offered to thousands of people in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

More than 10,000 charities have been ordered to stop their operations in Uganda immediately, until they comply with new regulations. The Ugandan government issued its directive after discovering fewer than 4,000 charities out of 14,000 had valid permits.

Zimbabwe 'bans new water heaters' amid electricity crisis.

New Zealand to hold referendum on euthanasia.

Hong Kong to close schools amid tense protests.

Apple worker 'texts himself woman's private photo', after a phone screen repair, the woman was shocked to find an "extremely personal" photo had been sent.

Hayabusa-2 will return with samples of the asteroid after its yearlong journey back to Earth.

Over the next two years, the UN hopes to secure a treaty to protect two-thirds of the world's oceans.

Amnesty counts 70 killed at Guinea protests.

Dutch forced to cut speed limit to lower emissions, the daytime motorway limit will be cut to 100km/h (62 mph) in a bid to tackle a pollution crisis.

Saudi Arabia apologises over anti-feminism video.

Regulator says it will examine the details of Google's deal with a major healthcare firm in the US.

Kenyan chemistry exam leaves students in hospital, scores of Kenyan students and teachers have been admitted to hospital after a dangerous chemical was used during a practical for a national exam.

French students march in protest after suicide bid, a student who set himself on fire blamed his severe financial difficulties on government.

Clashes in Chile amid national strike, protests against inequality continue, with a strike bringing much of the country to a standstill.

Grass 'could replace plastic' for packaging, leftover farming materials could replace plastic packaging for fruit and vegetables, scientists say.

Drug resistance a rising threat in Canada, over 25% infections in the country are resistant to drugs and the figure is rising.

The President of Lithuania signed the law on "spy exchange".

A white truffle weighing a kilo was auctioned in Italy for € 120,000. It was purchased by an anonymous buyer.

Nearly a thousand flights have been canceled at Chicago airports due to heavy snow.

Scientists say they created floating metal.

800 mammoth bones were discovered in Mexico.

Cannabis has been shown to have tremendous potential in the treatment of emotional disorders - 4.7 times less suicidal and up to 7 times less likely to be depressed.

Can observe Mercury flying against the Sun. This event is officially called transit, during which the planets travel through the visible disk of the Sun. This year, transit will be visible in Europe, Africa and America

Bolivian leader accepts political asylum in Mexico.

Israel kills top Palestinian militant.

Rwanda has denied claims by a rebel group that at least 20 government troops operating in the south-west of the country near the border with Burundi had been killed and their weapons stolen.

Boots' parent company, Walgreens Boots Alliance, has reportedly received a buyout offer from private equity group KKR, which, if it goes through, would be the biggest of its kind on record. Boots £5 prescription delivery charge 'a disgrace'. Walgreens has a reported market value of about $56bn (£43.6bn) and is nearly $17bn in debt. Its shares rose 6% when news of the possible deal broke, after they had fallen by nearly 20% between January and October. The company operates in 25 countries, including in the UK, where it owns Boots. It has been trying to save nearly $2bn a year by closing stores and cutting jobs. As part of that process, Boots announced in June that it will shut 200 shops across the UK.

Afghans announce Taliban prisoner-hostage swap.

Giant lion hologram opens stadium in Argentina.

A report on alleged Russian interference in the UK should come out, says the former US presidential candidate.

White Helmets co-founder discovered dead in Turkey, the body of ex-British Army officer James Le Mesurier is found near his office in Istanbul.

The Gambia files genocide case against Myanmar.

Swedish police are dealing with unprecedented levels of attacks, targeting city centre locations too. The bomb squad was called to deal with 97 explosions in the first nine months of this year.

Historic Sikh celebrations in India and Pakistan, the historic opening of a corridor to a shrine has coincided with the 550th birthday of Sikhism's founder.

Turkey says one US jihadist has been expelled, and several Europeans will follow shortly.

Tides have dumped more than 750kg of cocaine on France's Atlantic coast.

Rwandan police kill two Ugandans at border.

Dozens arrested in Uganda gay-friendly bar, police in Uganda say they have arrested 120 people at a bar in the centre of the capital, Kampala, and are holding them for "frequenting a smoking place".

State of emergency declared in fire-hit Australia.

Cyclone Bulbul has devastated coastal regions of Bangladesh and India, killing at least 13 people and forces two million to flee.

Jordan ends land lease for Israeli farmers.

UK, house No 10 is delaying publishing a report on alleged Russian interference in UK democracy.

Iran 'finds new oil field with 53bn barrels'.

Fireworks mark fall of Berlin Wall 30 years ago.

Indian top court gives Ayodhya holy site to Hindus, the land dispute has been bitterly contested by Hindus and Muslims for decades.

The two nuns who went to Africa came back pregnant, and the Catholic Church began an investigation.

Microsoft ran a four-day working week in Japan: productivity jumped 40 percent.

The global debt burden has risen to a record $ 188 trillion, more than double the world's gross domestic product (GDP).

The Lithuanian Minister of Justice, the Attorney General and a representative of the judges are asking the European Parliament to help defend against the prosecution by Russia, against the judges and prosecutors handling the January 13 case.

China approved first drug for Alzheimer's disease in the last 20 years.

Researchers have identified a possible major symptom of depression: lack of motivation.

First tested, Boeing Starliner Space Capsule: 1050 km / h in 5 seconds.

Judge orders Trump to pay $2m for charity misuse, the Trump Foundation used cash raised for veterans to fund his campaign, a New York judge rules.

Backlash over Japan 'glasses ban' for female staff, reports of firms restricting women from wearing glasses at work have reignited dress code debates.

Record bushfire emergencies hit Australian state.

Nigeria limits petrol sale near border areas.

Scientists in Sweden say they’ve created a molecule that can capture the energy from the sun and store it for decades. This long-term stored solar power can then be released to heat a wide range of things like houses and cars. The researchers at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg say this is a huge step towards being able to harness renewable and clean forms of energy.

Iran cancels accreditation of nuclear inspector.

Nato alliance is brain dead, says Macron, the French president laments a lack of commitment by the United States, Nato's main guarantor.

Nato 'a cornerstone of our security,' says Merkel.

Finland has chosen three fathers for its annual Dad of the Year award.

Gold mine mudslide kills 12 in Guinea.

Beach in Finland covered in rare 'ice eggs', an unusual weather phenomenon created thousands of egg-shaped balls of ice along the coastline.

Jihadists kill 10 soldiers in Nigeria.

DR Congo crimes, Bosco Ntaganda is the first person convicted of sexual slavery by the International Criminal Court.

Nine jailed after first US-China fentanyl probe, D Trump has urged China to crack down on the drug, which is 50 times more potent than heroin.

Cyprus strips 'golden' passports from 26 investors, criminals are suspected of using cash-for-passports schemes in Cyprus and some other EU states.

Attack on mining convoy kills 37 in Burkina Faso, five buses are ambushed by gunmen in the West African country, where jihadist violence is rife.

Protesters forcibly cut off Bolivia mayor's hair, Mayor Arce was also marched through the streets barefoot in the latest post-election violence.

Holocaust survivor under guard amid death threats, Liliana Segre, 89, is assigned two police officers in Italy after hundreds of anti-Semitic messages.

Mexico makes mammoth archaeological discovery, the discovery of 800 bones could be the first evidence that humans hunted mammoths using traps.

French police clear Paris ring road migrant camps, some 1,600 people are moved from two locations under the Boulevard Périphérique in the city's north.

N Korean fishermen 'killed 16 colleagues' on boat.

The cheap sensor detecting landslides in India, scientists hope that the low-cost sensor will drastically reduce the deaths caused by these natural disasters.

Giant bear trapped in bin helped by police, in northern California struggled to free the 28-stone black bear.

The group left a Buffalo Wild Wings in Illinois after being told to move because of their race.

Ferrari has announced a partnership with fashion house Giorgio Armani.

German UFO union announces a two-day strike on Lufthansa flights.

India has stated that it will not participate in the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (RCEP) because of fears that domestic industry will be harmed.

China has officially set up a $ 29 billion state-backed fund to invest in the semiconductor industry as part of its goal to reduce dependence on American technology.

Elenger of Estonia became the fifth user of Klaipeda LNG terminal.

Catalan separatists burn pictures of Spanish king.

Turkey 'captures sister of dead IS leader in raid', a Turkish official says that Baghdadi's older sister could potentially be an "intelligence gold mine".

Seven brands of peanut butter suspended in Kenya.

Pirates off the coast of Togo have kidnapped four crew members from a Greek oil tanker, just days after a similar kidnapping in the waters of neighbouring Benin.

Man accused of plotting to bomb Colorado synagogue.

101-year-old ship dislodged above Niagara Falls, officials are watching the vessel which moved closer to the edge.

Thousands of Romanians marched through the capital Bucharest after the deaths of two forest rangers.

Islamist militants in northern Mozambique attacked three vehicles, killing at least 23 people.

Iraq protesters attack Iran's consulate in Karbala.

Prisoners 'denied HIV treatment in UAE'.

The Indian Supreme Court says state governments are not doing enough to tackle Delhi's toxic air.

US and Taiwan hold first joint cyber-war exercise.

Nigerian army investigates torture video.

Thieves steal gold objects and other treasures from a 12th Century cathedral near the Spanish border.

Uganda police fire tear gas and arrest protest reporters.

Five migrant boats head for England each week.

Tanzania bans trade at refugee camp.

Pirates kidnap nine sailors from Norwegian ship, they boarded the vessel while it was at anchor in the Gulf of Guinea, a hotspot for piracy.

Vietnamese police make eight lorry death arrests, the arrests come as a team of Vietnamese officials arrive in Britain to help formally identify the bodies.

East African floods displace a million people.

Australia take on England in jousting 'Ashes', the two nations took their sporting rivalry back a few centuries, complete with horses and armour.

Four people had been killed in an ambush, including the deputy mayor of the northern town of Djibo.

South Africa celebrates its Rugby World Cup victory.

Mass power cuts as Storm Amélie lashes France.

Amazon land defender shot dead by illegal loggers.

Deadly car bomb in Turkish-controlled border town, at least 13 people died.

Chile's 'women in black' demand justice, at least 20 people have died during the nationwide protests demanding economic and political change.

Greek-flagged ship suspected in Brazil oil spill, the spill has stained 2,500km (1,553 miles) of coastline, affecting marine life and beaches.

Blast kills nine children as they walk to school, the Afghan children accidentally triggered a roadside bomb on their way to class.

Donald Trump's decision to extradite the Kurds is a blow to confidence in the US.

In support of the United States' complaint, the World Trade Organization (WTO) has ruled that India has inappropriately subsidized its exports by billions of dollars.

New Zealand's largest supermarket chain Countdown has set a special quiet shopping hour for noise-sensitive shoppers.

The Minister of Transport and Communications dismissed the entire board of the Lithuanian-controlled company Lietuvos Pastas(Lithuanian Post) and formed a new one.

Five new islands have emerged near Russia.

Twitter will no longer post any political ads on its system and has said that all social networking companies give advertisers an unfair advantage, spreading misleading messages and targeting audiences.

The universe is expanding much faster than scientists predicted, and no one can explain why.

A few years ago, an extremely rare black flamingo was spotted in Cyprus. Among this pink-and-white flamingo, this particular bird stands out in the area of the Mediterranean island's Akrotiri Environmental Center.

Toxic air has prompted authorities to declare a public health emergency in India's capital.

US woman found dead with python around neck, police in Indiana said the property contained 140 snakes, 20 of which belonged to the victim.

Nigeria police free 15 chained in 'prayer house', the victims were brought there by relatives who believed spiritual treatment could help cure them.

Missing WW2 submarine found off Malta, HMS Urge is discovered on the sea bed almost 80 years after it disappeared.

Cameroon will no longer benefit from a trade pact between the US and sub-Saharan African countries because of "gross" human rights violations against its own citizens, US President Donald Trump says.

Russia tightens control on national internet, critics fear the government may use the new "sovereign internet" law to silence opposition.

Man who set adultery laws flogged for adultery, the 46-year-old Indonesian was caned 28 times; the woman involved was caned 23 times.

Some 78 people were killed in the violence which hit parts of Ethiopia, the security forces had arrested more than 400 people in connection with the killings and the destruction of properties.

A Gambian beauty queen has accused the country's former President, Yahya Jammeh, of raping her because she refused to marry him.

DR Congo launches attacks against militias.

The Chinese farmers crossing into Russia, when farms in Russia's Far East collapsed with the old Soviet Union, Chinese firms saw an opportunity.

Dozens die in Pakistan train inferno, officials say the fire erupted after passengers used a gas canister to cook food on board.

Silicon Valley enables online slave markets, domestic workers have been illegally sold via Instagram and other apps on Google and Apple's stores.

IS confirms Baghdadi death and names new leader.

Cancer drug seller faces extradition to France, David Noakes was convicted of selling unlicensed cancer treatments in the UK in November 2018.

Body of missing backpacker found at sea. Cambodian police say body was found 30 miles off the island where she was last seen.

Dutch pair tried smuggling drugs in cheese, two men tried to import more than half a tonne of cannabis from the Netherlands into Dover.

Female teacher jailed for having sex with pupil, Dublin, the woman was 23 when she first had sex with the boy, on his 16th birthday, in 2018.

The aerospace firm's Belfast facility is sold to Kansas-based Spirit AeroSystems in a deal worth nearly £1bn.

The rights group, Human Rights Watch, has accused CIA-backed Afghan paramilitaries of committing war crimes, including indiscriminate airstrikes and summary executions.

Firefighters battled flames for hours at Shuri Castle, a Unesco World Heritage site on Japan's southern island of Okinawa.

Teacher and policeman accused in Kosovo teen rape, they are among six people charged in a case that shocked the Balkans.

Women's wrestling match is first in Saudi Arabia.

Facebook-owned WhatsApp has filed a lawsuit against Israel's NSO Group, alleging the firm was behind cyber-attacks that infected devices with malicious software. WhatsApp accuses the company of sending malware to roughly 1,400 mobile phones for the purposes of surveillance. Users affected included journalists, human rights activists, political dissidents, and diplomats. Rwandan opposition politician Placide Kayumba, living in exile in Belgium, was targeted by the hack and now fears for lives of activists he's been in touch with in Rwanda.

Man faces five years for attacking police with cat, an officer in Moscow suffered a badly scratched face when the animal was allegedly thrown at him.

India formally divides Jammu and Kashmir state, it's part of a controversial move to tighten the Indian government's control of the region.

Nigeria has closed its borders bringing checkpoints to a standstill and affecting West African trade.

A 14-year-old schoolgirl in Burundi's capital, Bujumbura, has died after being brutally caned by a teacher.

South African police have arrested around 100 foreigners during an operation to evict refugees and asylum seekers from a UN building in Cape Town.

US House says Armenian mass killing was genocide, the vote on the mass killings during World War One was condemned by Turkey.

Men found inside refrigerated lorry in Belgium, police find 12 stowaways from Syria and Sudan inside a truck parked by a motorway in Antwerp province.

Niger say about 10 people have been killed in an attack by gunmen on a military base.

Microsoft blocks Catalan protest app.

Colombia dissident rebels kill indigenous leader.

The UN's migration agency says three of its aid workers have been killed in fighting in South Sudan, near the borders with Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Russia test-fires missile from nuclear-powered sub.

Man flees on Paris metro track, trains are halted at Miromesnil station as a man attempts to elude ticket inspectors on the track.

Greta Thunberg rejects environmental award, she turned down the prize money and said "the climate movement does not need any more awards".

Mozambique seizes spider crabs from 'smugglers'.

With the treaty, the US has flown three times as many flights over Russia as Russia has over the US.

Wife kills herself over 'dark complexion taunts', Indian police have registered a case against the woman's husband.

When Algeria won independence from France in 1962, thousands of "Harkis" who had fought for the French, faced brutal persecution.

Four men have been arrested after Australian police found 400kg (882lb) of crystal methamphetamine hidden inside imported hot sauce bottles.

Dubai ambulance shopping: to patients will rush with Corvette and GT-R.

For the first time, Syrian and Turkish forces clashed, fierce fighting broke out, and Russian forces were under attack.

Petrol stations Neste Lietuva will pay a fine of over EUR 8,000 for misleading consumers.

The Argentine was elected head of the United Nations Nuclear Program Oversight Agency.

Ship Ivan Lopatin, owner Russian company Murmansk Navy, has been arrested in Klaipeda port of Lithuania for almost two years and sold for EUR 5.05 million.

The U.S. Air Force's X-37B reconnaissance spacecraft has landed on Earth's surface after more than two years in orbit.

The US government and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have pledged $ 200 million together over the next four years to provide affordable gene therapy based on Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) and HIV treatment.

The road section in the center of Tallinn has been completed thanks to innovative technology - asphalt pavement contains recycled plastic waste. It is the first of its kind in Northern and Eastern Europe.

A new cheap bandage developed by engineers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison can dramatically shorten the wound healing time.

In Cameroon landslide at least 37 people have died and people are thought to be trapped underground.

Upsurge in Iraqi violence despite Baghdad curfew, anti-government protests enter a fifth day, with bloodshed reported in the holy city of Karbala.

Russian man charged with cannibalism, three murder victims were allegedly eaten in Russia's far north, along with cats and dogs.

Zimbabwe will roll out new bank notes and coins four months after it reintroduced its own the currency, the Zimbabwean dollar.

The 6.6 magnitude quake hit Mindanao island, killing at least seven people.

In Germany, two men said to be ex-Syrian intelligence officers are suspected of torturing at least 4,000 people.

Harry Potter publisher hit by US-China tariffs, Bloomsbury faced a overnight price rise of 15% in the cost of books shipped from China to America.

Ukrainian troops and Russian-backed rebels are withdrawing from a key battleground in the east.

A Ghanaian 12 year-old prodigy has won a spot at university to study public administration.

UK headmaster jailed for taking drugs in Singapore.

Ex-soldier breaks record for 14 highest mountains, Nepal's Nirmal Purja, who served in the British Army, completed the challenge in only six months.

Tuberculosis vaccine a step closer, TB is one of the top 10 causes of death worldwide and kills 1.5 million people each year.

Dozens of inmates escape prison in Nigeria.

Two shark attacks in 24h at Australia tourist spot.

New fire erupts in LA as California blazes spread, visible from the space.

Girlfriend charged over Boston student suicide, girl is accused of being abusive towards boy, who died on his graduation day.

Texas cop shoots son, mistaking him for intruder.

The US special forces raid killed the Islamic State leader and his next in line in Syria.

Georgia hit by massive cyber-attack, two thousand websites, as well as the national TV station, were targeted.

Origin of modern humans 'traced to Botswana', scientists say the possible homeland of all humans alive today is an area south of the Zambezi River.

'Severe punishment' after boy, 13, kills girl, 10, but the boy is below the age of criminal responsibility in China, meaning he will not face charges.

Argentina gets new president amid economic crisis.

Soviet-era dissident Bukovsky dies in UK, he exposed the practice of declaring dissidents mentally ill in order to detain and discredit them.

Colombia's capital elects first female mayor.

The eleventh day of protests in Lebanon saw an attempt to create a human chain over 105 miles long.

Chile president sacks whole cabinet after protests.

Pentagon snubs Amazon for $10bn 'Jedi' contract, Microsoft is awarded the lucrative AI deal following a heavily-scrutinised bidding process.

The Pope will consider a proposal to allow married men to become priests in the Amazon region.

People from remote Vietnamese communities are paying as much as £30,000 to be smuggled into the UK.

Five dead in second day of Iraqi protests.

During a circus performance in Russia, a bear attacked a trainer, frightened spectators rushed towards the exit.

A Russian soldier shot eight service friends.

Serbia has acquired one Pancir airspace system from Russia.

Russia sent Kadyrov troops to the Syrian border.

Our ancestral mammals have been cold-blooded for tens of millions of years since their birth. In this respect, the early mammals were similar to the cold-blooded reptiles from which they evolved. This discovery was made by analyzing fossils of two early mammals, showing that these animals had relatively long life and slow metabolism, both of which are reptilian. Mammals are hairy and milk-producing animals. The first mammals evolved in the dinosaur era. The oldest known mammal-like animals, such as Tikitherium, lived approximately 230 million years ago during the Triassic period. By the middle of the later Jurassic period, true mammals were already prevalent.

Men in Britain are urged to stop applying toothpaste to their genitals. They do this in order to delay the spillage of sperm during sex.

Archaeologists in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have found an 8,000-year-old pearl in a stone-age settlement. Archaeologists believe that in ancient Mesopotamia, pearls were traded and made into jewelry.

A strange substance found by Yutu-2, a Chinese lunar, traveling on the far side of the moon, covered with small craters, is "gel-like" and has an "unusual color".

Russian scientists tracking eagles got huge SMS bills when some birds flew to Iran and Pakistan.

Deadly anti-government protests sweep Iraq, half of the 21 victims reportedly died trying to storm the offices of a militia group in the south.

Zimbabweans march against EU and US sanctions.

Nigeria police free more than 100 people in shackles.

EU agrees to Brexit delay - but no date yet.

The authorities in Ethiopia say 27 people have been killed this week during outbreaks of violence in the Oromia Region.

A Chinese company's attempt to lease an entire island in the Solomon Islands was blocked by the country's government, who described it as "unlawful".

A hunter in the US state of Arkansas was gored while checking if the animal he shot had been dead.

Protests in Bolivia over election result.

The eighteen-year-old would not take his jailed ex's no for an answer - and broke into the prison, in Germany.

Iran cuts off man's fingers for theft.

Tanzania arrests four Chinese workers for slow work.

SA bans Air Zimbabwe over unpaid fees.

Japan's election law bans politicians from sending donations to voters in their home constituency.

France has a pollution crisis in the Caribbean caused by toxic chlordecone sprayed on banana crops.

The basketball champions' rings with 640 diamonds, the Toronto Raptors received the biggest rings in championship history after winning the NBA.

Indonesia's 'Spiderwoman' smashes speed climbing record.

Syrian Kurds accuse Turkey of violating ceasefire.

Painting stolen by Nazis found in New York museum, the artwork, seized in Germany in 1933, will be returned to the original Jewish owners by the FBI.

Flooding in south of France leaves three dead.

Zimbabwe's state-owned electricity company, Zesa, has cut its supply to major users because of unpaid bills worth $77m (£60m) .

Death penalty for 16 who set student on fire, the killing shocked Bangladesh and led to a series of protests demanding justice for Nusrat.

Researchers taught rats to drive tiny "ratmobiles" in exchange for food, which helped the rats relax.

Bayern Munich make an official complaint to Uefa after their Youth League match against Olympiakos was abandoned due to crowd violence.

The bodies of 39 people were found in a lorry trailer in Essex in eastern England. Three people, including the driver, have been arrested and a murder investigation has been launched. Essex Police said they were working "to piece together the circumstances of this horrific event" - the largest murder investigation in the force's history. Initially, Essex police said in a statement they believed all 39 victims - eight women and 31 men - to be Chinese nationals.

UK MPs reject Johnson's proposed Brexit plan, MPs voted against a proposal to examine the prime minister's bill in three days.

President Lukashenko of Belarus ordered the military to present a plan to respond to the deployment of US tanks in Lithuania.

Indonesian oligarchs are trying to deprive the president of power.

A Russian icebreaker drifting off the coast of Norway sent a distress signal.

Lithuania, Alytus Dental Supplies Trade Company Nevelme has been fined for distributing unsafe toothpaste from South Korea.

Lithuania, a treasure attributed to the beginning of the 15th century - Vytautas' Denars and Prague Grosse - was found during archaeological research at the confluence of Kaunas.

The Paris Zoo introduced to the world a new and rather mysterious organism known as the Blob. It is a yellowish, single-celled, small living creature that looks like a fungus but behaves like an animal.

German engineers have come up with a way to bend the glass at 90 degrees - already looking for industrial partners.

NASA has unveiled new uniforms that astronauts will wear while landing on the moon during the Artemis mission in 2024.

So far, 565 people from 38 countries have been in space.

Germany will not prevent China's tech giant Huawei from deploying next-generation 5G connectivity.

President Erdogan and President Putin reach a deal over Turkey's border battle with Kurds in Syria.

Scientists have just noticed that the Antarctic ice is filled with radiation. And that, of course, is people's fault.

In Switzerland, tests with different 5G-enabled smartphones in Zurich recorded a maximum speed of 3.67 Gbps.

More than 20 killed in Ghana floods.

Gun battles and burning cars in Mexican city, security forces and cartel gunmen clash after drug lord Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán's son is discovered.

Fierce Australian dust storm turns day to night in seconds.

Turkey to suspend Syria offensive after US meeting, US Vice-President Mike Pence says the pause in operations will allow Kurdish-led forces to withdraw.

Satellites to monitor whale strandings from space, scientists are developing the techniques to spot mass stranding events from orbit.

With an agreement reached with the EU, Boris Johnson now needs MPs to back it in Parliament, Brexit in 13 days.

Venezuela wins seat on UN Human Rights Council.

Russians accused of extremism cut wrists in court, the pair are accused of belonging to a group that were attempting to overthrow President Putin.

South African child rapist sentenced to life.

Catalan leader pushes for second independence vote, unrest in the Spanish region continues for a fourth day after the sentencing of Catalan separatists.

About 400 Ethiopian migrants serving prison sentences in Saudi Arabia returned home.

American boxer Patrick Day has died at the age of 27, four days after sustaining a brain injury in a fight against Charles Conwell.

Vitruvian Man heads to Paris despite court battle, Leonardo da Vinci's iconic drawing is bound for the Louvre art museum, despite fears for its safety.

Anti-Brexit protests held along Irish border.

Hong Kong protest leader 'attacked with hammers', photographs show Jimmy Sham of the Civil Human Rights Front lying in the street, covered in blood.

Don accused of selling ancient Bible fragments, it is alleged 11 items from a collection held at Oxford University were sold by Prof Dirk Obbink.

Paedophile Huckle 'strangled and stabbed', the sex offender, who abused as many as 200 children, was found dead in prison.

Hundreds arrested in dark web child abuse case, the site, run from South Korea, had hundreds of thousands of videos containing child abuse.

Eight opposition leaders have gone on trial in Guinea, accused of organising protests against President Alpha Conde's plans to seek a third term in office.

Poverty indicators in Lithuania remain among the highest in the European Union. The government wants to increase the VAT, increase the salaries of ministers by 500 euros (over 4000 euros), promises to increase salaries for teachers failed(still salaries from 500 euro a month), when the minimum wage for pensioners is just over 200 euros.

New research shows that men who want to have a child also have to give up marijuana - cannabis using women are twice as likely to have miscarriages.

EU countries have published a joint security risk assessment for EU 5G networks.

Turkey's leader refuses to end military operations in northern Syria, despite ceasefire calls.

Liberia has been named number one in the world when it comes to helping strangers, according to the World Giving Index, an annual ranking of people's generosity.

Dutch family discovered hiding for 9 years at remote farmhouse and waiting for world end, officers were alerted when a family member turned up at a bar and ordered five beer before asking for help.

Six Bulgarian football fans suspected of subjecting black England players to racist abuse are detained following police raids.

Mystery deaths shut German parcel depot, firefighters wear protective suits during an investigation for poisonous substances at a house near the place where a courier driver was found dead inside his van in Haldensleben, two men died and a man was taken ill within hours of each other, prompting an inquiry by firefighters.

20 ancient coffins, whose decorations are still visible, were uncovered at a Theban necropolis near Luxor.

Nigerian art work sells for $1.4m after owners googled signature.

Uganda launches massive measles immunization programme.

Kenya to open $1bn Chinese-built railway line.

Lithuania agreed to give one Russian spy to get two Lithuanian spies from Russia.

Mexico army deployed after police killed in ambush by powerful drug cartel. Heavily-armed men attack a policy convoy in Mexico, leaving 14 officers dead and three injured.

'Radar feature' stops Google Pixel 4 India launch, tech analysts speculate the issue is with a radar feature that uses a frequency not allowed in India.

Saudi Arabia rolls out the red carpet for Vladimir Putin, signalling a seismic shift in relations.

Clashes with police continue in the Spanish region following the sentencing of Catalan separatists.

At least 5,000 firefighters from across France demanded better pay, pensions and working conditions.

Footballers and politicians join in praising their army's incursion into northern Syria.

As the US introduces tougher rules for migrants, tens of thousands apply for asylum in Mexico instead.

On 15 October 1969, millions of people in the US marched to call for an end to the Vietnam War.

Lebanon calls for help as forest fires spread.

Opposition members and civil society groups outraged by a potential revision to Guinea's constitution that would allow President Alpha Condé to seek a third term in office are calling for a second day of protests.

Homeless men denied shelter in Japanese typhoon.

Man dies and two arrested after Dublin stabbing, it is understood the stabbing happened following a row between a group of men.

Scotch Beef back on Japanese menus after 23 years.

Landfills in Romania are overflowing as half of the waste recycled is imported, mostly from Europe.

Two killed in Guinea protest.

Poland ruling conservatives win re-election, the conservative nationalist Law and Justice party wins Sunday's general poll.

Ecuadoreans celebrate return of fuel subsidies.

Somalia to set up first blood bank in decades.

Japan deploys 110,000 rescuers after typhoon, Hagibis - the worst typhoon to hit the country in decades - leaves at least 40 dead, with 16 missing.

In Kashmir after 72 days, millions of mobiles have once again become operational in the region.

Russia blocked a UN statement calling on Turkey to stop the attack on Syria, tens of thousands flee as Turkey steps up assault.

Boeing 737 Max Crisis: The company's director has lost his position as chairman of the board.

Israeli company Aleph Farms has announced that it has succeeded in creating artificial meat for the first time in space. Specialists of the company used 3D printing technology and created "space" beef.

Japan hit by biggest typhoon in decades, Typhoon Hagibis could be the worst storm to hit Japan since 1958, when more than 1,200 people died.

Student cannabis cake baker punished with essay, 21-year-old was caught with cannabis-laced cakes weighing more than 1kg (2.2lb) in Zambia.

First person to walk in space dies aged 85, Soviet cosmonaut Alexei Leonov floated above the Earth for 12 minutes in 1965.

Nigeria's president demands action after 'sex-for-grades' film.

Ethiopia's Abiy Ahmed wins Nobel Peace Prize, the prime minister is honoured for making peace with Eritrea after decades of tension and conflict.

An agreement to hold elections in Ukraine's separatist-held areas threatens to polarise the country.

A cargo plane carrying eight people - four crew and four passengers - has gone missing in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

India pharma brothers arrested over '$330m fraud'.

Uganda plans death penalty for homosexuals.

US-China trade talks resume amid tensions, without progress at the talks, the US is due to increase tariffs on $250bn worth of Chinese goods.

US analyst arrested for leaking intel to reporters, the defence agency analyst was reportedly in a romantic relationship with one of the journalists.

UK charges 'hate speech' politician with terrorism, the founder of one of Pakistan's biggest political parties is charged with a terrorism offence.

Uganda football boss suspended over ticket sales.

'Elite police' shot dead Mozambique poll observer.

First signs found of humans conserving food, marrow inside a bone after six weeks of storage, early humans living 200,000-420,000 years ago were previously not thought capable of such planning.

Anti-corruption officers in South Africa have seized upmarket homes and luxury cars during a series of raids in the coastal city of Durban.

Scientists believe climate change will mean all of Iceland's glaciers will be gone in 200 years.

A huge police operation is under way after deadly shootings in the eastern city of Halle.

Apple drops Hong Kong police-tracking app, the company says the app has been used to target and ambush police and to threaten public safety.

The wife of a diplomat suspected of causing the fatal accident fled the UK to the United States.

Thousands of climate change activists are causing chaos across London in a bid to force the Government to take action on the environmental crisis. Extinction Rebellion protestors began two weeks of disruption at key sites across the capital to urge politicians to take actions.

On his 67th birthday, Russian President Vladimir Putin raised his salary. He did the same for a few more dignitaries. Putin's salary increases by 4.3 percent - last year's inflation. This means that the salary of the Russian president will now reach 746 thousand rubles or 10 460 euros.

The Japanese created artificial blood - surviving 6 out of 10 rabbits who received it and no side effects.

Whale spotted in London in river Temze.

Japan will cut tariffs for $7bn (£5.7bn) worth of US farm exports, while Washington will cut US tariffs on $40m in Japanese agricultural goods and ease tariff rate quotas on the country's beef.

42 Malawian migrants found in container lorry in Mozambique.

Struggling to survive in the $1bn lockdown, hotels lie empty and apples risk rotting in the orchards of Indian-administered Kashmir.

Kurds make up the Middle East's fourth-largest ethnic group, but they have never obtained statehood.

Six elephants die trying to save each other, the incident began after a baby elephant fell from a Thai waterfall and others tried to rescue it.

Trump loses court case to keep tax returns secret.

Thai judge shoots himself in court, the judge gave a speech calling for a fairer judiciary before shooting himself in the chest.

A former reality-TV star and glamour model becomes a princess, marrying the man who is third in line to the Swedish throne.

Ethiopia to give telecoms licences to two firms.

Japan braces for Typhoon Hagibis, the powerful storm, currently churning in the Pacific, threatening the Rugby World Cup and Formula 1 events held in the country.

US troops leave Syria-Turkey border area.

India's top court steps in after clashes erupt over tree-felling to make way for a metro project.

New York police have begun an investigation after four 'homeless' men were killed with a metal pipe.

Thousands protest against IVF bill in Paris.

Police in Rwanda have arrested a controversial American pastor as he was about to conduct a press conference in the capital Kigali.

Taliban commanders freed 'in Indian hostage swap'.

Rain extinguishes Bolivia's devastating wildfires.

Entrepreneur Jim Estill spent CA$1.5m of his own money to bring Syrian refugees to Canada.

Rwandan forces 'kill 19 terrorists'.

Indigenous groups take lead in Ecuador protests, about 50 police officers have been taken hostage in various areas around the country.

'Sex for grades': Undercover in West African universities.

UN calls for end to Iraq protest violence, at least 99 people have died with thousands wounded within 5 days since the protests in Iraq began.

Some 3,500 tickets for Iran's World Cup qualifier against Cambodia have been sold to female fans.

The EU provided support to the projects of the Baltic States synchronization and the Lithuanian gas interconnection with Latvia. On 2 October, the European Union (EU) Member States approved a proposal from the European Commission (EC) to provide € 556 million in funding for projects on the EU list of projects of common interest from European infrastructure.

Latvia has eight criminal investigations into alleged money laundering through ABLV Bank.

United Kingdom (UK) oil giant BP, formerly known as British Petroleum, has announced the resignation of its CEO next year.

Samsung is withdrawing from China, where it will no longer produce its smartphones.

The amazing technological breakthrough for critics is that China's "super camera" can find face target in the thousands of people.

Moscow has opened its doors wide and allowed the country to develop its 5G network.

Archaeologists have discovered fragments of about one hundred Viking swords in northern Estonia, the largest find of Viking swords in Estonia to date.

Brazil plans to begin construction of its first nuclear submarine in 2022.

Paris police killings, a motive for the killing of four police employees by a colleague remains unclear.

Anger as Hong Kong bans face masks at protests.

US jobless rate falls to 50-year low.

Unidentified gunmen opened fire on a bus, killing three of its passengers, in the central Mozambican province of Sofala.

President Volodymyr Zelensky envisages a phased peace deal with Russian-backed rebels in the east of Ukraine.

Ecuador fuel subsidy protests continue.

Lion bones weighing 342kg seized in South Africa.

Man sues Apple claiming iPhone turned him gay, the Russian says he has suffered 'moral harm' and wants damages from the tech giant.

Paralysed man moves in mind-reading exoskeleton.

Five die as plane runs out of fuel and crash-lands, the Ukrainian An-12 cargo plane, flying from Spain to Turkey, came down short of Lviv airport.

US vaping deaths rise to 18 as illness cases surge Health officials urge people to stop vaping until the cause of a mystery illness is identified.

Shots fired as protesters defy Baghdad curfew, at least 20 people have been killed in three days as anger at unemployment and corruption boils over.

Six people have been arrested in Uganda for wearing red berets after they were banned week ago.

Tanzania fails to report Ebola cases to WHO.

Police in Nigeria say six female secondary school students and two members of staff have been kidnapped in Kaduna State in the north of the country.

Rome's waste bins are overflowing - but now metro users can swap empty bottles for tickets.

Kenya school closed after flu outbreak.

Australian police officer filmed stoning wombat, police are investigating the incident, which sparked outrage after it was shared on social media.

Boar with swine fever found in Korea border zone.

Deadly Asian fungus detected in Australia, the poison fire coral was previously thought to be native to Japan and Korea alone.

North Korea tests new submarine missile from sea.

US reopens Somalia embassy after nearly 30 years.

El Chapo 'gave $1m to Honduran leader's brother', US prosecutors claim the money was meant to reach President Juan Orlando Hernández himself.

Escaped zebra shot in Germany after autobahn chaos, the zebra, one of two to run away from a circus, was killed by police after it caused an accident.

US set to impose tariffs on $7.5bn of EU exports.

The Mail on Sunday denies it "unlawfully" published the Duchess of Sussex's private letter.

Kenya's central bank says nearly 210 million - or more than 95% - of old 1,000 shilling ($10; £8) notes have been returned in an exercise aimed at curbing corruption and money laundering.

Indian royals win £35m court battle with Pakistan, the origins of a dispute over what began as a £1m deposit date to the partition of British India.

Zimbabwe's government has condemned the US' decision to ban its diamonds from entering the country on the grounds that they had been produced through forced labour.

Hundreds of Ukrainians protest as the president backs a plan for elections in separatist-held areas.

Bags of cocaine keep suspect drug smugglers afloat, Colombian authorities found the men in the Pacific Ocean after their boat capsized.

Dutch farmers paralyzed traffic during congestion, stretching 1,100 km.

Free electronic visas to St. Petersburg came into force.

Atea will upgrade video systems at the Lithuanian border with Belarus for EUR 2 million.

A demonstration of the latest weaponry in China's capital city parade, 15,000 soldiers with tanks, rockets and aircraft in 70 years of Communist Party rule. Violence erupted in Hong Kong, the police shot first protester and he is in hospital.

Slovenian national airline Adria Airways declares bankruptcy.

The Germans developed radar capable of detecting the F-35 fighter as well.

A recent study by scientists analyzing the nanostructure of tooth enamel may explain why the hardest material in the human body is as rigid as steel.

The Vikram landing device on Indian Moon mission Chandrayaan-2 made a "hard landing" on the moon's surface on September 7.

It turns out that the collision of asteroids on Earth has caused the Ice Age, but it has led to a massive increase in life forms.

One dead in Finland school 'sword' attack.

Iran court sentences ‘US spy’ to death.

Meghan calls for gender equality in SA universities, the Duchess of Sussex says when a woman is empowered "it changes absolutely everything".

Spain gets 127,000 citizenship requests from Jews.

India vows to 'throw out' illegal immigrants.

Russian alcohol consumption falls steeply, the 43% decline follows a series of alcohol-control measures implemented by the state.

Japan's last pagers beep for the final time, Motorola pagers from 1998, at their peak, pagers were used by more than 10m people in Japan - but just 1,500 subscribers remained.

Dubai princess 'preferred to be shot than go home', Sheikha Latifa has not been seen in public for 18 months, since she reportedly tried to flee Dubai.

Australia's central bank cut interest rates by 25 basis points to 0.75% and said it could do more to support the economy.

Tourists must pay $1,000 to enter 'Dragon Island', entry to the Indonesian island was $10, but authorities want to restrict the number of visitors.

Sudan PM meets Darfur rebel chief in France.

Japan has increased its consumption tax for the first time in five years, bringing the long-delayed policy into effect despite concerns it may knock the economy.

US air strike killed Somali farmers.

Norwegian media: Russian special forces landed secretly in the country.

The commercial arbitration court in Evri ordered the liquidation of France's second largest airline, Aigle Azur, following the failure of the sale negotiations.

Continental has developed tire pressure technology with in wheel-mounted air pressure pump.

Russia approved a government decision to join the Paris climate agreement.

Polish bio-archaeologists have investigated the remains of 500-year-old child victims found on the summit of the Andean volcanoes Ampat and Pichu Pichu. According to Science in Poland, the study found that many of them were struck by lightning.

Shops looted as thousands protest in Haiti, a police station is stripped bare in demonstrations against rising prices and corruption.

Hundreds of thousands join Canada climate strikes.

Biffa fined £350k over contaminated shipment, paper bales for recycling being shipped abroad contained nappies and condoms

Seized British-flagged tanker leaves Iran after 2 month.

Freed from Nigerian 'torture house', nearly 500 men and boys were tortured, sexually abused, chained up and starved.

Premium teabags 'leak billions of microplastics', microplastics in drinking water do not appear to pose a health risk at current levels.

Kenya back in World Rally Championship after 18 years.

More than 1,000 laws left over from German and Belgian rule in Rwanda are to be abolished.

Saudi Arabia is opening up to tourists, has launched a visa regime for 49 countries and will relax its strict dress codes for female visitors.

Mysterious oil spill hits dozens of Brazil beaches.

Russia bans smoking on balconies.

Facebook tests hiding likes from Australian users.

The authorities in Sudan have ordered the closure of the borders with Libya and the Central African Republic over security concerns and smuggling.

About 30 dead in Chad gold mine collapse.

A British court has allowed the Nigerian government to appeal against a ruling that would have allowed a foreign company to seize assets worth 20% of the country’s foreign reserves. Last month a court in London granted the firm Process & Industrial Developments (P&ID) the right to claim Nigerian assets worth more than $9bn (£7.3bn).

'Holy Grail' map sells for 'record-breaking' £260k.

Italy court backs assisted dying in extreme cases.

US museum returns stolen ancient Egyptian coffin, the 2,100-year-old coffin was sold to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York for $4m (£3.2m).

Top Venezuelan officials banned from entering US.

Police in India say the two men allegedly beat two Dalit children to death for defecating in the open.

Police raid cannabis den as part of £6m haul, police raided a drug den in the Cynon Valley which led to the downfall of a gang in south Wales.

A Russian fighter flew into Estonian airspace and the Russian ambassador summoned in Estonia to explain.

A list of some drugs due to cancer-causing impurities has been introduced in Lithuania.

Lithuanian FNTT has shaken a chain of beauty salons: black bookkeeping reaches one million.

Bone healing is a very interesting process that demonstrates how complex and effective our body is. When a bone fracture occurs, the body sends a signal that it is time for repair. This signal, which is thought to be transmitted through the bloodstream, reaches the stem cells of the bone. These form at the site of the fracture some cartilage structure required for the orderly growth of bone tissue. The osteoblasts, the bone cells, then begin to form bone tissue directly on that cartilage frame. Finally, the cartilage is removed and more osteoblasts fill the space. The result is a solid, dense and durable bone, probably even firmer than before.

Google is doing what other corporations can't: $ 2 billion in investment and 100% solar and wind power alone - almost half of the investment will go to European countries.

Mr Trump acknowledges freezing military aid to Ukraine and pressing it to investigate.

Police fire tear gas at students in Jakarta.

Clashes in Indonesia over sex before marriage bill.

Pakistan quake: Cracked roads and collapsed houses, 19 people killed.

Thomas Cook collapse: German airline seeks help, people were returned home from holiday with emergency air planes. The Gambia is grappling with how to deal with the collapse of Thomas Cook, the UK tour operator responsible for about 40% of its tourists. It was the parent company of Thomas Cook that collapsed on Monday because of a huge $2.1bn (£1.6bn) debt pile - its Indian, Chinese, German and Nordic subsidiaries will continue to trade as normal.

Algeria hospital fire kills eight infants.

Iran rejects fresh accusations over Saudi attack, the leaders of France, Germany and the UK backed US claims that Iran attacked oil installations.

Top VW bosses charged with market manipulation, three current and former executives are charged in relation to a diesel emissions scandal from 2015.

Rare €6m artwork found in elderly woman's kitchen, a painting entitled "Christ Mocked" by the late 13th Century Florentine artist Cenni di Pepo, also known as Cimabue, was hanging above a hotplate in a home near Paris is a long-lost masterpiece, experts say.

Families who lost relatives in two fatal Boeing 737 Max air crashes - in Indonesia and Ethiopia - are set to receive about $144,500 (£116,200) each from the company.

Policeman sacked for arresting six-year-olds, a six-year-old girl was handcuffed and charged with battery, her grandmother told US media.

'Hundreds detained' after rare Egypt protests, protests against alleged government corruption erupted in Cairo and other cities over the weekend.

The Chechen authorities are detaining people on suspicion of 'practising sorcery'.

Kenya school collapse leaves seven children dead.

Five women in court over Notre-Dame car bomb plot, the French women, all converts to Islam, face terrorism charges over the incident in September 2016.

Catalan separatists arrested over 'attack plot', nine suspects are detained and bomb-making equipment seized in dawn raids.

Italian son shoots father dead during boar hunt, police charge the 34-year-old with culpable homicide after he shot his 55-year-old father.

Gabon to get $150m for preserving its rainforests.

Sweden is approaching a recession, Krona is collapsing and unemployment rates are up.

South Korean automaker Hyundai to pay $ 47 billion US $ a fine for illegally importing and selling polluting diesel engines in violation of US environmental regulations.

Renewable energy sources accounted for 46 percent of the total electricity generated in Germany in the second quarter of this year.

After finishing his studies at Klaipėda University of Lithuania (KU) and taking his diploma, an Indian citizen stated after about half a year that he was not satisfied with the quality of his studies. The man claimed € 70 million in court, but the court declared that the former student was unreasonably asking for money for his studies and the complaint was dismissed.

Lithuanians built another research vessel for foreigners.

Huawei introduced its phones for the first time without Google services.

Electronic cigarettes are also banned in India.

Some three million expressed an interest in raiding the US base to "see aliens", but 75 turned up.

Germany plans €54bn climate deal amid 500 protests.

Children all around the world have taken part in thousands of global climate change protests.

Uzbek activists say forced labour is still being used in this year's cotton harvest, despite government pledges.

India ex-minister arrested in sexual abuse case.

Criminal charges for Brazil dam disaster firms, police say mining giant Vale and German auditor Tüv Süd used falsified documents to certify the dam.

Mozambique sugar mill strike hits 20th day.

North Korean held in Russia 'for poaching' dies, the fisherman was one of six injured while resisting arrest.

A police chief in Mali's central Ségou region has been killed by protesters who were calling for him to resign.

Indonesia is rethinking controversial new laws - including a ban on sex outside marriage.

Nigeria shuts aid group 'for feeding militants', action Against Hunger denies accusations that it is supplying "food and drugs" to Boko Haram.

India cuts corporate tax rates to boost economy.

An 800-year-old figure of Christ that once adorned St Mary's Abbey in York will be returned to the city after nearly two centuries.

Colt suspends the production of sporting rifles including the AR-15, used in several US mass shootings.

A Sudanese migrant who was trying to cross the Mediterranean to Europe has been shot and killed by Libyan coastguards after being taken back to Libya.

Rugby fans advised to cover tattoos in Japan, supporters are warned tattoos can be associated with gangsters in the World Cup host country.

Germany will embed its Polarstern research ship in sea-ice for a year-long study of the climate.

US expels two Cuban UN diplomats.

US and Canada lose 3bn birds in 50 years, scientists conclude the major factor is habitat loss driven by human activity.

China, the world's biggest pork producer, struggles to contain a swine fever outbreak.

The Taiwanese sending 2,000 gas masks to Hong Kong, fears that Taiwan will also one day face Chinese control has rallied people to support protesters.

Protests in Pakistan after boys' bodies found, crowds demand action after the latest abductions and murders of children in Kasur district.

Basketball World Cup 2019 winner Spain, final result Spain 95-88 Australia.

A large cargo of gas from the Yamal terminal in Siberia, operated by the Russian company Novatek, has been transported to the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Terminal of Klaipėda, Lithuania.

Saudi Arabia starts salmon farming, not only for itself but also for export.

The Belarusian State Customs Committee and the State Security Committee (KGB) announced a clarified scheme for the transportation of weapons from Ukraine to Russia via Belarus and Lithuania.

Why does the male left testis heat more than the right and the stools of sterile mammalian wombats are cube-shaped? A $ 10 trillion cash prize for smiling research.

Researchers found that one-year-old infants, who are more likely to make eye contact with parents and communicate with sounds, can have better language skills at the age of two.

Senegal's government says that women suffering from breast or cervical cancer will be offered free chemotherapy in public hospitals from the beginning of October.

Dozens killed in Afghanistan in two Taliban blasts.

Mexican tycoon held over son's boating death, is accused of being drunk while operating a boat that hit and killed his 11-year-old.

'No risk' after fire at Russian lethal virus lab.

South Africa apologises to Nigeria over xenophobic attacks.

The sharp rise in the cost of oil that followed the drone attacks on the Saudi Arabian oil facilities the kingdom's crude oil output is reduced by 5.7 million barrels a day, the US has reportedly identified locations in Iran from which drones and cruise missiles were launched against major Saudi oil facilities.

Lawyers in Cameroon are on a five-day strike they say some of them have had to endure physical violence at the hands of authorities and have been consistently denied access to their clients.

Spain denies Hugo Carvajal extradition request, the former Venezuelan intelligence chief is accused by the US of drug trafficking offences.

Three million 'could return to safe zone in Syria', Turkey's president suggests refugees could return to Syria and stay in a safe zone along the border.

More than 640 million barrels of oil are currently sitting in caves under Texas and Louisiana.

Boy poisoned by E. coli in 2011 dies in France.

Pakistan, Mob violence was unleashed after a Hindu headteacher was accused of making blasphemous comments.

Riot police and protesters clash in Honduras as the country marks its independence from Spain.

Lawyers for the former health minister in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Oly Ilunga, say the authorities have accused him of mismanaging $4.3m (£3.4m) from money allocated to the fight against the Ebola virus.

Tunisia holds second free presidential election.

Hong Kong protesters sing God Save the Queen, Blue water cannon fired at HK protesters.

New storm hits Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian, more than 1,000 people are still missing following the hurricane two weeks ago.

Scotland's first Gandhi statue unveiled, the bronze statue was unveiled at a celebration in Ayr to mark the peacemaker's birth date.

US internet giant Google agrees to pay $ 965 million to settle the tax claims of the French authorities.

A new scandal on the Android Store - at least 24 gadgets that can steal $ 30 a month.

Harmful alcohol consumption in Europe has not fallen as expected, although all countries have signed up to the European Action Plan on reducing harmful alcohol consumption for 2012-2020.

Tesla researchers say next-generation batteries will last up to 1 million miles - a production line is under construction.

Foreign nationals in Kenya banned from adoption.

Four Indian men drown in Italian farm manure tank, two of the victims were Sikh brothers running a big dairy farm in northern Italy.

Paris paralysed by massive strike over pensions.

Welsh Government role at arms fair to be reviewed, the defence secretary said the sector brings in £19bn to the UK economy and supports 260,000 jobs.

World's first malaria vaccine released in Kenya.

Netanyahu denies Israel spying on the White House.

Missing man’s remains found in car on Google Maps, William Moldt went missing in mysterious circumstances 22 years ago after a night out in Florida.

Deadly floods and a tornado in Spain.

Sharp rise in South Africa murder and sex offences.

Police in Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya have arrested dozens of people suspected of carrying out large-scale money-transfer scams. The scams involve tricking victims into wiring money to bank accounts controlled by fraudsters. More than 250 people were arrested in 10 countries. Police also conducted raids in the US, UK, Turkey, France, Italy, Japan and Malaysia. Of those arrested, 167 were from Nigeria.

The male skeletons, buried in Roman times, have been holding hands for around 1,500 years.

Billionaire to sell Zozo stake to Yahoo Japan.

Footage released by US-led coalition forces show 40 tonnes of explosives dropped on an Iraqi island 'infested' with IS.

Firm liable for business trip death during sex, the French firm must pay compensation after the man had a heart attack during sex with a stranger.

Arab nations condemn Israeli annexation plan, an Israeli vow to apply sovereignty to part of the West Bank is described as a "dangerous development".

Woman charged with fraud in Neymar rape case, Brazilian police accuse woman and her former husband of perverting the course of justice.

Bolivia's Morales boosts coca production, Coca leaves can be used to make cocaine but also have traditional uses in the Andes.

Nigeria is detaining thousands of children allegedly linked to militants Boko Haram.

The UK House of Lords has backed a law to prevent Brexit without a deal.

The global revolution in the approach to cannabis is maturing: the "weed" is being smoked even by grandmothers fighting arthritis.

Natural gas surpluses in Europe are on the rise, with prices reaching a 10-year minimum.

Russia probes 'stun gun attack' on election chief, police say a masked man attacked Russia's top election official before local polls.

Mexico says it has cut migrant flow by 56%.

Thousands IRanians use social media to call for their country to be banned from global competitions.

Facebook faces fresh anti-trust investigation.

China to curb facial recognition in schools, it comes after a number of schools adopted technology to monitor class behaviour and attendance.

Indian woman, 73, gives birth to twin girls.

US woman accused of baby smuggling in Philippines, the 43-year-old was stopped at Manila airport, allegedly with a six-day-old boy in her carry-on bag.

Scientists hope a new test will help millions of people in Bangladesh avoid arsenic in their water.

Second US death linked to vaping, an Oregon person apparently became sick after buying a product at a legal cannabis dispensary.

At least 10 people, two of them foreign nationals, have died in a wave of xenophobic attacks in South Africa.

Work on a pipeline that would transport crude oil 1,445 km (898 miles) from Uganda to Tanzania's coast has been suspended. Tullow Oil had planned to sell a stake in the $3.5bn (£2.8bn) project to state-owned Chinese firm CNOOC and French oil giant Total, but the deal collapsed last week after the companies failed to secure an agreement on tax relief from Uganda's Revenue Authority.

Pope Francis has told Mozambicans they need to nurture peace to make it last.

Deadly car bomb explodes near Green Zone in Kabul.

Honduras's ex-first lady bought jewellery using public funds assigned to buy shoes for poor children.

Zambian radio station bans South African music.

A massive environmental monitoring unit on the seabed vanishes, baffling German experts.

US lifts ban on old-style light bulbs, the ban, due to start in 2020, could have seen the end to incandescent bulbs which waste energy.

Drones deployed to spot illegal breweries in Kenya.

South Africa closes Nigeria embassy after attacks.

Scholars discover 500 lost words and unlock language secrets in a revised dictionary of medieval Irish.

NZ measles outbreak rises above 1,000 cases.

Michigan bans flavoured e-cigarettes in US first.

Hurricane in the Bahamas - 12 hours have not moved.

Volkswagen has come up with a way to reduce by 80% NOx (diesel fuel combustion) emissions by adapting existing technology.

The South Korean Constitutional Court has ruled that only people with blindness can provide professional massage services.

The health authorities in Liberia have announced that there is an outbreak of Lassa Fever, which they say has killed at least 21 people, including one healthcare worker, since January this year.

Medical waste strewn across Karachi's beach.

US 14-year-old admits killing five family members.

California boat fire death toll rises, at least 25 are confirmed to have died in a boat blaze that trapped sleeping passengers below deck.

A massive rubbish dump in Mozambique's capital, which collapsed during rains last year killing 17 people, is be shut down with the help of Japan.

Through deadly winds, rain and floods - the New Orleans radio station that fought to keep listeners alive during Hurricane Katrina.

Russian blogger jailed for 'incitement' tweet, a Moscow court sentenced financial manager to five years in a labour camp.

In Sydney after attacks, a notorious magpie was shot dead after dozens of complaints.

From September, Belgium, Denmark and the Czech Republic will conduct NATO air policing in the Baltic States.

Turkey is in talks with Russia about purchasing Su-57 fighter jets.

The EU urges Serbia not to sign a trade agreement with the Russian-led bloc, urging Serbia to move closer to its stated goal of joining the European Union.

According to the World Health Organization, as many as 2 billion people in the world drink stool-contaminated water. 785 million have no access to even the water, while 144 million are drinking surface water collected of their own. Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, invented a special water collector that can work in the desert.

Taiwanese chipset giant TSMC, Apple's main supplier, has pledged to "vigorously fight" over patent infringement claims filed by a US-based competitor, GlobalFoundries.

Police officer arrested over SA boxer's murder, female boxing champion Leighandre "Baby Lee" Jegels was shot dead in Mdantsane, South Africa.

Afghan Taliban launch major assault on Kunduz, government airstrikes slow down the militants but they have not retreated from their positions.

Thousands of fish wash up on Donegal beach, a mystery.

Dorian strengthens to category 4 hurricane, forecasters warn it could be the most powerful storm to hit the US south-east coast in decades.

Blue-dyed water fired at Hong Kong protesters.

India puts 1.9m people at risk of statelessness, the latest list of citizens in Assam state effectively strips 1.9 million people of citizenship.

Air Canada fined for not using enough French, a French-speaking couple say the airline violated their "linguistic rights" under Canadian law.

Man who stole $50 to be freed after 36 years, men was sentenced to life without parole in 1983 for robbing a bakery with a knife.

Iranian women are being allowed to see the next men's international football match. Sometimes they've disguised themselves as men in the past to get in.

Russia says Syrian forces will begin a unilateral ceasefire, as thousands flee.

Ukraine cools reports of imminent prisoner swap, says the process for an exchange with Russia is under way.

Ghana's government has decided to arm all police officers on traffic duties after a spate of attacks.

The Irish company, Tullow, which originally discovered the oil, has tried to sell most of its stake to state-owned Chinese firm CNOOC and French oil giant Total, but the deal collapsed after the companies failed to secure an agreement on tax relief from Uganda's Revenue Authority.

Meat Industry Ireland says the protests have led to factory closures and redundancies.

The bird, tagged as number 492, is seen near Lavaca Bay, Texas, after fleeing a Kansas zoo in 2005.

Hundreds of young people have been arrested, many of them students, in protests in the Russian capital Moscow.

Pope's visit sparks spending debate in Mozambique.

DR Congo Ebola deaths top 2,000.

Social media ads for a doctor's book were denied for 'promoting adult sexual products'.

The UN has deployed more than 15,000 peacekeepers to Mali.

Isabel and Susana González hunt percebes, also known as gooseneck barnacles. They're rather ugly crustaceans that can fetch thousands of dollars per kilogram at auction. To collect them, the González sisters must traverse slippery rocks along the Spanish coastline where they risk falling and drowning. Many hunters have lost their lives doing this job.

South Africa teacher wins award for remarkable results despite no textbooks.

People living next to Sierra Leone's biggest diamond mine have taken the government to court over failing to protect them from alleged environmental problems caused by the company that runs it.

A new case of Ebola is confirmed in Uganda.

Uganda confirms nine-year-old girl has Ebola.

Man gored to death by bull at Spanish festival.

Dutch cities chosen for cannabis supply trial, cannabis cafes in 10 cities are to be supplied legally with drugs from regulated producers.

Colombian leader vows to hunt down new rebels.

US prisoner gave birth alone in cell - lawsuit.

South African supermarkets are reducing food waste by working with a discount offers app.

DNA results on remains found under a dance floor in Russia could end the mystery of a French Napoleonic general.

Russian team maps five islands found by student.

UK warships to patrol dangerous West African waters.

New Zealand bans swimming with bottlenose dolphins, numbers of bottlenose dolphins visiting has dropped by 66% and record numbers of calves are dying.

The Queen has approved the government's planned suspension of parliament, weeks before Britain's departure from the EU.

Japan to help Africa double rice production.

Anti-foreigner attacks in South Africa are souring the country's relations with Nigeria.

Volcanic rock, the size of 20,000 football stadiums, is heading towards Australia.

US authorizes Lithuania to buy 500 armored SUVs: plans to buy less, allocate € 142 million.

Alphabet Inc, owned by Google, will start moving Pixel smartphone production from China to Vietnam this year, where the company is developing a low-cost supply chain.

Toy maker Hasbro Inc. will buy Canadian company Entertainment One Ltd. (eOne) for about $ 4 billion, the company's biggest deal in history. With this deal, Hasbro will expand the list of intellectual property to include preschool-beloved animated series, Peppa Pig and PJ Masks.

The US Air Force X-37B, an unmanned, solar-powered military aircraft, has set a record for its spaceflight: it has spent more than 719 days in orbit around Earth.

Austrian scientists created the world's first quantum radar.

Hurricane Dorian threatens Puerto Rico.

Destination New York for UN summit, girl 16-year-old campaigner arrives in the US after sailing for two weeks across the Atlantic.

Woman jailed for abusing children for money online, she was living in Northern Cyprus when she committed the crimes but was prosecuted in the UK.

Giant smoke plume as Stromboli volcano erupts.

Thieves target bronze bells from French churches.

Mexico bar attack leaves 25 dead, a deadly attack at a bar by unknown assailants in Coatzacoalcos, Mexico, the bar was peppered with gunfire and Molotov cocktails were thrown inside.

Shock after Rwanda gospel singer reveals he is gay.

Seventeen cases of abnormal hair growth are reported across Spain after wrong medication given.

Ex-Malaysian PM's second fraud trial begins, charges over an alleged multibillion-dollar fraud involving the state fund 1MDB.

'Cybercops' dismantle global pirate network, File pic of France's C3N crimefighting centre at Pontoise, team of French police destroys a virus that infected 850,000 computers.

Researchers find 227 child victims of human sacrifice, believed to have been killed over 500 years ago in Peru

Three people die in floods as rain pounds Japan.

First Chinese bishop ordained with Pope's approval.

Wheelchair user 'abandoned' by Ethiopian Airlines.

Baby African elephants will no longer be taken from the wild and sold to zoos and circuses, after a ban was agreed at the Cites conservation conference.

US imposes new visa fee on Nigerians.

Purdue 'offers up to $12bn' to settle opioid cases, OxyContin, the firm, owned by the wealthy Sackler family, is facing 2,000 claims over its painkiller OxyContin.

Lorries stranded in Mali amid poor roads protest.

Colombia police seize 300kg of cannabis in coffin.

Sweden has fined a local authority £17,000 for using facial recognition on school students.

Passenger jailed for bomb joke on Kenyan plane.

A Chechen dissident shot by a cyclist in a Berlin park had led rebels fighting against Russia.

The Serbian football club has sparked a controversy by wheeling out a tank ahead of its clash in the Champions League.

Ireland's population grows as economy recovers, more people are moving to Ireland than leaving according to the latest migration figures.

Iran 'jails UK national for spying for Israel'.

China accuses detained Australian writer of spying.

Bangladesh drops 'virgin' word from marriage form, the category on marriage registration forms will be replaced with a word meaning "unmarried".

The US pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson must pay $572m for its part in fuelling Oklahoma's painkiller addiction crisis.

Top Rwandan businessman gunned down in Mozambique.

Rwanda accused of spying on dissidents in Australia.

'Israeli strikes' hit Palestinian group in Lebanon.

G7 countries to provide $22m to fight Amazon fires.

Kenya has exported its first batch of oil as President Uhuru Kenyatta flagged off the crude shipment from the port of Mombasa.

Tycoon the head of a South African firm accused of corruption, has died in a car crash close to Johannesburg's main airport.

Tourists evacuated as wildfires rip across Greece.

Floods kill more than 60 in Sudan.

Shot fired by police in tense Hong Kong protests.

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Baltic Way, where people get their hands together.

The Russian central bank said it had bought 3.4 million troy ounces (106 tons) of gold during the first seven months of this year, boosting its official reserves by 5 percent.

Alcohol use in adolescence has been shown to damage the brain: the risk of losing mental acuity is serious.

Research has shown that having children is a joy, but only when the children move out.

Russia, despite warnings from environmentalists about the risk to the entire region, has launched the world's first floating nuclear reactor - a self-propelled nuclear power plant - and will ship it across the Arctic Ocean. Filled with nuclear fuel, Akademik Lomonosov will leave Murmansk Port and head towards Northeast Siberia, the reactor expected to travel 5,000 km.

Researchers at Imperial College London have finally found a way to create matter from light. This idea was conceived 80 years ago, but scientists at the time thought it was simply impossible.

Residents in Belgium's smallest city face fines for a lack of civic pride.

Eggs taken from rare white rhinos in bid to save species.

China has announced an additional 5-10% retaliatory tarriffs on $75bn of US goods.

A court in Los Angeles has charged 80 people - most of them Nigerian nationals - with participating in a conspiracy to steal millions of dollars through fraud, money laundering and identity theft.

US school rebuilt with bullet proof barriers.

Five young people killed in stampede at Algeria rap concert.

Tanzania journalist arrested over 'fake news'.

The Satanists battling for religious freedom.

Ferry route planned from Scotland to Netherlands.

Demonstrators calling for Papuan independence held a rally in Jakarta after days of riots in Indonesia's eastern region.

Lightning kills four, injures 100, in Poland storm.

UK and South Korea sign 'continuity' trade deal.

Russia launches life-sized robot into space, the robot, named Fedor, will perform daily tasks during its 10 days on the International Space Station.

Around 60,000 bees were removed from a woman's house in Brisbane, Australia.

US moves to abolish child migrant custody limits.

Texas executes man for 1998 murder of student.

A Kenyan man has been arrested at the international airport in Thailand’s capital, Bangkok, trying to smuggle into the country 68 capsules of cocaine. Men had swallowed the capsules that were later found to contain a total of 1.2kg (2.6lb) of cocaine

Ryanair loses court battle to block UK strikes.

Canada's elections watchdog warned that ads on climate change must be registered with the government.

Man accused of upskirting over 550 women in Spain.

Hunt for 250 inmates in Papua prison break.

Fires in the Amazon have risen 84% amid growing deforestation.

New Zealand speaker cradles baby in parliament.

Google and Mozilla move to stop Kazakhstan 'snooping'. The browsers will prevent government-issued certificates from decrypting net traffic.

Burundi anger over 'illegal drummers' on TV talent show.

Trump cancels Denmark visit over Greenland spat.

A row has erupted in Kenya after 23 tonnes (about 3,610 stone) of fresh ginger imported from Vietnam was released despite being found to be unfit for human consumption.

Tesla sued by Walmart over solar panel fires.

Nigeria marks three years clear of polio.

China threatens sanctions over US-Taiwan arms deal, the US government has approved the potential $8bn fighter plane sale, the largest in decades.

Mexico court approves recreational cocaine use, a panel of judges will review the ruling allowing two people to "possess, transport and use cocaine".

Uganda abolishes mandatory death penalty.

Germany could devote $ 55 billion to itself in the event of a crisis.

Shell and British Airways will produce jet fuel from household waste, and from 2024 onwards, aircraft can be powered by jet fuel from domestic waste.

Russia has confirmed that it will send a very unusual guest, the Skybot F-850 humanoid, to the ISS.

Prisoners 'tortured after riot' in Cameroon.

Ten migrants jumped off a rescue ship, hoping to swim to the Italian island.

Police shot dead a man who hijacked a passenger bus in Rio in Brazil.

UK consulate worker 'detained at HK-China border'.

Zimbabwe ex-vice-president 'on the run', lawyer denies he is a fugitive and says he left a police station fearing he would be poisoned.

In Brazil half a billion bees have died in three months.

A population of stick insects from New Zealand have become asexual and only reproduce females.

Twitter and Facebook block HK misinformation.

Syrian migrants face deadline to leave Istanbul.

Cameroon separatists jailed for life, military court jails leaders fighting for independence for the English-speaking part of Cameroon.

US tests medium-range cruise missile.

At least 10 soldiers have been killed by militants in northern Burkina Faso.

A Lebanese town is banning Christians from buying and renting property to Muslims.

In Cambodia, petrol station blew up killing one person, and injuring 13 others.

South Africa is second-highest producer of sulphur dioxide.

Thousands flee 'unprecedented' Gran Canaria fires.

Drones 'hunt down truckers evading tax' in Zambia.

Turkey detains Kurdish mayors in major operation, three elected officials are removed from office in raids over alleged links to Kurdish militants.

French couple face jail over Sardinian sand theft, they say they wanted the sand as a "souvenir" and did not realise they were committing an offence.

Sudan's ousted President Omar al-Bashir admitted to receiving millions of dollars from Saudi Arabia, an investigator has told a court in the capital, Khartoum. The former leader is facing corruption charges related to the illegal possession of foreign currency.

Zimbabwe police ban economy protest in Bulawayo.

A Kenyan chef has set a new world record for the longest time spent cooking, after cooking for 75 hours non-stop.

Russian's 1969 message in a bottle found in Alaska.

Gibraltar rejects US request to detain Iran tanker.

Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators gather for another day of pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong.

Bomb kills 63 at wedding in Kabul, the Islamic State group says it was behind the attack, which also wounded more than 180 people.

Three dead after rioting at Honduran football derby.

Paris waiter 'shot dead over slow service', customer opened fire reportedly because his sandwich was not prepared quickly enough.

Meeting of the new Lithuanian President and the German President in Berlin.

Lithuanian water bodies - 40% of lakes and 50% of rivers do not meet the criteria of good status.

Finnish officials have accused two Estonian citizens of large-scale money laundering in connection with Russian organized crime.

In Portugal, arrested almost a year from law enforcement hiding, an arms dealer from Belgium, the Brussels Court of Appeal sentenced him to four years in prison and a $ 1.2 million fine for illicit arms trafficking and membership of a criminal organization.

For 4.5 billion years, diamonds were still motionless until they were brought to the surface by a massive volcanic eruption in Brazil.

Kim Jong-un oversees an earlier weapons test, North Korea rejects peace talks with South Korea.

Uganda and Zambia reject a report that they used Chinese telecoms firm Huawei to spy on the opposition.

Greenland Officials on the island say, to US president, it's keen for trade and cooperation but it's not on the market.

Zimbabwe police break up protests, Police disperse opposition rally, several people are injured as police use batons and tear gas to disperse demonstrators.

Zimbabwe opposition backs down after protest ban.

Nigerian teenager stages own kidnap for party money.

The couple in Australia were seriously hurt when they tried to protect their dog from a huge goanna.

'Spiderman' scales HK skyscraper with peace banner.

UK ski instructor jailed for rape in Australia.

Ethiopia vows to root out child marriage and female genital mutilation.

Egyptian officials are investigating the forced removal from hospital of a man who had been diagnosed with Aids.

One dead, 49 injured as storm Krosa hits Japan.

German finger wrestling pulls a crowd in Bavaria, the traditional contest sees men trying to pull each other across a table with just one finger.

Gibraltar releases Iranian oil tanker.

UK 'should not interfere in Hong Kong's affairs', China's ambassador to the UK says some politicians think "their hands are still in the colonial days".

Plane crash-lands after hitting flock of birds, at least 74 seek medical treatment after the landing in a cornfield near Moscow.

A Nigerian policeman has been arrested after uploading a series of posts on Facebook in which he threatened reprisal attacks against the army for killing his colleagues.

A fungal banana disease that experts describe as a serious threat to production has reached Colombia.

'UK must accept US food standards in trade deal', fears over practices like chlorine-washing chicken are unfounded.

Lone wolf attacks family at Canada campground.

Ohio teen arrested for threats of mass violence, an FBI raid found more than a dozen rifles and about 10,000 rounds of ammunition at the teen's home.

Body 'pulled from grave to be stripped of uniform', Kenyan officials are accused of violating local laws and cultural practices by exhuming the body.

Turkish army pension fund set to buy British Steel, Ataer is to be named the preferred bidder for the Scunthorpe works by the Official Receiver.

'No chance of US deal'  US congress will block a UK trade deal if Brexit harms the Good Friday Agreement

Fires rage through Greek island forests.

Burundi brings forward plastic bag ban by six months.

Two members of an indigenous protective force are the latest activists to be killed in the Colombia.

Six officers suspended over Mexico teen rape cases.

Mozambique has saved about $50m (£42m) in salaries by striking "ghost employees" off the payroll over the past four years, about 41,000 civil service workers who failed to show they were alive were struck off between 2015 and 2019.

In Russia, after the bomb explosion, radiation levels in Severodvinsk were up to 16 times the norm, residents of the nearest village were told to retreat.

President Zelensky signed an ordinance simplifying the granting of Ukrainian citizenship.

Kenya is shaking off its fossil fuel dependency and launching Africa's largest offshore wind farm, with the goal of producing all its energy from renewable sources by 2020.

US space agency NASA has captured a Cheops pyramid-sized asteroid approaching Earth, orbiting very close to our planet in August.

The world does not know more resistant animals than "sloths" - microscopic aquatic and terrestrial animals that survive in boiling water and at some of the lowest known temperatures - and are also radiation resistant.

In New Zealand, were found fossils of huge parrots that were more than half the size of the average human and lived 19 million years ago.

Trump delays some tariffs on Chinese imports.

The Russian government has warned internet giant Google to prevent users from using its video streaming service YouTube to publicise illegal protest events in the run-up to local elections in Moscow.

Danish PM sorry for decades of state child abuse, children were beaten, sexually abused and used to test drugs at several institutions.

Israeli billionaire to be tried over 'Guinea bribes', Swiss prosecutors are seeking a prison term for alleged bribery, which he denies.

Kangaroos enjoy rare snow in Australia, in August.

Mexican women vent fury at police over rape cases, hundreds of women, angry at alleged police misconduct, chant “justice” and “they don't protect us”.

Ex-Kyrgyz president charged with murder, with organising mass unrest and hostage-taking.

Ebola drugs trial shows ‘90% survival rate’.

MPs in Mozambique have revised the country’s penal code to criminalise digital snooping.

Sri Lanka's Muslims 'demonised' after Easter bombings.

Trump to roll back endangered species protections, a new rule will allow officials for the first time to weigh the economic cost of species protection.

Argentine stocks crumble, the peso is now down 30% to a record 65 per dollar.

Hong Kong airport cancels flights over protests, violence erupts in HK train stations.

US Navy to ditch touch screen ship controls, Guided-missile destroyer USS Fitzgerald undergoes repairs at Yokosuka after its June 17 collision with a merchant vessel, familiar wheels and throttle controls will replace "overly complex" touch screens

Singapore says it will ban the domestic sale of elephant ivory from September 2021.

Zimbabwe has secured two loans of more than $42.5m (£35.3m) from India to boost the generation of electricity in the country.

Tanzania tanker explosion victims buried, military men saluting at line of coffins, many were trying to recover fuel from an overturned tanker when it exploded and killed 71 people.

More than 140 dead in India floods.

In Norway, police have arrested a "young white man" after a shooting inside a mosque left one injured.

'Up to 60,000' join Moscow protests.

Tear gas at Kashmir rally India denies happened.

Chinese company Huawei Technologies introduced its own smartphone operating system called Harmony.

A new study confirms the hypothesis that dark matter may be older than the Big Bang and thus reveal what came before it.

Monsanto, an agrochemical company well known for agricultural pesticides and genetically modified seeds, has been working very hard to discredit journalists who have dared to criticize the company. Monsanto paid Google, the search giant, to hide information that was unfavorable to the company.

The Russian Ministry of Defense has just released the first video showing how their armed combat aircraft Ochotnik is flying.

Death toll rises to 95 in India monsoon floods.

Tear gas and gunfire at Kashmir protest.

North Korea tests 'short-range ballistic missiles'.

Typhoon Lekima hits China.

Jeffrey Epstein: Financier 'found dead in cell' in New York, was awaiting trial on sex trafficking and conspiracy charges.

Former Panama leader cleared of corruption.

Radiation levels spiked and 5 lives dead in Russia, following the blast at a naval test range in the Arctic. People rush to buy iodine pills after a rocket engine explosion and radiation spike at a military site.

Kidnapped Turkish sailors released, the 10 men kidnapped from a Turkish container ship are reportedly in good health.

China bans airline staff backing Hong Kong protest.

US says it's OK to kill wild animals with cyanide, dead wolf, killed by poison, M-44 devices, in use since the sixties, have been reauthorised for use despite opposition.

Sudan's military rulers pardon two rebel leaders.

Bullfighting returns to Majorca after ban lifted.

Hundreds released after 'cruel' Mississippi raids, half of the 700 undocumented workers are freed as Democrats and rights groups condemn the arrests.

Mexican drug gang 'hangs nine bodies from bridge'.

Zimbabwe's President has fired Tourism Minister "for conduct inappropriate for a minister of government" after her arrest over the disappearance of millions of dollars from the country's pension fund.

Malaysia charges 17 current and former Goldman Sachs executives over the 1MDB corruption scandal.

Destructive winds batter Australia and snap pier.

Elite soldiers from China, Iran and Venezuela take part in Russia's International Army Games.

Four dead in California stabbing rampage.

Venice bans large cruise ships from historic centre.

Two typhoons in the western Pacific are expected to bring heavy rain, strong winds and a significant storm surge to the north of Taiwan, eastern China and southern Japan.

Turkey ramps up its drilling operations off Cyprus, Ankara sends a third ship to the eastern Mediterranean region, defying warnings from the EU.

Congo medics arrested over death of WHO Ebola doctor.

Supporters of Kyrgyzstan's ex-President Atambayev clash with troops who raided his compound.

Canada Police believe they have found the bodies of two teenagers suspected of murdering three people.

At least 14 people are killed just days after progress was claimed in US-Taliban talks.

Lithuanian Jews close down synagogue and headquarters in Vilnius over threats.

Bezos, sold $ 2.8 billion in shares of Amazon.

The European Investment Fund (EIF) and the three Baltic countries have signed the Baltic Innovation Fund II Agreement, which plans private equity investments worth more than € 300 million in small and medium-sized enterprises.

Electricity prices in the Baltic countries fell by 9 percent, but still remained above the EUR 50 per megawatt-hour (MWh) limit.

Lithuanian laser experts have developed a laser that can destroy nuclear waste.

McDonald's loses second 'Mc' trademark case against Supermac's.

AI to tackle anti-Polish online abuse, the technology will be used to monitor aggressive social media content.

The apology follows outcry over a photo of mounted Texas officers leading an African American man by rope.

US imposes sweeping sanctions on Venezuela, the new measures include an asset freeze and a ban on transactions with the Maduro government.

Russian prosecutors seek to strip a couple who took their baby to an unsanctioned protest of parental rights.

Brazil inmate who dressed up as daughter and tried to escape prison was found dead in his cell in Rio three days after his elaborate escape. The Brazilian inmate donned a silicone mask, a wig and a bra to impersonate his teenage daughter.

Tanzania bans strobe lights and sirens on tuk-tuks.

Cabinet minister Michael Gove says the EU "seem to be refusing to negotiate with the UK".

Global report warns of Indian water crisis, the country is running out of ground and surface water as demand grows.

The Egyptian government has banked an extra $300m (£276m) from ships that pay a toll to sail through the Suez Canal. The canal, which almost halves the distance travelled by ships sailing from London to the Arabian Gulf, generated revenues of $5.9bn.

Three gored during first Pamplona bull run, two Americans and a Spaniard are hospitalised with bull injuries at the popular Spanish event.

A depot containing tens of thousands of artillery shells explodes in the western Siberia region of Russia.

Philippines declares dengue fever epidemic, at least 622 people have died so far this year - a 98% rise on the same period in 2018.

At least eight people have been seriously injured after machete-wielding men attacked a coastal area of Kenya overnight, in what is believed to be a turf war between rival gangs.

Some Somalis are proposing the use of polygraph tests to detect al-Shabab moles after a suicide attack that killed the mayor of Mogadishu and at least six others.

InterContinental Hotels, which owns chains including Crowne Plaza and Holiday Inn, saw revenues increase by 12% to $1bn (£833m) in the first half of the year.

The Gambia has released new currency notes with national birds replacing portraits of former President Yahya Jammeh.

Washington accuses Beijing of devaluing the yuan, a statement likely to intensify trade tensions.

Relatives of people murdered under the regime of The Gambia's former ruler, Yahya Jammeh, have expressed outrage over the planned release of three self-confessed assassins.

US, Mr Trump called for action on mental health while stopping short of expressing support for gun reform.

India strips disputed Kashmir of special status. Indian paramilitary troopers stand guard at a roadblock at Maisuma locality in Srinagar. It is the most significant move on the disputed region in decades and is likely to spark major unrest.

Blast outside Cairo hospital 'terrorist incident', at least 20 people are killed and 47 injured when a car crashes into traffic, causing an explosion.

Siberian shamans join fight against fires.

Running battles as Hong Kong police push back, protesters react as Hong Kong police fire tear gas in the Admiralty district, protesters block roads and besiege police stations as the government pledges to restore order.

Ugandan musician dies after abduction and torture.

Top Tanzania reporter charged with money laundering.

Nigeria's #RevolutionNow protesters tear gassed.

Uganda launches new Ebola vaccine trial.

Australian woman first to use assisted dying law, had sought an "empowered death" after enduring terminal cancer.

New 'SOS ship' sent to rescue migrants off Libya.

Outrage as Nigeria pastor accused of rape returns to pulpit.

Iran 'seizes another foreign tanker in Gulf'.

Police say nine people are dead and at least 27 injured in the second US mass shooting in 24 hours.

Texas supermarket shooting leaves 20 people dead.

Flyboarding Frenchman crosses English Channel, it was inventor Franky Zapata's second attempt to fly the 22 miles on his jet-powered craft.

Further recall of bottled water over arsenic level, the Food Safety Authority of Ireland issued a recall of water from Spar and Londis chains.

Man charged after 60 guns seized in Dover, man is due in court on Monday after guns were found in a Volkswagen Passat coming from Calais.

Thousands flee Kashmir after militant attack alert, Indian officials have told thousands of Hindu pilgrims to leave Kashmir over security concerns.

French police clash with protesters in Nantes, protesters took to the streets of Nantes for a rally over the death of music fan.

Over 600 Russian protesters beaten and bundled into police vans.

Romanian minister sacked over teen murder comments, she commented on a kidnapping by saying she was taught "not to get in cars with strangers".

Woman killed as US officer fires at dog.

Swiss bank UBS will introduce a -0.75 percent interest rate on deposits for wealthy customers in excess of CHF 2 million (€ 1.828 million) from November.

France has to recover EUR 8.5 million in aid granted to Ryanair low-cost airlines, which was granted illegally, the European Commission (EC) has ordered.

Central banks continued to increase their gold purchases in the first half of this year, raising aggregate demand for precious metals to a three-year high.

A Russian government official has warned that an abandoned chemical plant in Siberia could lead to an environmental disaster similar to the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear accident - unless prompt action is taken.

Wildfires are raging in Siberia, Alaska, Greenland and Canada, many of them in the Arctic Circle.

The US withdrawal from a Cold War intermediate nuclear missile pact raises fears of a new arms race.

Saudi Arabia allows women to travel independently.

Japan will remove South Korea from its list of trusted trade partners, deepening a bitter row between the two countries.

N Korea conducts third weapons test in eight days.

Facebook bans 'Saudi Arabia propaganda accounts'.

Rwanda reopens DR Congo border amid Ebola crisis.

Attack on military parade in Yemen kills dozens, newly-recruited troopers take part in a graduation parade in Aden shortly before the attack. Missiles and an armed drone target pro-government forces in the city of Aden.

Mozambique's president and the main opposition leader have signed a peace deal to end military hostilities.

Audimas, a clothing manufacturer seeking to register the trademark in the European Union (EU), has lost a legal dispute with German car manufacturer Audi.

Huge areas of Siberia are engulfed in flames: as long as the authorities do nothing, disaster can be watched even from outer space.

US tech giant Apple is in talks to buy Intel's modem chip division for smartphones.

US technology giant Microsoft said it will invest about $ 1 billion into the OpenAI Ethical Artificial Intelligence Project, sponsored by Elon Musk's Tesla and Amazon.

Hong Kong protesters disrupt rush hour trains, an angry stranded passenger argues with Anti-extradition bill protesters, activists block train doors and sound emergency alarms, as weeks of anti-government protests roll on.

India's president has announced a loan of $100m (£82m) for developmental projects in Benin on a visit to the West African nation.

Nigerian soldiers have been accused of arresting men with dreadlocks and those with tinted hair in Aba, a city in the south-eastern state of Abia.

A top investigative journalist in Tanzania, who has been critical of the government, has been arrested for questioning.

Neymar rape case dropped over lack of evidence.

Brazil jail riot leaves at least 57 dead.

Two US soldiers killed in Afghan 'insider attack'.

Nazi bodyguard medal sells for £36,500, Blutorden Blood Order Medal, the medal was awarded to one of Hitler's bodyguards after a failed coup by the Nazi Party in 1923.

Ethiopia 'breaks' tree-planting record, more than 350 million trees have been planted in a single day to tackle deforestation.

The Anfal genocide: new mass graves exhumed in Iraq.

Rally in Romania over police response to kidnapped teen.

The €100m scheme aims to provide aid to Irish beef farmers facing "uncertainty" because of Brexit.

Deadly attack on Afghan candidate's office, the attack comes as campaigning for Afghanistan's upcoming presidential elections gets under way.

At least 65 people are killed as suspected Boko Haram militants target a funeral in Borno state.

Irish bottled water recall over arsenic levels. The UK Food Safety Authority says it is "working to establish if the product was distributed" in NI.

Air strike on Libya hospital kills five doctors, the government has accused the forces of rogue general Khalifa Hafta of carrying out the attack.

UK sends second warship to Gulf amid Iran tensions.

British woman arrested over 'false rape claim'

Ayia Napa. Twelve Israeli males had been arrested in Cyprus in connection with the alleged assault on 17 July.

Dozens killed in southern China landslide.

Thousand arrests at Moscow election protest.

Two teenage Americans have appeared in court following the fatal stabbing in central Rome.

The first Colombian to win the Tour de France.

Eight military officers face the charge of crimes against humanity over the killing of protesters in Sudan.

Guatemala signs asylum deal with US after threats. The deal would require migrants from Honduras and El Salvador to seek asylum in Guatemala.

At least eight dead in Philippines earthquakes.

President Donald Trump is given the go-ahead to use $2.5bn of Pentagon funds for the Mexico border wall.

Nightclub collapse kills two in South Korea.

Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh-based Carnegie Mellon have developed and introduced a new way to obtain images of human internal tissues without the use of endoscopic cameras. This will be useful, for example, when examining brain tissue.

Scientists in France uncover a giant dinosaur thigh bone at an excavation site near Cognac.

Ofcom fines Russian news service £200,000, RT trucks in Moscow. The broadcasting regulator says RT breached impartiality rules in several news and current affairs programmes.

Huge gold haul stolen from Brazil airport, Gunmen in Brazil steal 750kg (1,650lbs) of gold estimated to be worth at least $30m (£24m).

Austria orders Russian's arrest in spying case.

Gambian soldier says ex-president ordered him to kill migrants.

Two Canadian teenagers are wanted in connection with three deaths, including those of a young couple.

Tear gas launched at protesters in Puerto Rico.

Boris Johnson elected new UK Prime Minister.

South Korea fired warning shots at Russian military aircraft.

Industry in Lithuania grew 5 percent this year to € 11.5 billion.

The discovery of the age at the bottom of the Baltic Sea: found a 500-year-old perfectly preserved ship.

DR Congo rebels kill nine in attacks on two villages.

Panama Papers: How Jersey-Based Oil Firms Avoid Taxes in Uganda.

Ethiopian soldiers keeping peace in the south, after deadly clashes.

In Nigeria, a 23-year-old trainee journalist, is now confirmed dead after being hit by a stray bullet during clashes between members of a pro-Iranian Shia group and security forces in the capital, Abuja. 

Ethiopian soldiers keeping peace in the south, after deadly clashes.

DR Congo health minister resigns in Ebola row.

The Islamist militant group al-Shabab says it carried out an attack in the Somali capital, Mogadishu. At least seven people were killed and 15 injured when a car bomb was detonated near a city airport.

Clashes in southern Ethiopia between security forces and ethnic Sidamas who want to create their own state. Hospitals tell that at least 25 people were killed.

A transgender Kenyan woman has won her legal battle to have her name changed on her academic certificates.

The authorities in the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kinshasa, have banned political rallies over extensions between supporters of rival parties.

Eritrea has signed up to the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCTFA) meaning that all countries on the continent have now agreed to the deal.

Singapore officials seized 8.8 tonnes (8,800kg) of elephant ivory, the country's largest ever haul.

Australian police recovered 273kg (worth $200m) of methamphetamine after they tracked down the vehicle.

Pirates storm south korean ship and steal shoes, armed pirates also made away with thousands of dollars in cash, mobile phones and clothes.

India launches second Moon mission, Chandrayaan-2 taking off. The $ 145m Chandrayaan-2 aims to become the first space mission to land on the Moon's south pole.

Dozens of masked men armed with batons have stormed a train station in the Hong Kong district of Yuen Long.

Venezuelan ex-oil executive found dead in Madrid.

A hack of a Russian intelligence contractor exposes secret projects - including cracking Tor.

Volvo recalls 70,000 cars over fire risk.

French submarine missing since 1968 is found.

Residents help tackle Portugal wildfires.

CIA spies sentenced to death 'in Iran, Iran says it has arrested 17 spies who worked for the CIA - a claim the US categorically denies.

Israel razes Palestinian homes 'too near barrier', excavators tear down 'illegal' structures got to house 17 people after a long legal battle.

Hate crimes drop in canada for first time in years.

Grocery worker found in shop after 10-year search, Police say man died after becoming trapped behind freezer in supermarket where he worked.

Puerto Rico rally demand governor's resignation.

Denmark has turned green light on the construction of Baltic Pipe project objects: gas from Norway will flow to Poland.

In Lithuania, serious allegations have been made: researching or infected mites have not been used as a biological weapon.

The US National Aeronautics and Space Research Board (NASA) has published a photo of Mars rover Curiosity. Photography from the orbit of the Red Planet was made by another NASA machine, Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO).

Algeria win football Africa Cup of Nations.

The men were beaten to death in the eastern state of Bihar after being accused of stealing cattle.

NZ Rugby cancels 'fraudulent' match tickets. The sports of the body in New Zealand said the tickets were re-sold on the secondary market.

Japanese beer maker Asahi, which also owns the London Pride, has sealed a deal to buy the Australian business of Budweiser-maker Anheuser-Busch InBev, worth $ 11.3bn (£ 9bn).

Pakistan to allow consular access to 'Indian spy', Islamabad says it will allow Indian officials to meet Kulbhushan Jadhav who has been convicted of spying.

Arson attack at Japan anime studio kills 33, dozens are in hospital, after the attack on the Kyoto Animation studio.

Millions affected by flooding in South Asia.

The Bank of Korea has cut its base rate by 25 basis points to 1.50%.

Instagram hides likes count 'to remove pressure'.

The school exam controversy cost 23 lives, the suicides have put India's competitive exams in the spotlight amid allegations of errors in marking.

Tourists fined for making coffee at Venice bridge, tourists make coffee on side of river, the backpackers were fined €950 (£853) and asked to leave the city under a new public order law.

Dozens of dead whales found beached in Iceland.

The 5.1 magnitude earthquake knocked out telecoms and power in parts of the city of Athens.

Kosovo PM resigns over war crimes summons.

Netherlands '10% liable' for 350 of 8000 Srebrenica deaths, Supreme Court ruling in the cassation proceedings against the Dutch State, in The Hague, The Netherlands, 19 July 2019.

Russia alarmed by large fall in bee populations.

Death penalty for Morocco tourist murderers, they killed two Scandinavian women, who were found beheaded in the Atlas mountains in December.

Europe fines Qualcomm €242m for 'predatory pricing'.

The group, some of whom were boys, were arrested after a British woman alleged she was raped in Cyprus.

Drug lord 'El Chapo' sentenced to life in prison, the Mexican kingpin was accused of being the biggest supplier of drugs to the US.

Peru ex-President Toledo arrested in the US, is accused of receiving millions of dollars in bribes during his time in office.

Iran seizes British tanker in the Strait of Hormuz.

Experts have begun to restore the gold-plated coffin of the Ancient Egyptian boy pharaoh for the very first time since it was discovered in 1922.

Israeli archaeologists find 1,200-year-old mosque.

Turkish diplomat shot dead in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Dangerous heat wave starts hitting US and Canada.

Officials vow to proceed with the Thirty Meter Telescope despite protests by native Hawaiian elders.

From the tick-borne encephalitis, a resident of Vilnius died, the second in Lithuania this year.

The Seimas has ratified the agreement between Lithuania and Ukraine on recruitment and cooperation on labor migration.

Swedbank in Sweden deals with transactions that financed the Syrian chemical weapons program.

Rome lives in a scandal, a dark shadow on the ruling party Lega, when charges were brought to a close adviser to the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for the Interior after the election campaign led to a cash grant from the Kremlin.

Lithuania, Vilnius will buy 50 new low-floor buses for EUR 19.36 million - they will be bought from the municipality Adampolis, a representative of one of the world's largest buses and trucks manufacturers in Germany MAN.

The new MagLab Magnetic Strength Record, which marks a new era of scientific discoveries, 41.4 tesls in one room - US scientists have created the most powerful magnet in the world.

Egypt asked the International Criminal Police Organization - Interpol - to find a 3-thousand-year-old sculpture depicting the young Egyptian pharaoh Tutanchamon.

Over 1 million people calling to break into Area 51, based in Nevada US.

Uber drivers are striking in Kenya over poor working conditions.

Egypt’s women footballers want proper recognition in Egypt.

S Korea employers could face jail, must act on harassment where bullying is widespread.

Hong Kong protests: Riot police chased protesters into a shopping mall.

Turkish sailors were kidnapped by pirates - reportedly for ransom - eight managed to escape.

Scotland has highest drug related deaths, country soared last year.

Missile, guns, ammunition, a big arms cache seized by police in northern Italy.

Huge fire sweeps through Peru, affecting over 80 families.

At Lords stadium 2019 Cricket World Cup finale was held, in very interesting game England won against New Zealand.

Germany's start-ups attracted a record amount of investment, amounting to € 2.8 billion in the first half of this year. This is 13 percent more than the same period last year.

The Swedes are reporting the first Viking ship burial discovered after more than fifty years. Scientists who carried out conventional excavations at Gamla Uppsala (Old Uppsala), located 74 km from Stockholm, were stunned: they managed to retrieve the Viking ship and the remains were buried there.

In Lithuania, additional support for households of almost EUR 5.5 million for the installation of solar power plants and the replacement of old heating boilers is announced.

A submarine suspected to be carrying drugs is seized by US Coast Guards in the Eastern Pacific Ocean.

37 people were injured on board an Air Canada flight after the plane hit severe turbulence.

Sudan’s opposition has accused its military leaders of allowing foreign powers to exploit the country.

Afghanistan, a child was used to carry out a suicide attack targeting a militia commander at a wedding.

A diet of bananas and peanuts boosted key gut microbes in Bangladeshi children.

Hundreds of migrants occupy the city’s Pantheon and demand the right to stay in France.

Ankara takes delivery of the first part of a Russian missile defence system despite US opposition.

Volkswagen and Ford team up in an attempt to reduce costs.

Hailstorms and gale-force winds leave seven dead and dozens injured in Greece.

A Russian Arctic navy submarine that sank in 1989 is leaking radioactive caesium.

European Vega rocket carrying satellite have landed in the sea, the first failure in 15 launches.

Mexican finance minister quits.

VW is stopping production of the Beetle, ending 80 years on the road.

Germany, a failed asylum seeker is found guilty of raping and strangling 14-year-old girl.

France will introduce a climate tax on airline tickets.

Russian and Belarusian armament control specialists carry out an exploratory flight over Lithuania.

The Newage Group, a clothing manufacturer based in Bangladesh for the first time in thirty years, has been able to sell its goods to the United States.

Lithuania is asking Washington Arbitration to terminate a case against the Lithuanian state initiated by Veolia, a French energy concern, in 2016 Veolia demands almost 120 million euros in damages.

LG Cargo, a state-owned freight company of Lithuanian Railways operating in Klaipėda, opens a regular container freight route from Klaipeda to Kiev.

The first German Infantry Fighter Boxer was officially handed over to the Lithuanian Armed Forces, which will be called "Vilkas"(Wolf) in Lithuania. It is the most expensive purchase in the history of the Lithuanian Armed Forces, costing over 385 million euros.

In Puerto Rico, the border patrols took the boat and found five travel bags filled with $ 3.7 million.

The US paleontologist Elizabeth Turtle received a call from NASA - researchers were told that she was authorized to implement her project to send an unmanned fly to Saturn's largest satellite Titan, and that she was given nearly $ 1 billion in funding.

For the first time in history, a 4,000-year-old pyramid of Lahuna is available to visitors.

Various foreign publications - The Guardian, Motherboard, The New York Times and others - say that at least one of the border crossings in China, officials are installing spyware on incoming tourist phones.

Research found that US states that have legislated the cannabis drug, teen use has dropped.

US approved $2.2bn Taiwan arms sale despite Chinese ire.

Storms flooded the Washington DC metro area.

Egypt to sue Christie’s for selling the artefact for £4.7m, Egypt warning it was probably stolen.

Taliban and Afghanistan officials call for an end to civilian casualties.

Cocaine bricks keep washing in the Philippines with street value of $4+millions, probably lost during handovers at sea or dumped en route to Australia.

A court in Italy has sentenced 24 South American ex-officials to life in prison for illegally detaining, torturing and killing hundreds of opposition activists in the 1970s and 1980s.

Fatal floods hit northern Spain, one person killed, roads and buildings damaged.

The UK Foreign Office bans two Russian news agencies, accusing them of spreading misinformation.

Russia is saving additional oil revenues for a "black day" fund to protect the economy from rising energy prices and downturns. However, such a policy does not make the Kremlin a great popularity among the Russian population. The government has managed to save more than $ 100 billion under the fiscal rule introduced in February 2017. This has reduced the country's vulnerability to volatile oil prices, but it has also robbed ordinary Russians who are suffering from declining earnings for over a decade.

The world's first cruise ship, partly powered by battery power, will make its first trip from the northern part of Norway, according to Hurtigruten, a cruise company.

Scientists have succeeded in capturing a strange signal from space: coming to Earth from another Milky Way-sized galaxy for 3.6 billion light-years away from us.

According to scientists, cockroaches may soon become immortal - they will no longer be eradicated by conventional insecticides. A new study found that domestic bladder germs (Blattella germanica) are becoming more resistant to many parasitic killers and insecticides, as well as chemicals with which they have no direct interaction.

In the Kurdistan Region, a 3400-year-old palace emerged from the water reservoir. Iraq is currently suffering from drought, resulting in a drop in water levels.

The US economy created 224,000 jobs in June.

Southern parts of California were struck by a 6.4 magnitude earthquake.

US celebrated 4th of July.

Tunisia bans niqab after three suicide bombings in a week in the capital.

Boeing gives $100m to help 737 Max crash families.

Heavy rains caused landslides that killed two people in Japan.

Six of the 14 officers were killed in a fire on a secret Russian submersible are now state heroes.

Venezuela releases 22 prisoners, high-profile judge and journalist are among those released.

Iraq has been lobbying for decades for the 4000-year-old site to be recognised.

Princess, a wife of the ruler of Dubai, has left her husband - a highly unusual move for a senior royal in the UAE, The princess hiding in London, she was conspicuously absent from Royal Ascot this year, despite being an Olympic rider and a regular at races.

Hydrological drought in Lithuania is announced.

NATO fighters six times escorted Russian military aircraft flying over the Baltic Sea.

Gathered Evidence: Huawei personnel work with the Chinese army.

Gazprom, a Russian gas concern, has already built over 1,500 km of Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

For the first time in US energy history, renewable energy sources have surpassed coal.

Officials from Czech air carriers canceled the authorization for Russian airline Aeroflot to operate to this European country, and the Russian air carrier had to cancel many flights from Moscow to Prague-Moscow.

Lithuanian Railways buys a self-propelled diagnostic vehicle, the technical specification of which states that it must be compatible with the Russian satellite navigation system GLONASS. This raises concerns about national security, but the railways themselves explain that the choice was made to quickly and accurately identify the location of the fault.

Scientists in Russia discovered the 2000-year-old tombs and treasures dating from the Bronze Age to the Genghis Khan.

Game console makers, Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo have joined forces in opposing new higher customs duties on imports from China, claiming that such duties would make their products more expensive for consumers.

BMW predicts that diesel engines will last for another 20 years, while petrol will be 30.

US-China trade deal see investors sell gold, while US stocks hit a fresh record.

$ Canadian pensioners say the secret to a happy retirement is good roommates.

D. Trump made history as the first sitting US president to set foot in North Korea.

The young protesters prepared to die in Sudan to keep the country’s revolution alive.

The heavy rainfall in Mumbai brings death and disruption.

Five Japan ships are the first to commercially sail to hunt whales in over 30 years.

Dozens were wounded when militants detonated a car bomb in Kabul.

Scientists: a young fox has walked from Norway’s Arctic islands to Canada in just 76 days.

US border officials allegedly posted racist and sexist jokes about migrants and lawmakers in the group.

Chile and Argentina see the Moon passes directly in front of the Sun.

Mexico, 1.5m hail Ice traps vehicles and damages homes.

In Turkish-controlled northern Cyprus, a missile fired from Syria landed north of Nicasio.

UK prince Harry with wife Meghan spend 2.4 million taxpayers  pounds to refurbish 5 bedroom cottage next to Windsor castle.

Russia is pushing Venezuela, want access to rich gas fields.

In Lithuania, for speakers about competition violations - up to EUR 100 thousand.

Climate change has already brought giant wasps to Europe.

Scientists observe that more and more young people have unprecedented growth.

In France, a record of heat was recorded - columns of thermometers climbed up to 45.1C (114.6F)degrees.

In his congratulations, Theresa May did not even look at Putin, at the G20 summit there was a meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and the British Prime Minister Theresa May.

NASA announces a mission to the largest Saturn satellite Titan.

Lithuania purchases millions of iodine tablets and will distribute them for free - trying to prepare for a possible nuclear disaster.

A group of men assaulted the mother and daughter and shaved their heads, India.

The deserts in China are constantly spreading due to human activities.

EU agrees trade deal with Mercosur after 20 years.

The protesters were blocking roads in the capital Paris to draw attention to climate change.

North Macedonia prepares to hold its first ever Pride parade.

Police have seized cocaine from Brazilian air force officer who was due to accompany President Jair Bolsonaro home from the G20 summit in Japan.

Russia denies role in Israeli airplane navigation system failure, that lead to use alternative navigation system and to land.

German chemical firm Brenntag sent pharmaceutical chemicals to Syria - but they can be used in nerve agents.

Saudi Arabia, EU, Japan are seen as part of backlash against UN climate action.

NASA's astronaut Anne McClain, astronaut veteran of the Russian space agency Roskosma Oleg Kononenka and a Canadian Space Agency (CSA) record-breaking David Saint-Jacques back to earth from the International Space Station.

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (EPPA) has agreed to allow a delegation of Russian legislators to return to this institution.

The results of the most comprehensive survey conducted so far by the scientists of the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI), which searched for intelligent extraterrestrial beings in the 1 327 nearest stars, were pointless.

Research results confirm that not only are we relaxing at the sea, but also the chemical composition of our bodies is changing.

Curiosity recorded a sharp increase in methane concentrations in the Mars atmosphere, reaching 21 ppb (parts per billion), a record level recorded in the MSL mission and 3-4 times higher than all previous measurements.

The authors of the new study argue that the first people to Australia and New Guinea have moved into larger groups - with a better migration plan.

The Chinese continue to amaze the world: a 4000 mAh battery has been charged in just 13 minutes.

RQ-4A Global Hawk, which has been shot down by Iran, is a huge drone costing as much as $ 220 million.

Former Sacramento Kings Executive is jailed for seven years after stealing $13.4m from the team to buy luxury homes.

US 18 wealthy individuals is arguing that politicians have a moral duty to tax them more.

US, democratic presidential candidate has unveiled a plan to forgive all US student loans, about 45million students with $1.6tn debt.

US states are taking action to end “lunch shaming” when children are unable to pay for school meals.

Five critically endangered rhinos from European zoos are flown to Rwanda to be released into the wild.

West Bengal, political leaders are under pressure after a state chief minister told them to refund bribe money.

Malaysia was hit by toxic air pollution in March, making more than 4000 people ill.

Bihar encephalitis killed over 150 children in a month, India.

Eurostar passengers complained about the restrictions of one bottle of wine or four cans of beer.

A Norwegian aluminium producer is recovering after hackers took thousands of computers offline and demanded a ransom.

Famed Mexican rescue dog Frida is credited with saving the lives of 12 people and worked across four different countries.

Mexico auctions drug lord’s properties, 9 out of 27 sold, the sales will benefit poor communities.

Rubber bullets and tear gas in Tbilisi: Prolonged protesters promised to return.

Iranian General: Before we shot the US drone, we warned several times and showed its wreck. D. Trump said it was a big mistake by Iran.

The shooter in Tallinn started to shoot the taxi drivers - one did not survive, the other's condition was difficult.

Russian air force crafts violated Japanese airspace for the first time since 2015.

An agreement on Lithuania's signing off of the Russian electricity networks, the Baltic, Polish and European Commission (EC) leaders on the Baltic electricity network synchronization with mainland electricity grids was agreed.

Last year, goods of Lithuanian origin worth 17.29 billion euros were exported.

In Russia, wages increased by 2.8 percent a year.

550 tonnes of illegal pesticides have been seized in Europe.

Scientists have found a way to extend the life of mice. Scientists have found an enzyme that significantly prolongs life, this studies starting with humans.

Sleep apnea is a disorder that a person often stops breathing while sleeping. Therefore, of course, the quality of sleep is reduced, the heart is suffering, the memory is weakened, and suffers from irritability. Now, Arizona University researchers have revealed another unexpected result because of sleep apnea - people often lose their jobs.

Subaru and Toyota will have a common electric car: the C-Class SUV and will be sold with separate Subaru and Toyota brands.

In Great Britain, at the Pirbright Institute, the largest batch of cattle plague was destroyed. The remaining small batches will be destroyed according to the approved schedule, and the virus will be completely eliminated within a year.

A new research by scientists has shown that the smell of pregnant women or women who have just given birth increases men's interest in babies.

Saturn's rings are probably less than 200 million years old. This discovery, made at the end of the Cassini satellite mission, forces us to rethink all of their patterns of formation and evolution.

4 elephants are set to travel in 40C heat for days across India to participate in temple rituals.

Pakistan’s third-gender people are often rejected by their families - the first retirement home for them has just opened.

New evidence of the increasing control and suppression of Islam in China.

Over 200 protesters are hurt when they tried to storm Georgia’s parliament over the appearance of a Russian MP.

Fake news is fueling the anti-vaccine movement and the government's attempt to get children vaccinated may make it worse.

“Whale jail”, where orcas and belugas were held, sparked an international outcry, they waiting for Russia to release whales from jail.

Honduras anti-government protests, two died and shops looted, and government buildings attacked.

Colombia’s Farc say: over 160 ex-fighters and their relatives have been killed since 2016 peace deal.

UK court demands review after campaigners win a legal challenge over the government’s decision to export arms to Saudi Arabia.

There is credible evidence that Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and other high-level officials are individually liable for the killing of Jamal Khashoggi journalist death.

The hungry white bear is terrorizing Russia's Siberian city.

On the coast of Lithuania - impressive allies, descent operations.

Apple asked major suppliers of equipment to evaluate how production costs would be affected by the decision to move 15-30 percent of production capacity from China to Southeast Asia.

The most popular Russian agency for independent market and sociological research every year, the Yuriy Lewa Center, is conducting a survey in which people in the country point out what they consider to be the biggest friends of Russia and who are enemies. Top 5, Friends - Belarus, China, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan. Enemy - Jav, Ukraine, UK, Latvia, Lithuania.

The Bellingcat research team has previously published a number of studies showing that the deployment of the Buk launch missile launching on July 17, 2014, and hit over the Ukrainian flight MH17 airplane, is linked to high levels of Russian defense ministry and Russia Military Intelligence Agency GRU officials.

The revolver, that was used by the painter Vincent van Gogh to shot himself (1853-1890), auctioned at 162.5 thousand euros, was announced by auction house Drouot, where the auction took place.

Customs officers of the Lithuanian Medininkai road post detained a cargo minibus, the driver of which declared through Lithuania transiting the postal parcels to Kaliningrad region of Russia. After checking the bags with the alleged mail, officials found 389 kg of vipeing liquid in them. Car and driver detained, pre-trial investigation on smuggling started.

India has announced that it will launch its space station.

$ 23 billion, 1 million electric cars a year, and 500 GWh battery production - Chinese company announces crazy investments.

Oxford University accepts £150m from US private equity boss.

Fossil proves about ancient Arctic hyenas.

South Korea is sending 50,000 tonnes of rice to ease chronic food shortages in North Korea.

HK billionaire to pay $14m in tuition fees for a group of Chinese students through his foundation.

Former French president N Sarkozy will face trial for allegedly trying to bribe a magistrate.

Dozen of ethnic Roma and Russians clashed in a village and one died.

Tens of millions of homes across Argentina, Uruguay and parts of Paraguay suffered from power outages.

Iran warns European powers it may enrich uranium beyond 3.67% purity in retaliation for US sanctions.

The US has a video in which Iranians take away mines from the assaulted tanker.

Lithuania remains dependent on imported energy: it only produces a quarter.

Siberia has found the head of a giant wolf who lived 40,000 years ago.

This autumn, there are about 1 in 7,000 chance that the Earth will receive an uninvited visitor from space - the 2006 QV89 asteroid.

In the city of Mainz, in one of the oldest German churches under the floor was found a sarcophagus, with the remains of the archbishop of XI century.

Toronto Raptors won America’s NBA.

China floods cause a landslide that killed 60 people.

Swiss women are protesting against the slow pace of change, calling for “more money, time and respect”.

Brazil, general strike hit public transport, disrupted in several cities and some roads blocked with burning tyres.

Nicaragua frees 56 protesters after a controversial new amnesty law came into force.

2 police and 2 soldiers die by a solo attack in the Lebanese city of Tripoli.

Across Europe, the situation is poor - the incidence of lung cancer is increasing, and the situation in Lithuania is poorest (government ignores millions of roofs of residential houses with asbestos coating).

Russia's Transneft expects to settle compensation for the Druzhba incident without the courts.

Lithuania stops trading D-Link routers: warns about unreliable Russian technology.

Security experts warn: Russian company Yandex is likely to pumping Lithuanian data.

Science knows that fermented foods have a positive effect on the human immune system, scientists from the University of Leipzig have conducted a study that explains how bacteria that ferment cabbage and turn milk into yogurt interact with human body cells.

NASA will invite tourists to the International Space Station next year and allow other commercial projects to take place.

The social networking giant Facebook, in line with the restrictions imposed by the US, has announced that it will no longer work with Huawei smartphones, sold with pre-installed applications.

In Russia, a volcano that is considered inactive is likely to wake up - the probability of an eruption is about 50%.

The Russian citizen devalued the mobile tower because it "irradiated and hurt crops".

60,000 children detained at the US-Mexico border.

Hemical castration for conficted child sex offenders if they want to qualify for parole in Alabama, US.

108 people are sheltering ina school after attackers killed 95 people in central Mali.

Russia, Drugs charges against investigative reporter are dropped after newspapers i=unite in defence.

UK, London, mom with 3 years old child was stabbed in a leg after refusing to give phone to attacker.

Turkey says its national football team endured a long bad search and practical joke in Iceland.

A global study has shown that many rivers worldwide are contaminated with antibiotics.

Working people, in mercury-polluted Lithuanian Ukmergė Court, was awarded EUR 344 thousand.

For the first time, China released a space rocket from a marine platform.

Canada asking individual countries for a million immigrants.

75th D-Day landing commemorated.

The two largest outbreaks of Ebola disease have been recorded in the past five years.

Sudan, 46 protesters were killed by paramilitaries.

A piece of luxury durian fruit sells for a $48,000 at a charity auction in Thailand.

A clean-up expedition to Mount Everest has removed 11 tonnes of rubbish and 4 dead bodies.

Huawei signs deal with Russia.

Mexico to deploy forces, after US demanded, to stop migrants crossing into US.

Mexico dismantles three drug labs.

People on the streets of Cuba react to the US decision to ban its cruise ships and tour groups from the island nation.

A judge rules the Mexican drug lord poses a flight risk and should not be allowed to exercise outdoors.

Eight Egypt police officers died when militants struck a checkpoint in the peninsula’s restive north.

Israeli police and Palestinian worshippers clash at Al Aqsa mosque.

US President D. Trump - Luxury Banquet in London, President honors the Queen of Britain.

STT launched an investigation into possible asset wastage at the Lithuanian Post Office: paid for non existing services.

As the world commemorated the 30th anniversary of the bloody crackdown on protesters at Tiananmen Square in China, China's information is still extensively suppressed by the Chinese government and exchanged sharp statements with the United States on human rights.

The Czech and Slovak governments criticized Russia for the historical revisionism of the 1968 Soviet-led invasion of Czechoslovakia. The Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that the proposed amendments to the Russian Veterans Act stated that Soviet troops were involved in the invasion to defeat the attempt to break the coup and stabilize the political situation in Czechoslovakia.

Researchers at the University of Newcastle have developed a new generation of hydrogen generator. The biggest advantage of this device is the clean flow of raw hydrogen. Clean hydrogen can later be used in industry or transport.

Andromeda is the closest galaxy to us. Its diameter reaches as much as 140,000 light years, while the diameter of our Milky Way galaxy is "only" 100,000 light-years. This means that the Andromeda Galaxy is 40 percent larger than our own Milky Way Galaxy.

New, ultra-capacitors developed by Nawa Technologies are charged instantaneously and provide high power density. They can be used in various industries - from cars to energy and aviation. And when investments in this French company exceeded $ 10 million, they are ready to go into mass production.

Since 2023, the Pentagon has banned the use of Russian services to launch US satellites.

The hip-hop star Jay-Z named world’s first billionaire, has investments in Uber, property, art and music.

US dad punched shark five times after it injured 17-years-old girl.

Energy giant BP will pay about £10bn to a man involved in a suspicious energy deal in Senegal.

Chinese warships arrive in Sydney, Australia’s prime minister says the visit was expected but not announced.

Russian authorities tell the dating-app Tinder to comply with requests to hand over messages and photos.

The medieval chess piece - expected to fetch £1m at auction, family’s possession it for 55 years.

Mexico City schools are now allowed to girls to wear trousers and boys can choose to wear skirts.

Lebanon, gunman fired at a bank, police stations and army vehicle in Tripoli before blowing himself up.

Israel strikes Syrian targets.

New men president elected in Lithuania, replacing woman D. Grybauskaite.

The European Commission proposes to start negotiations with Northern Macedonia and Albania on EU membership.

Mexico can complain to the World Trade Organization (WTO) about the United States' decision to impose duties on all imports of Mexican goods, the country's president said.

The Chinese company Huawei told her workers from the United States for some time to go home.

The UK have been not using coal-fired power plants for two weeks.

China's response to the US: will prepare a blacklist of unreliable foreign companies.

North Korea, following the collapse of the failed summit leader Kim Jong Uno and US President Donald Trump, executed Pyongyang's Special Envoy to the United States.

The Lithuanian Financial Crime Investigation Service (FNTT) suspects that the Ukrainian, who established companies in Lithuania and Poland, illegally hired construction workers and could absorb almost 300 thousand EUR.

Nearly Neptune-sized exoplanet NGTS-4b discovered by European scientists is an area where such planets cannot exist.

Scientists take an unprecedented thing: grow babies in artificial wombs.

During the 2014-2015 training missions, US Navy pilots have had several contacts with the UFO. Halfway through, the aircraft chambers and radars captured seemingly impossible objects flying at supersonic speeds at a height of 9 kilometers.

A new study shows that the use of LSD or hallucinogenic mushrooms can help people overcome alcohol dependence.

Philippines sends tonnes of rubbish which was falsely labelled as plastic to recycle in 2014 back to Canada, Thailand will follow.

Hungry, the collision between the vessel and a tour boat in Budapest has left 21 tourists missing.

UK, B. Johnson accused of advertising Brexit with a lie, that UK NHS (health services) sending £250m every week to Europe.

Brazil, another jail violence left forty inmates killed.

Klatch Coffee in San Francisco is offering a $75 cup of coffee used from aword winning beans grown in Panama.

Peru, one killed after 8.0 magnitude earthquake hit the Amazon rainforest.

Spain police arrest the man who sent money to fighters in Syria.

Iran quadruples its uranium capacity after Trump threat.

UK, prime minister Theresa May, announced a withdrawal over the Brexit deal.

Brazilian Natura Cosmeticos buys Avon for $ 2 billion. The new combined company will boast 3200 stores worldwide with a presence in 100 countries.

Lithuania has committed itself to reduce by half the number of conventional fuel-powered cars in cities.

Scientists have managed to create the most loud possible sound.

NASA warns: 5G network deployment can reduce weather forecast accuracy by 30%.

The German highway section just got high tech refurbishment, it will be able to power hybrid trucks.

Scientists have succeeded in creating a superbanan, a genetically modified fruit that increases vitamin A levels. Scientists hope that this super-banana will help prevent thousands of deaths and blindness to Uganda's children due to vitamin A deficiency.

Severe flooding has hit the state of Oklahoma, US, after tornadoes tore across the country.

From Australia to Europe, school children are skipping classes to call for action on climate change.

Seven people have died climbing Everest in a week.

Spain unusually let five Catalan politicians out of jail so they could attend the opening of parliament.

Mexico, an hour-long gun battle has left ten suspected gang members dead.

The Kremlin warned the new Ukrainian president not to tighten sanctions on Russia because it would not contribute to his efforts to end the war in the east of Ukraine.

Our brain stores a lot of unnecessary information including bad memories, because the core task of our brain is our security.

For a mysterious, encrypted decryption, award a € 2,000. In North-West France, a stone with strange inscriptions was found, and people tried to read the inscription - but unsuccessfully.

The world was surprised by a woman who woke up after 27 years of coma.

US billionaire clears 400 students loans at Morehouse College in Atlanta.

Dozens of footballers and fans are feared dead as a boat carrying them capsizes in Uganda.

Pakistan, over 600 people, 75% children, have been identified as HIV positive in less than a month.

Thousands of North Korean women and girls are forced to work in China’s sex trade.

Frenchman sentenced to death for trafficking 3kg varios of drugs into Indonesia.

IS members kill dozens’ in Tajikistan prison riot.

Germany sex trafficking, four Thai women and a German man face charges.

Brazil, gunmen kill 11 in a bar.

Eurovision, clashes as ultra-orthodox Jews protest against the scheduling of the Eurovision Song Contest on the Jewish Sabbath. The contest winners are Holland.

Google Map ant Youtube stop working on Huawei android phones over concerns of security threats by Huawei.

UK, climate-change protests in London cost 7.5m pounds.

The Lithuanian Ambassador in Russia will be questioned as a witness during a pre-trial investigation into the impact of possible trade.

The Council of Europe returned voting rights to Russia after Russia threatened to withdraw from the Council of Europe.

€ 80 for two burgers: The Rome restaurant for the cosmic bill was attacked by the whole world.

The United States cut tariffs on steel imports from Turkey.

World's Most Profitable Companies: Powerful Apple has earned $ 57 billion a year.

Recent studies have shown a link between the removal of appendix and Parkinson's disease.

Facebook blocked an Israeli firm it said was behind fake accounts mostly targeting elections in Africa.

A dog lost the use of one of its legs digs out a baby buried alive in a field in Thailand.

Taiwan’s parliament the first in Asia to pass gay marriage legislation.

Poland, convicted paedophiles could now face 30 years, double the time, in prison amid outrage over sex abuse by priests.

In Sicily, police are moving to stop criminals stealing the island’s pistachios.

Tycoon businessman in Chile wanted by US to be extradited.

Hackers interrupt Israeli Eurovision, the state broadcaster’s stream showed faked video of explosions in the host city Tel Aviv.

Lithuania, “Rimi Lietuva” one of the largest retail chains in the country, has been loss-making for the second year in a row - its audited net loss amounted to 2.995 million EUR.

A rare occurrence in science history: traced back to the generations of 55 people and found the oldest DNA of the American resident. An American native living in Montana has the oldest non-European DNA.

A jury in California has awarded more than $2bn to a couple who said the weedkiller Roundup was responsible for their cancer.

US explorer makes deepest almost 11km in a submersible to the deepest part of the Pacific Ocean.

In Somalia the authorities discovered that high school exam papers were being shared ahead of the tests.

Sri Lanka, anti-muslim riots have damaged Mosques and led to one man’s death.

European elections can be complex with 170 million votes in 28 nations.

In Cuba gay rights activists arrested.

US blame Iran after four ships ‘sabotaged’.

US, 20 pharmaceutical companies are accused of artificially inflating the cost of medicinal drugs.

Iraq has just one psychiatric hospital for a population of 38 million.

North Korea has been doing long-distance exercises.

The US arrested a North Korean coal ship.

Due to problems with Iran, deployed US bombers B-52 arrived in Qatar.

The State Bailiffs Service of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine from companies registered in Cyprus associated with former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, has recovered about $ 3 million from in Lithuania based bank Swedbank.

Uber, who made his debut in Wall Street, set the price for a $ 45 initial public offering (IPO). Uber valued at $82bn.

One more corpse of a drug addict found in the Lithuanian Gypsy tabernacle in Lithuania - this year is the seventh.

The British police lowered their hands - Lithuania does not issue illegal brothel rulers.

For the first time in history, scientists have demonstrated how the universe's cold can become a source of energy on Earth.

Scientists have discovered the famous ancient carvings of the Turkish temple: it turns out they are telling about the disastrous hit of the comet over 13,000 years ago.

Research by Ajova University researchers shows that people who don't eat breakfast are as high as 87 percent more at risk for cardiovascular disease.

A unique achievement for Lithuania: the first made bus in an independent Lithuania was awarded a silver award at a global competition.

Over 1000 guns seized from Los Angeles manufacturing home.

Former US intelligence analyst faces 50 years in jail for leaking classified information.

Four foreign hostages have been freed by French forces in the West African country of Burkina Faso, two soldiers died.

Australia’s $50 note has a blunder in the small print, 6 month took to spot it.

Taliban attack US aid groups, 5 people killed.

A Colombia filmmaker is shot dead while conducting interviews for a documentary.

Because of fight between inmates 1500 forces entered Guatemala prison, 7 inmates shot dead.

Russia, oil-polluted with chlorine compounds, was loaded into the pipeline “Draugyste” (“Druzhba”), because the companies managing the pipeline sections tried to hide the oil theft.

German prosecutors fined EUR 535 million for Porsche, a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group, for negligence during diesel vehicle pollution tests.

NASA leader warns of space threats: it's not a Hollywood fairy tale. worldsite.co.uk say: can this be related to: US troops are seeing more UFOs.

The US has successfully released a reusable private missile New Shepard.

The US space agency NASA has revealed that the two previous missions have collapsed due to 19 years of fraud from aluminum suppliers.

UK, Royal baby Boy born, Meghan and Harry very happy.

The Giga Pearl weighs 27kg and insurers say it is worth up to $200m.

Parts of the US were hit with large chunks of hail and tornadoes.

Libya: IS group killed 9 people.

How the Kremlin "congratulated" Lithuania on the anniversary of EU membership: you were left without Russia and money.

The new president of Ukraine Zelensky responds to Putin: the only remaining commonality between Russia and Ukraine is the wall.

A week of Scandinavian SAS pilots' strike, which resulted in the cancellation of more than 4,000 flights, was completed.

Since 2030, only electric cars can enter Amsterdam.

At the Kybartai road post in Lithuania, customs officers detained a truck driving from the Kaliningrad region of Russia, blindly loaded with cigarette boxes. A total of 1,300 boxes of cigarette smuggling, worth over EUR 2 million, were found in the truck.

China's growth rates - over 100 cities have at least 1 million inhabitants.

There are many addictive diseases: some are addicted to sport, others are fast food or social networks, but behind such innocent mania lies the life-destroying addictions. Alcoholism and drug addiction are identified as one of the most pressing social problems.

In the United States, it is legitimate to let a new funeral hut, which will allow the dead to regenerate as flowers in their own home yard.

A HIV scare linked to vampire facials at a US spa has slapped a health warning on the beauty fad.

Big Band Theory comedy series become first ever TV-only stars honoured with Hollywood handprints.

US cities are pledging to run on 100% renewable energy.

Sudan protesters continue their sit-in outside military HQ to demand that army stands aside.

Afghanistan militants have refused direct talks with the government but are negotiating with the US to end the war.

Myanmar army kills six men and six men were being questioned over links to a Buddhist rebel army in Rakhine state.

Indonesia jails Polish tourist for plotting with rebels while visiting the eastern province of Papua.

Elderly Australian couple received 20kg package of methamphetamine, worth millions of dollars, was meant for someone else.

What people do online will come under closer government scrutiny as the law is passed in Russia.

Police in Europe and the US raid a huge dark web marketplace for drugs and stolen data.

St Lucia quarantines US cruise ship over measles case.

Wikileaks co-founder Julian Assange has been sentenced to 50 weeks in jail for breaching his bail conditions.

Honduras, anger over feared privatisation of the education and health sectors spills over into street battles.

Residents of the Mexican town of Xonacatlan enter the Guinness Book of World Records by stitching together a giant teddy bear.

Saudi Arabia temporarily frees seven of the 11 women’s rights activists detained last year.

Syria, the archaeologist goes undercover to monitor the trade in smuggled antiquities.

Nigeria student arrested by the Saudi authorities accused her of trafficking 2000 packs of Tramadol, which she denied.

Daesh leader is seen in video for first time in five years, with over $20million price on his head is the world's most wanted man. Baghdadi acknowledges that Dash lost the fight in the eastern Syria.

Norway, Russia has been accused of using beluga whales for spying after one was caught with a camera harness.

Euroapotheca, a company that owns the pharmacy chain belonging to the Vilniaus Prekyba group, reached a turnover of EUR 682.9 million last year, up 86 percent.

In the first quarter of this year, the Russian population lived outside the pocket - their expenses exceeded their income.

The Avia Solutions Group, an international aviation group, received € 420 million in revenue last year - 25 percent more than a year ago (€ 337 million).

A number of microorganisms, especially fungi, are found in the International Space Station (ISS) and spacecraft, some of which are very dangerous.

Scientist at the European Space Agency: "I am convinced that there is a variety of forms of inferior life".

Australia Announces New Energy Revolution - Creates an unprecedented thermal battery with virtually unlimited power, fantastic parameters, 100% recycling, and costs 60-80 percent lower than Lithium Ion.

In the US, the first permission to do delivery with drones was granted to Google Wing.

China court has sentenced second Canadian to death for producing and trafficking methamphetamine.

Heavy flooding hits eastern Canada, people were told to evacuate.

In US synagogue a gunman has opened fire, leaving one death and three injured.

Vodafone has denied a report saying issues found in equipment supplied to it by Huawei in Italy in 2011 and 2012 could have allowed unauthorised access to its fixed-line network.

Flooding caused by torrential rains has killed nearly 40 people in Indonesia.

Suspected UAE spy kills himself, man might be linked to the murder of journalist.

Pope donates $500,000 for migrants trying to reach the US.

Extinction Rebellion climate group that caused chaos in London all week, protesting in Parliament Square. 16-year-old girl activist in the meeting with Mp’s said: Future has been sold so a small number of people can make unimaginable amounts of money…, we probably don't have a future…, explanation Heathrow Airport etc. will be remembered as a biggest failures of humanity.

In Russia, a factory on fire that produces intercontinental missiles.

Cypriot police on the island catch a murderer suspected of 7 murders.

Druzba pipeline oil pollution was deliberate, leading to a pre-trial investigation, says a Russian oil company Transneft.

The NASA probe InSight, which landed in Mars, captured weak seismic vibrations, which were thought to be the first trembling recorded on this planet.

Russia dropped a special nuclear-powered submarine into the water, which is thought to be capable of carrying remote-controlled underwater drones with a nuclear warhead.

The main US foreign intelligence agency (CIA) - has made a statement that China's Huawei company is receiving funding from the Chinese State Security Department.

The US has spend $1.5m fighting the opium war in Afghanistan.

Pork prices could rise sharply as African swine fever decimates China’s pig population.

P&O sues UK government, the ferry firm is claiming a rival was unlawfully handed £33m of taxpayers money.

In Brazil tropical forests are disappearing at the rate of 30 football fields a minute.

On Easter Sunday terror bombings link to IS in Sri Lanka killed 290 and 500 injured.

Ukraine elected new president an actor and comic Volodymyr Zelensky.

Cyber crime soars as 61% of companies in UK are attacked.

Russia is preparing for a meeting between the North Korean leader and the Russian president.

Archaeologists report a 3600-year-old broken ship found in the Aegean Sea. Such an age means that it is the oldest ship that has ever been discovered and is already titled "a decade of finding".

In Philippines earthquake killed eight people.

Residents pelt police with rocks over plans for a new power plant in Georgia.

Rain triggered a mudslide killing 28 people in Colombia.

The first three months of 2019 have an almost 10% rise in murders, Mexico.

Saudi Arabia executes 37 for terrorism.

Bahrain’s king reinstates citizenship, leaving some 900 people stateless.

Syria, IS kills 35 government loyal troops.

A 57-year-old woman was arrested for murdering a Northern Ireland journalist, 29 years old woman was shot in the Creggan area of the London region.

Measles, in Ukraine has already been ill 40 thousand people, 14 died.

There was a meeting between the Estonian President and the Russian President.

Hungary's fighters are preparing for the NATO air policing mission, and Spain will also sending reinforcement to Lithuania.

Russia proclaimed that it forced to land an airplane from the Baltic States and later denied it.

More and more often men decide to sterilize: a urologist calls it a gift to a beloved woman.

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko instructed the government to stop price increases by tightening their regulation.

For last year Litexpo Exhibition and Congress Center plans to pay the state dividends of 728 thousand euros, which is almost 46 percent more than in 2017.

Toyota and SoftBank funds will invest $ 1 billion in Uber.

Scientists worry about the huge asteroid flying around the Earth.

Scientists have managed to revive the brain cells of dead pigs for up to 4 hours.

In Lithuania, approved the refusal of the old car and credit for replacing the firewood. The Minister of the Environment: 1,000 euros will be available for the abandonment of an old car in Lithuania.

Chinese have created the longest electric bus in the world - 27 meters long.

KHT Swedish Royal Institute of Technology scientists have developed a transparent timber. It could become a cheaper alternative to silicon-based glass, which is widely used in windows of buildings to solar cells. Now this material revealed interesting new features - it appears that it can store, and then release heat.

The Russian limousine created for V. Putin may have to be renamed: Toyota and Lamborghini protested against the name of Aurus.

Top 5 most sounds having languages: 1. Lithuanian, Voice: 12; consonants: 45; Total Sounds: 57. 2. Danish, Voice: 32; consonants: 20; Total sounds: 52. 3. Hindustan language, Vocals: 11; consonants: 37; Total Sounds: 48. 4. Welsh, Voice: 14; consonants: 31; Total Sounds: 45. 4. Belarusian, Vocals: 6; consonants: 39; Total Sounds: 52. 4. German, Voice: 20; consonants: 25; Total Sounds: 45. 5. Norwegian, Bass: 19; consonants: 25; Total Sounds: 44.

Hunted US couple could face the death penalty after the navy accused them of building a home in Thai waters.

The largest city in the US will charge drivers coming into Manhattan, 18 years after London did the same.

US moves to expand indefinite detention for asylum seekers.

‘Giant lion’ fossil found in Kenya, a new species which roamed east Africa 20 million years ago.

North Korea call the US Secretary of State “reckless” in nuclear talks.

With over 190 million Indonesians voting in the general election, it hasn’t been easy getting ballot boxes to everyone.

Saudi sisters to flee the kingdom travelled to Georgia, where they appealed for help online.

ConocoPhillips sells oil and gas in North Sea assets to private equity-based Chrysaor for £2bn.

Facebook bans a dozen named groups and individuals in UK.

Protests in London, one for killed young lives by knifes and second for global weather.

Americans can now sue foreign firms over Cuban government seizure of US properties six decades ago.

The first aid shipment from the International Red Cross is being distributed in crisis-hit Venezuela.

This year, for the first time, the Lithuanian-owned railway company group “Lietuvos Gelezinkeliai” will start shipping postal items from China to Lithuania.

Lithuania, Kaunas Regional Prosecutors have discovered the mechanism functioning by an organized group. Prosecutors found that the amount of illegal fuel smuggling by a group that was made up of Lithuanian and Latvian citizens could amount to EUR 57 million. The fuel was sold in the whole Lithuania at small gas stations.

Worldwide, the last  season Game of Thrones started. The most popular HBO program has released the first eighth season first film, which is why various companies have received mass reports of ailments from employees.

According to a new study, producing electricity from wind and sun is cheaper than burning coal.

In US South tornadoes and torrential rains kills two children and six adults.

An Army veterans is walking from Washington to Florida to raise awareness about suicide among veterans.

Uber can be worth around $100bn.

In Sudan after ten days protesters still demanding the military government hand over power to civilians.

Pakistan, 65 km per hour dust storm leaves three dead.

India marks 100 years since British troops shot hundreds of civilians dead.

EU gives high-level protection to encourage people to report breaches of EU law.

Casual and “on-demand” workers will now have better protections under EU law.

Paris cathedral ‘Notre-Dame’ on fire, a symbol of the French capital and its endurance for 850 years.

Russia jails Norwegian retired border guard who denies spying.

Israeli scientists have created the world’s first 3D-printed heart using human tissue.

Venezuela, president Maduro wants 3 million civilian force to join by the end of the year and answer to him.

Lithuania allocated almost 50 million euros to developing countries last year.

Estonia did not allow to enter a huge Russian ship Sedov.

Resident in Lithuania has declared 3.026 million inhabitants.

The Czech billionaire, described as the largest commercial real estate magnate in Berlin, is currently being in court in the United States for allegedly $ 1 billion withdrawn from New York's hedge fund and Czech investment firms.

An early Egyptian high-ranking sanctuary sarcophagus was opened during a live television broadcast.

In the Philippines, a new species of Homo luzonensis was found.

Astronomers demonstrated the first black hole photo.

In the Amazon jungle in Brazil, one expedition has been able to establish a first contact with members of the so-called isolated tribe of Coruba.

US and Taliban talk about peace.

Sudan’s president has been removed from power and arrested.

Wikileaks co-founder after 7 years was arrested in Ecuadorian embassy and dragget from it in London. 2012 sexual assault case in Sweden has been dropped, but US is waiting for his arrival for leaking secret documents.

Cuban doctors kidnap in Somalia, policemen was killed.

Bird flu oi the Bulgarian farm.

Former Nissan CEO accused Nissan's management of planning his "conspiracy arrest" because it was afraid of a planned Japanese merger with Renault.

In Lithuania, 6 border guards were removed from service after being stolen excise goods from Varena border area worth 1 million euros.

The world's five largest oil and gas companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars a year on lobbying and are seeking to "delay, control, and ultimately block policies against climate change."

Trees were growing in the South Pole, the water level was 20 meters higher than it is now, and the global temperature was 3-4 degrees higher. It is such a world that scientists are discovering when they travel back in time, when our planet had as much carbon as it is now.

A meteor burst over Russia again.

The Japanese Aerospace Research Agency (JAXA) reported that the explosive charge dropped from the probe Hayabusa2 successfully knocked the crater on the surface of the asteroid Riugu (Ryugu).

US proposes tariffs on $11bn worth of UE goods.

In Kabul, Bagram air base a roadside bomb kills three US soldiers.

Six candidates were offered money by Russians in the lead up to last year’s presidential elections in Madagascar.

Japan’s “hanami” or “flower viewing” season boosted the economy by $2.7bn.

Brazil, 10 soldiers are accused of firing over 80 bullets at the car in Rio, killing its driver.

Millions of mosquitoes carrying bacteria are being released in Medellin to stop viruses spreading.

In Venezuela’s capital people are drinking potentially unsafe water after power cuts interrupted supplies.

Madonna reaching 180 million viewers when she plays the song contest in Tel Aviv.

Lithuania, Russian fertilizers oligarch visited Vilnius airport: only landing plane flew to Moscow again.

Eastern Europe wins the struggle for food quality: fines for poor quality.

Foxconn Technology Group launches the latest iPhone production in India, Apple Inc.: to boost its revenue in this country.

In Lithuania, Two-thirds of Lithuanians work with chemicals: most don't even know about health risks.

In Lithuania, in the port of Klaipeda, ported Weilheim and Bad Rappenau from Germany, Virsaitis and Talivaldis from Latvia, Rauma from Norway, Bukowo from Poland, the leading and logistic vessels Donau and Rhein from Germany.

€ 300m, McDonald's Corp., the largest purchase in twenty years: The company acquires a solution logic technology company to help create customized digital individual menus.

Stanford scientists have invented a simple and incredibly effective way to turn sea water into hydrogen.

For the first time in Switzerland, an artificial genome programmed with a computer has been created, which is a major change in biotechnology - it is already possible to create synthetic life.

New evidence of liquid water on the planet Mars has been published.

The bird genies is hitting the tree with 1,000 times more force than gravity, and it does not get the brain concussion.

US president accused the central bank of slowing down the world’s largest economy.

Seven writers and bloggers are detained in a second wave of arrests in the kingdom.

The Canadian couple were able to claim the prize of C$1m from forgotten ticket days before the deadline.

A British Columbia-based company has show that it can extract CO2 from the air in a cost-effective way.

The new cyber unit is the first in Africa to investigate the sharing of obscene images of children.

Women in Sudan are joining protests against president in large numbers.

Japanese probe Hayabusa-2 is thought to have detonated an explosive charge on the asteroid it is exploring.

In South Korea deadly wildfires, soldiers helping to evacuate over 4000 people, one dead.

South Korea and US turned on 5G networks that promise ultra-fast speeds and new applications.

France ban several types of breast implants that have a textured surface.

Greek police clash with hundreds of migrants heading north and believing reports on social media that the border would be open.

Engineers in Poland are building the world’s deepest indoor swimming pool.

Deadly flash floods in Iran kill dozens, and cause destruction across the country.

UK, four people are knifed in a random attacks, victims approached from behind in 15h rampage.

AL-Shabab extremists in Somalia executed four men accused of spying.

The leader of the Ukrainian presidential election is so far clear - the comedian Volodymyr Zelensky.

Commander of Polish Armed Forces arrived in Lithuania.

NATO army Head have approved plans for a US military warehouse in Poland.

In Lithuania, the pig brought 21 pigs - the pig lacked a nipples.

China is taking on a gigantic project - getting ready to supply its artificial islands with 20 floating nuclear power plants.

The hackers who participated in the contest showed the weaknesses of Tesla Model 3 - the guys were able to overcome the security programs and break into the control computers. For this achievement, the manufacturer gave them a new electric car.

Pope Francis visits Muslim country Morocco.

Malawi doctors in difficult work as resistance to antibiotics raising.

India, the law allows troops to shoot to kill suspected militants or arrest them without a warrant.

23 kindergarten pupils fell sick after eating porridge laced with nitrite, Chinese teacher suspected.

Hyundai three million vehicles will be investigated after thousands of complains about fires.

Indian IT billionaire Azim Premji become India’s top philanthropist. His recent pledge of $7.5bn puts him in the same league of givers - as philanthropists are called - as Bill and Melinda Gates, and Warren Buffet.

China to curb all types of fentanyl, the powerful painkillers will be added to a list of controlled substances.

In Belarus, during building work for a block of lats, unearthed a NAzi massacre with over 1000 people remains.

Uruguay leader sacks defence minister and the chief of the army alleged covered up human rights abuses in the 1970s.

The US president wants to cut aid to El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras in order to stem migration.

The UK Parliament for the third time dismissed Theresa May Brexit deal with EU.

The US and Chinese negotiators in Beijing completed a "constructive" trade round.

Iceland's low-cost airline WOW Air ceased operations and canceled all flights.

NASA reported that the world has become much greener than it was 20 years ago.

In the test, the US Armed Forces shot down a ballistic missile.

South Korea and China want to cause artificial rain to "wash" enormous amounts of pollutants.

Scientists declare that after five years a new alcoholic beverage will appear on the shelves of the shops, which will not have a hangover in the morning.

US Grand Canyon, two tourists died in one week.

Texas say they have more than 13,000 migrants in custody.

Algeria: police fired water cannon at protesters that are demanding president resignation.

Huawei sales top $100bn.

Last Indian village to be electrified.

Brexit drama: Parliament takes control of the process.

EUR 8.6 million is planned for Kaunas and Vilnius road and rail terminals in Lithuania.

It is forbidden to use plastic containers in public events in Tallinn.

ESA satellites in Antarctica have captured an unprecedented new deep gap.

Over 130,000 people killed in Mali village attack.

New Zealand bridge washed away in a storm.

518 million years old fossil discovered in China.

Russian 18-year-old man first to be convicted for encouraging minors to take part in an illegal protest.

UEFA opens disciplinary proceedings against Montenegro following the racist abuse suffered by England players in their Euro 2020 qualifier.

EU states will be able to abolish daylight saving time from 2021.

Mexico demands apology, Spain and the Vatican are urged to acknowledge historical abuses against indigenous peoples.

Russian military offloaded from planes about 100 troops and large amounts of equipments in Venezuela.

Iran flood kills dozens people.

Rocket from Gaza injured 7 people including 3 children in Tel Aviv, Israel.

In Norway, the first underwater restaurant in Europe has been opened.

After the money-laundering scandal, one of the largest Scandinavian financial groups, Swedbank, operating in the three Baltic States, will set up a financial intelligence unit, and the bank manager retained his post.

Kalasnikov, the largest producer of small arms in Russia, reported sales of 17,101 billion rubles (230 million euros) in 2018 - 3.8 times more than in 2017.

Hungary announces an agreement with Russia on a gas supply after stopover through Ukraine.

Industry in Lithuania grew 4.8 percent this year to 3.7 billion euros.

In Kaliningrad - imitation of Lithuanian sausages and bread, decorated with tricolor.

From Spain to Russia, 93 kg of hashish smuggling men in Lithuania are awaiting trial.

US, Donald Trump Administration approved Taiwan's request to buy 60 F-16 fighters.

Jelouston park, in water with a temperature of 43 to 93 degrees Celsius, researchers found a bacterium that feeds on pollutants and breathes electricity.

The European Commission imposed a fine of EUR 1.49 billion on Google for infringing EU antitrust rules. Google has abused its market dominance by including a number of restrictive clauses in agreements with third party sites that prevent Google's competitors from displaying their search ads on these sites.

The Internet giant Google has launched the new Stadia gaming platform, which allows video games to be played on any Internet-connected devices.

NASA no longer understands what happened to the Mars probe InSight instrument, which was supposed to settle under the surface of Mars and measure changes in the planet's internal temperature.

UK, Sainsbury’s has promised to pass on more than £1billion in price cuts to customers if they merge with Asda.

UK, a postman who pocketed over £33,000 in disability benefits has been jailed after he was caught delivering letters on a five-hour round.

Piping hot tea, sup, etc. could increase the risk of oesophageal cancer by 90%.

Mississippi bans abortion after a heartbeat can be detected.

Developers working for Facebook logged the passwords in plain text as they wrote code for the site, millions of Facebook passwords are visible to company.

Levi Strauss will be worth $6.5bn when the denim-maker rejoins the stock market after 34 years away.

Mexico number of homicides reached a record high in 2018, most were carried out with US guns.

Zambia bans Viagra, after customers had complained about unwanted side-effects.

A chemical factory blast in eastern China killed 47 and injured 90 people.

Arrests shut down illegal TV services offered access to hundreds of channels in 30 countries.

UEFA fined 20,000 euro Cristiano Ronaldo for gesture while celebrating goal.

21/03/2019 over 300 million people celebrate Persian New Year.

Corruption is the number one problem in Ukraine.

Brazil, gunmen opened fire on a convoy carrying uranium to a nuclear power plant near Rio.

Eight people confirmed dead in an explosion at a military-owned chemical plant in Egypt.

Investors made a claim of € 420 million to Danske Bank.

The President of Kazakhstan is withdrawing from office, he reported on it on a direct referral to the nation.

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law prohibiting the dissemination of false information to the public.

US Houston chemical fire can last another 48h.

Three people died in Nebraska in historic flooding.

US detects meteor explosion in 30 years and the biggest since Chelyabinsk in 2013.

Cyclone Idai affected thousands of people in Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi.

Over 4000 people viewed the original attack video on Facebook in New Zealand and over 200 watched it live.

Swedbank Money Laundering Scandal: An Internal Report to Bank Managers leaked, 9 billion euros can be washed out.

In New Zealand, 49 people were killed and dozen injured in two mosques shootings.

Russia: The S-400 Triumf missile systems deployed in Kaliningrad are already in military standby.

The largest Lithuanian pig producer, the Danish capital company Idavang, suffered a loss of EUR 2.7 million last year, earning a net profit of EUR 4.5 million in 2017.

Apple has rejected a complaint from Swedish music broadcasting giant Spotify on unfair competition.

In Vilnius, Lithuania, the first 5 electric buses are bought for 1.5 million euros. They will be manufactured and handed over to the city by the Lithuanian company TM Service together with the Turkish bus manufacturer Karsan Otomotiv Sanayii ve Ticaret.

In the half-year with the Boeing 737 Max, eight catastrophes occurred and hundreds of people died. The safety of this Boeing model is questioned and many flights cancelled.

In Greenland, rainfall is becoming more common - even in winter - with a significant impact on melting glaciers.

Tesla added new Model Y price range $39,000 and a 230-mile range.

Young people around the world on their fears about the effects of pollution and climate change, thousands school pupils protest in cities across Asia and Europe.

Cyclone Idai left Mozambique city without electricity.

MPs in Kenya are demanding an investigation into how 10km of wire fencing ended up costing $35m.

Over 45,000 Afghan police and soldiers have died over the past four years.

Brazil school shooting, two former pupils killed eight people in a planned attack.

Israel strikes militant sites in Gaza.

Estonian Intelligence: Russia is preparing its armed forces for a large-scale war against NATO.

Airbus in Germany introduced an electric upright and descending unmanned fly, which claims to become a new city taxi.

Russian Prime Minister D Medvedev promised to conduct an audit on controversial plans to set up a water bottling plant on the deepest freshwater lake in the Bay of Baikal.

The EU has updated its blacklist of tax havens: 15 countries that help hide wealth for rich people, included the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Bermuda.

Scientists have learned to predict human decisions 11 seconds before they appear in the brain.

Talking to pets or things? Scientists say it is a feature of a smart person.

The US Congressman said that algorithms and autonomous systems can discriminate against some people because they are created by programmers who value the world according to their beliefs.

US ambassador tells Germany to shun Huawei or face curbs in intelligence sharing.

Plane crashed in Ethiopia, killing 157 passengers from over 30 nations.

Italy now required children to prove they have been vaccinated before attending school.

Slovenian woman severed her hand with a circular saw to collect 400,000 euro in compensation.

The United Nations warns that we have 12 years before the global catastrophe.

The Norwegian Trillion Dollar Assets Fund plans to discard $37bn from oil and gas companies to secure core stock index.

The United States giant Uber has agreed to pay more than € 2.3 million to the Netherlands to stop the case of Uber's drivers driving violations.

In Venezuela, after a break in power supply, most of the country dropped in the dark.

The Israeli machine sent to the Moon sent its first photo.

Europe car of the year - Jaguar I-Pace.

Millions of Ugandan citizens have refused to use the Internet after the state has introduced a fee for the use of social networks and money transfers on mobile devices.

A team of engineers from California has raised an immortal synthetic brain whose structure and electrical activity resemble brain activity.

International Women’s day March 8.

Man arrested in Kashmir, the grenade attack at a busy bus station killed two and injured over 30 people.

China exports saw biggest fall, world’s second economy.

China accused 11 smugglers of importing totoaba swim bladder, used in traditional Chinese medicine.

Huawei sues US for claims its products present security risks.

Russia, those found guilty of “blatant disrespect” or spreading so-called fake news will face fines or jail.

Bugatti’s one-off supercar, unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, sold for at least £9.5m before tax.

Nicaragua’s president was accused of sexual abuse by his own stepdaughter.

The first cases against the Syrian president are submitted to the International Criminal Court.

In Lithuania, about 700 million euros have been washed out by Nordea bank, mostly transferred from already closed Ukio and Snoras banks. The funds are mainly related to the Russian oligarchs.

The Czech did not let to enter a diplomat from Russian. Moscow: these actions will be answered.

In Lithuania, thousands of people have been left without electricity due to strong wind.

Scientists have found that eye color determines human sensitivity.

South Korea announces accusations that Samsung has stolen flexible screen technology and sold it to Chinese companies for $ 14 million.

US record $1.5bn lottery winner.

UK won’t allow chlorine-washed and hormone-treated meat into the UK.

University students protest in the capital Algiers demanding the president step down.

Tanzania arrest 65 witchdoctors, over 10 children were murdered in ritual killings and some had body parts removed.

Nissan ex-boss charged with financial misconduct, has been granted bail by Tokyo court of £6.8m.

Uzbek president tells police officers in the country are too fat to catch criminals.

Philippine police find 1500 little turtles wrapped in tape and stashed in luggage, left in Manila airport.

Seven Jehovah’s Witnesses claim they were tortured by police in Russia because of their faith.

Hungary is taking in Venezuelan refugees - if they are of Hungarian ancestry.

Lithuania clothes factories; last year, the Utenos trikotažas group, controlled by the SBA Group, earned 30.9 million euros in revenue - 19.6 percent more than in 2017 (25.8 million euros). Apranga Group's retail turnover this year increased by 5 percent to 32 million euros.

Excluding excise tax on sales of Lithuanian alcohol production company “Vilniaus degtinė” amounted to EUR 21.361 million last year and decreased by 10.9 per cent (23.974 million in 2017).

In the Pacific, an ecological catastrophe: big oil ship sailed on shore, near a UNESCO World Heritage Site on Solomon Islands, devastating sea life with oil.

Through the territory of Russia and the annexed Crimea, train called "Sirijskij perelom" (Syrian breakthrough), on which the Syrian Islamist weapons have been deployed, will pass. The train from the Russian capital moved on Day of Homeland Defense (February 23). After 29,000 kilometers, he will return to Moscow, and this will happen on Syria's Independence Day, April 27.

Lithuania, have to pay 830 Eur without nursing and 890 Eur with nursing services in the new Elderly House. When the Lithuanian pension after working 30+ years, the minimum wage, is about 240 euros per month.

The United States Land Force buys a pile of pocket drones for nearly $ 40 million.

If a person is accused of committing a crime in China, there is a high probability that he will be convicted. This probability reaches an impressive 99.9 percent.

The latest research shows that dwarf people are more aggressive than tall men.

US “Sea Hunter” warship, 40m long, flown to Hawaii without any crew from San Diego and then returned.

Nanotechnology allowed scientists to weld aluminum alloy.

Lithuanian scientists have discovered a unique way of producing twice stronger gypsum from waste.

Aluminum people learned to make only 200 years ago. The sensational discovery that led to many discussions was made in the city of Audo, Romania in the 1980s, near the River Mures. At that time, the country was communist, so news about such discoveries was not widely publicized. The workers pulled three objects out of the river, one of which was thought to have been made by man. Later it turned out that the bones of a mammal that had disappeared 10-80 thousand years ago were found together with these objects. The findings were analyzed by Swiss scientists, who concluded that 90% of the metal found was aluminum and that it was about 250,000 years old.

US offers reward for information about Hamza Bin Laden, it is believed to be emerging as a key leader of the Islamist militant group al-Qaeda.

Flooding in California’s Sonoma County has left cut off and forced thousands of people to evacuate.

Youtube bans comments on all children videos after pedophiles left predatory comments.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles plans to pump $4.5bn into the Michigan vehicle industry which will create 6500 new jobs.

Liberia’s missing millions: Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s son was a bank boss in Liberia when more than $100m was illegally printed.

In Mount Kenya farmers is blamed for blazing fire to plant marijuana later.

Zimbabwe introduces RTGS dollar to deal with country’s cash problem.

Over 740,000 Rohingya Muslims live in Bangladesh after fleeing Myanmar’s military crackdown.

Doctors said the baby, born weighing 268g, is the smallest newborn ever to have been successfully treated and sent home.

UK pays £33m to Eurotunnel after accusation of “secretive” no-deal Brexit ferry contracts.

Ukraine’s Eurovision acts have pulled out due to contractual issues involving political rows with Russia.

About 261,000 more non-EU citizens came to the UK than left in the year to September 2018.

Norway’s state investment fund will continue to be “significant” investor in the UK.

Sweden arrest suspected Russian spy working in a Swedish high-tech company.

Argentine doctors performed caesarean to a 11-years-old girl, she was raped, ignoring request of abortion.

Another large aid shipment from US was refused by Venezuela.

Nicaragua releases dozens of people after anti-government protests.

US agencies received thousands of sex abuse complaints at US children detentions.

Gaza, UN human rights experts say Israeli military snipers shot at children, paramedics and journalists.

Tomahawk, an armed US squadron, entered into the Baltic Sea.

Ukraine detained a former chief of troops suspected of treason.

The daughter of the Russian President's representative works as a trainee in the European Parliament.

Swedbank, who has taken in the money laundering scandal, has been actively looking for wealthy clients from Russia and other former USSR republics.

Virgin Galactic's spacecraft rose to an altitude of almost 90 km, the first time commercial flight with a passenger.

US president meeting in Vietnam leader of North Korea.

One Tanzania’s top referees has been fined $200,000 and banned for life by Fifa for taking bribes.

88 dead elephants discovered in Botswana.

India launches air strike in Pakistan against militants in disputed territory.

Australian farmers lost over 500,000 animals in flood.

Thirteen French citizens face trail in Iraq for alleged support of the Islamic State group.

A German court fines Heckler & Koch and convicts two ex-staff for illegal arms export to Mexico.

Yemen, 20 million people need help securing food, including 10 million who are a step away from famine.

For the first time in 82 years, in Las Vegas has fallen real snow.

Microsoft warns of hacking attacks before the upcoming EU elections.

The German budget surplus last year was the highest since the end of the Cold War, amounting to as much as € 58 billion.

Egypt is the most indebted country in the Middle East, dangerously mired in short-term loans.

Researchers at the University of Hokkaido have found a way to create the material that after using it more and more the stronger it gets.

The Lithuanian Armed Forces have received additional Javelin anti-tank missiles for $ 20 million.

The UK Parliament has published a report in which Facebook's social network and its leaders named as "digital gangsters".

Laser specialists say that the amount of fusion energy can be increased by another 1,000 times.

New York City will return $5.3m to the US government after admitting in a settlement to fraudulently billing damage charges after Hurricane Sandy.

Botswana government report recommends lifting a four-year ban on hunting elephants.

A giant bee has been re-discovered on an Indonesian island.

Australia is seeking “urgent” clarification that a key Chinese port has blocked imports.

Singapore HIV data leak exposed 14,000 people.

In Bangladesh dozens people killed in fire blaze which spread through an ancient district of the capital.

Samsung unveils foldable luxury smartphone.

BMW and Daimler invest 1bn euro to develop next-generation pay-per-use and autonomous services.

Reports show many insect populations are declining.

Russia charges US investor, accused of embezzling $38m from a Russian bank - a charges he denies.

The Estonian Financial Supervision Authority demanded the closure of Danske Bank's branch, which allegedly laundered a lump sum of money.

The Finnish energy solutions company Valoe invests EUR 11.3 million in the Visor Information Technology Park, Lithuanian, solar modules manufacturer SoliTek.

In Lithuania in 2018, 329 individuals declared millions of wealth accumulated in 2017, including those who took out loans - 390.

Swedish scientists connected the hand prosthesis directly to the woman's nerves, she can move fingers with mind and even feel tactile feelings.

Our neighboring Andromeda Galaxy is approaching the Milky Way and will be confronted with it a few billion years later.

Russian parliamentarians supported a bill that would prohibit soldiers from using smart phones during their service to write online or provide information to the media.

Scientists have found evidence that a woman's reproductive tract is in a form that prevents "slow swimmers" from reaching their goal.

Scientists have used a completely new technique and turned the usual metals into 'metal wood', with a much higher strength-to-weight ratio.

Cameroon, 176 people (170 students) were kidnapped in the restive Anglophone region.

Pakistan has welcomed Saudi Arabia’s leader.

UK employment hits record, 32.6 million people were working between October and December.

Honda firm closing Swindon car plant in UK due to global changes in the car industry and has nothing to do with Brexit.

Two French ex-pilots are accused of trying to smuggle a huge drugs stash from the Dominican Republic.

From Venezuela to Colombia “trochas” known as illegal tracks are being used to trade.

The EU has banned Dutch people from using electricity in fishing.

Latvia, Estonia and Finland signed a joint gas market agreement.

Russian Investment Fund Baring Vostok employees, including the founder and managing partner from the US, arrested in Russia. Russian researchers reported that the allegations of large-scale fraud were brought to the fund's investment director and partners.

Boeing will produce an underwater drone for the United States Navy. The Orca-named submarine, without any crew inside, will carry out a variety of tasks and will be one of the most advanced weapons in the world's oceans.

In Gabon (Central Africa), fossils have been discovered, suggesting that organisms started to move independently about 2.1 billion years ago. These primordial creatures could look like amoeba or molluscs found today in the world, simple organisms, by mycologists are fungi, and by zoologists are protozoa.

US president D. Trump instaled $50,000 golf simulator in his private quarters.

Amazon cancels in New York City campus plan wort $3bn.

Google plans to spend over $13bn this year, as it builds data centres and offices across the US.

South Africa authorities say the controversial businessman is no longer wanted over bribery allegations.

China closes its Everest base, needs to be cleared of rubbish left by visitors.

World celebrates St Valentine's Day, called love day.

Skripal poisoning in UK, third man involved, he is claimed to be a Russian intelligence officer who was in the UK at the time of the 2018 attack.

Airbus scraps A380 superjumbo aircraft production after key buyer Emirates cuts order.

Kurdish-led fighters backed by the US are pushing into two villages near the Iraq border.

Russia supported the law on the country's Internet isolation.

Russian Islands - Bear Invasion: enters block of flats stairways and offices, people are afraid to go outside.

The new test proves: breakfast is growing belly.

Belgian airspace will be closed for all flights under 8,000 meters, air traffic controllers announcing a national strike.

United States colleges attracted $ 46.7 billion in twelve months to June 2018, collecting a record amount for the ninth year in a row.

The German government plans to build at least two terminals for liquefied natural gas.

Norway sends a Polish diplomat out of the country, Warsaw responds the same. The diplomatic conflict was sparked by disagreements between the Polish consul and the Norwegian state institutions, particularly with regard to the protection of the rights of the child.

Google will be able to continue to operate in Russia because it has obeyed the requirement to censor government-blocked websites.

Internet giant Google last year paid more fines in the European Union than taxes worldwide.

US, families in West Virginia say the coal mines have poisoned their water.

Australian MP’s pass a bill helping sick refugees get treatment.

Indonesian police admit using a snake on a handcuffed Papuan to make him confess to stealing mobile phones.

A single-sex gym in Turkey is helping women exercise and become entrepreneurs.

Four people have died in four days of protests calling on President to step down.

Deadly floods in northern Chile left homes and roads destroyed.

Venezuela’s president Nicolas Maduro is trying to use the country’s gold to raise cash and make friends.

China says it is shocked by the accusations of Lithuanian intelligence.

The Lithuanian Government has decided not to accept the European Parliament's call for an end to the European Union (EU) agreements with major tobacco producers.

Founder of the hedge fund company Winton Group, appointed $ 100 million pound sterling ($ 130 million) for Cambridge University, is the biggest ever donation.

Axioma Metering, a company of the concern Icor, was opened in the Lithuania city Kaunas. The EUR 15 million water and heat meter factory has created 200 new jobs and willing to invest EUR 20 million more.

Australia and US arrested six people in an investigation that uncovered a haul worth $1.29bn.

A Colombian veterinarian has been sentenced to jail after admitting to smuggling drugs into the US by implanting heroin in live puppies.

BBC journalists freed in Uganda, after police accepted that their work looking into the illegal sale of government drugs was in the public interest.

Flamingos abandon over 2000 baby birds, when the water in their dam in South Africa dried up.

Australia parliament hit by cyber attack, politician’s passwords have been reset and no information was stolen.

New island of Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai was created after Pacific volcano erupted in 2014.

UK companies turn to the Baltic nation for financial licences and to protect their EU operations.

Vehicles with US food and medicine are unable to cross a border bridge, blocked by Venezuela.

Brazil court adds 12 years and 11 month to the former president sentence for corruption.

Saudi Arabia blocked access to the journalist’s murder crime scene for the UN investigator.

The US military is buying the Iron Dome missile system to “assess and experiment” with.

Lithuanian Intelligence: Russia uses drones to track objects in Lithuania and so China's intelligence is increasingly active in the country.

According to media reports, US President Donald Trump will appoint David Malpass as the new World Bank leader.

2018 Russia exported 3.5 percent more gas to Europe than in 2017.

In 2018, the debt of the Venezuelan state oil company Petroleos de Venezuela S.A. (PDVSA) to the Russian oil concern Rosneft dropped to $ 2.3 billion.

A € 2 million consignment of Belarusian cigarettes was detained at the Lithuanian-Belarusian border in Kybartai.

Japonijos valstybinis pensijų fondas (GPIF) , biggest in the world, Tokijuje pranešė per tris paskutinius metų mėnesius praradęs 9,1 proc, arba 14,8 trilijonų jenų (136 mlrd dolerių, 119 mlrd eurų).

For more than $ 200 million, Tesla has acquired Maxwell condenser and battery manufacturer Maxwell in California.

Ruselectronics 5P-42 Filin is builded in a new Russian frigate ships, is an optical disorientation system that can cause nausea and vomiting.

Scientists from Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston (USA) have found that glucose consumption is associated with a significant decrease in the amount of male hormone testosterone in the blood.

For the first time in history, scientists measured the speed of universe expansion by using supermasmic black holes formed shortly after the Great Bang. And their results put more questions than answers.

French magazine L’Express reports the firm paid nearly £44m tax in a secret pact late last year.

After US retail chains close, workers are asking why company bosses have made millions from their demise.

Scientists in New Zealand say they found a USB stick of holiday snaps in a slab of frozen seal poo.

China celebrates New Year 2019 in February 5th.

Australia floods: people warned to beware of reptiles in the water, as evacuations continue.

Even Niagara Falls freezes, in US -30 celcius, dead 21 person.

The US announced that all persons outside the United States must stop buying oil and petroleum products from Venezuelan Petroleos de Venezuela SA by April 28th.

Danske Bank said it would strengthen the fight against money laundering by allocating EUR 267.87 million.

Vivendi, a global corporation, has acquired the largest book publishing group in Europe, Editis, which unites 50 publishers.

Poland exported 2.5 tonnes of unhealthy cow meat to the EU.

US representatives have officially announced a withdrawal from the Medium-Range Nuclear Force (INF) agreement with Russia.

MIT scientists have discovered in the deepest mines, the bottom of the lakes and even our intestines are the source of energy that we don't know about, but we can use it to produce electricity.

Scientists have long been aware that some whale species are massively jumping on the shore and die, after being affected by submarine search sonar signals. Now it has become clear why this is the case: the animals are suffering from a painful decompression illness, like inexperienced divers.

Swiss scientists have found that swinging before bedtime, as well as during sleep, benefits not only children but also adults. According to researchers from the universities of Geneva and Lausanne, gentle swaying improves sleep quality and improves memory.

Scientists are increasingly talking about negative changes in underground water reserves, which will take at least a hundred years to neutralize.

The US economy adds 340,000 jobs in January.

Migrant men on hunger strike are forced-fed via nasal tubes after a US judge approves the move.

Stars support Empire actor, the victim of a suspected hate crime in Chicago.

Ghana is accused of refusing to accept the return of 7000 nationals living illegally in the US.

A Ghanaian investigative journalist was shot dead, police believe he was assassinated because of his work.

Turkey is under Western pressure to stop buying Venezuelan gold.

A 14th employees at Canada’s embassy in Havana falls ill, and the country cuts staff there by half.

The US Border Patrol seized record fentanyl drug of 254 lb (114kg).

Drones help Galapagos to drop tonnes of poison in a project to get rid of the invasive species.

Lebanon forms new government.

The UK, Germany and France create a payment system to allow trade with Iran without breaching US sanctions.

Saudi Arabia ends major anti-corruption case, hundreds of princes and billionaires were held and more than $104bn recouped by the state since 2017.

Influenza victims in Lithuania are on he rise: three more people have died, major cities declare the epidemic.

The amount of crypto-money stolen from stock exchanges and by scammers from investors, jumped 400 percent in 2018 to $ 1.7 billion.

Customers of the international shipping company DPD Lietuva will now be able to use the new parcel delivery service to send express parcels and air transport.

NATO approved the accession protocol for the re-named North Macedonia a few weeks after the former Yugoslav Republic and Greece settled a decade-long dispute that hampered its membership.

Scientists have discovered a completely new type of blood vessel that hides in the bones.

Chinese scientists are announcing a new experiment on cloning - helping to explore people's psychological problems.

Professor Mary Torregrossos trained rats, hearing a specific sound, begged for cocaine. And so they behaved until the professor managed to overwrite the memories of laboratory animals with his colleagues. This study and its results were published on 22 January.

Scientists at the Space Research Laboratory issued a warning that 428 cubic kilometers of ice were lost in Greenland last year.

US facing record low temperatures.

US places sanctions on corrupt Venezuela oil firm PDVSA and urge the military to back a peaceful power transfer.

US government shutdown cost £3bn.

A de-radicalisation scheme in Nigeria is helping former Boko Haram militants rejoin society.

Singapore HIV registry data show 14,000 people are affected.

Havana tornado kills 3 and injures over 200 people.

Peru landslide kills 15 people in hotel.

Since January 26, the euro area central banks will no longer put 500 ero banknotes into circulation, but people with such money will continue to be able to settle them.

The Norwegian sovereign wealth fund has strengthened its position on the carbon stock front even after the introduction of restrictions on investment in oil, which is considered one of the main global warming catalysts.

The Chechen District Court has decided to nullify for the population EUR 120 million in gas debts, basing its decision on the fact that it could lead to social unrest. Now other Russian regions are considering whether they could do the same, so the local division of the Russian state gas monopoly Gazprom decided to look for action.

The European Anti-Fraud Office has approached the responsible Lithuanian authorities and demanded the repayment of EUR 4 million from the Pienas LT cooperative, as it considers that this money has been misused.

Australian scientists say that bat blood poison can be used to treat serious diseases. However, these trials have been hampered by drug wars in Mexico.

In Russia, a new invisible military drone, Ochotnik, was recorded.

British scientists have conducted a study which concludes that "secret disease", which causes iron accumulation up to the toxic level in the body, may be associated with thousands of cases of cancer and joint diseases that have so far been written off for human aging.

Various companies seek to develop nuclear fusion technology so that we have the first commercial nuclear fusion reactor in operation by the 2030s.

Microsoft Announces After 2019 December 10 will stop issuing updates and support for Windows 10 Mobile for smartphones. In 2017 the company has abandoned the production of new smartphones and has stopped developing the system.

Recent scientific research shows that rubbing a painful spot by others is just a fantastic effect, that's why we can't tickle ourselves.

Since December 22, 2018, the US government has been shut down and has already become a record-breaking period when many institutions are forced to close their doors and stop their activities. Among them are a number of science institutions and scientists who are beginning to speak increasingly loudly, that the stubbornness of the central government and the inability to come to terms with each and every day are increasingly hitting science and progress.

A cold snap transforms the world-famous waterfall into a winter wonderland.

A spat between Italy and France  has reignited a debate over French involvement in its former African colonies.

Unlicensed blacksmith in Ghana are estimated to produce up to 200,000 guns every year.

The 1.9km structure spanning the River Gambia is set to revolutionise trade with Senegal.

London-based brewer Fuller’s is selling its beer and cider business to Asahi of Japan for £250m.

Indonesia, thousands of people are being evacuated as flash floods uproot homes after heavy rains in Sulawesi.

India, milk theft goes up before movies releases because fans douse the posters of film stars in milk.

UK introduced and advertised of £65 for 5 years visa to european people after few days gone, money well spent worldsite.co.uk said.

Fifa contacts the Thai prime minister over footballer, saying he is at “serious risk of mistreatment” if deported to Bahrain.

Iran arrested 7000 protesting women against the compulsory hijab law.

Toyota and Panasonic join forces in the production of electric car batteries.

Commercial banks in Russia over the past five years have halved to less than half a thousand.

Google was fined EUR 50 million. Such a tremendous fine was imposed on Google LLC by the French regulator CNIL for the processing of personal data.

The European Commission (EC) has allowed Blackstone Group, the largest private equity fund management company, to acquire one of the largest Luminor banks in the three Baltic States.

US Supreme Court ruling means certain transgender people can be barred from joining or staying in the military.

America’s longest government shutdown continues.

The gunmen, said from al-Qaeda group, stormed UN camp killing 10 peacekeepers.

Police confirm the concrete-filled corpses of two men found month ago were critics of the Thai monarchy.

Taliban militants kill 43 security staff at Afghan intelligence base.

WhatsApp will only allow users to forward messages five times to limit the spread of false news.

Thousands of indebted Indian farmers killed themselves last year.

The European Commission fines Mastercard £504m for stopping retailers looking for cheaper services.

Ronaldo, football player, accepts 18,8m euro deal from Spanish prosecutor for tax evasion.

Venezuela, members of the National Guard are arrested for allegedly plotting a revolt against the president.

Mexico pipeline explosion kills 70 and injures dozens more, the fuel pipeline was exploded by suspected oil thieves.

Two South Africans, a Croatian, a Bosnian and a Kosovan were in a vehicle that blew up while transporting mines in Yemen war.

Georgia's Prime Minister visiting Lithuania.

Satellite photos show that Russia has deployed new Iskander missile system elements near the border with Ukraine.

The world's largest online store, Amazon, founder and leader, the richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos divorced with his wife, and has a relationship with Lauren Sanchez. The ‘’Extra’’ correspondent, L. Sanchez, showed messages to his close friends and was later legitimately received by the ‘National Enquirer’.

On January 17, the President of Serbia hosted a grand reception for Russian President Vladimir Putin and even gifted a puppy.

The Russian police and army will be equipped with new pistols that will replace the Makarov pistols constructed in the Soviet Union. The new Udav Gun ("Python") is designed to operate in extreme heat or cold, and its bullets are able to break the body protection currently used.

Lithuania, ‘LitCapital’ sells the shares of ‘Šiauliai Bicycle’ Company ‘Baltik vairas’, acquired in 2014.

Indonesia has calculated how much benefit one living lane brings and immediately banned their fishing.

China has shown the latest military "superdrone": it will be able to do practically everything, and most importantly, it is "invisible" to radars.

Scientists say that male baldness has many advantages.

Sea levels have already risen and this is just the beginning: studies show that the Antarctic glaciers are melting six times faster than 40 years ago.

NASA and China are starting to work together again: The Chinese Space Agency shared data on an impressive Moon mission.

The baby girl was found in a rubbish bin of a toilet in the secure Amazon facility.

US, Los Angeles, 30,000 teachers have walked out demanding more support staff, smaller class sizes and better pay.

Sudan government forces fired directly at demonstrators demanding the president’s resignation.

Over 21 people were killed when al-Shabab militants stormed luxury Nairobi hotel complex.

124 coffees in the world, we only drink two, but we need to protect all of them, say scientists.

The 700kg crocodile kept illegally at pearl farm in Sulawesi killed scientist, while she tried to feed the 4.4m-long reptile.

Patients in England are struggling to get hold of drugs such as painkillers and antidepressants.

Thousands of students skip school in Belgium to join a march demanding action on climate change.

Ukraine volunteer soldier gone public about his sexuality.

Rihanna singer takes father to the court for misusing her name to further his entertainment business.

El Chapo ‘paid $100m bribe’ to former Mexican president Pena Nieto.

Judges say the UK has no legal duty to protect the lives of a suspected Islamic State fighters.

Syria, civilians die in an suicide bombing in the Kurdish-held northern town of Manbij.

Lidl started building stores in Latvia.

The British retailer Marks & Spencer Group is closing down the stores again and is preparing to lay off some employees.

Founder of Huawei: The company would never allow China to access customer data.

Poland, on the evening of January 13 in Gdansk, a few minutes after the mayor of the city spoke the festive speech and everyone was waiting for the fireworks and lasers show, a man with a knife came on the stage and several times stabbed a mayor in the heart.

China's space probe, Chang'e 4, landed on Earth invisible Moon side, successfully completed its first biological experiment in the history of our planet's natural satellite research, it is reported that the cotton seed in the probe container show fast-growing seeds.

In the US, SpaceX Space Capsule has successfully landed in the Pacific Ocean near the shores of Mexico's Southern California State, a few hours after being detached from the International Space Station.

Russian StartRocket says they want to start advertising in the night sky, they are planning to do it with the small satellites 'Cubesat'.

Elon Musk, head of California-based SpaceX, has demonstrated the old-fashioned-looking Starhip rocket pictures, that can fly people to the Moon and Mars.

A new drug has been developed, one dose of which has successfully protected monkeys from fatal infections of all Ebola virus types.

Hyundai becomes the first manufacturer in the world to deliver a car with fingerprint readers.

US firm Pacific Gas and Electric plans bankruptcy protection move after wildfires spark mass liabilities.

Explosions and gunfire erupt in the Kenyan capital Hotel in an attack claimed by Somali-based militants.

Zimbabwe fuel protests: several killed and hundreds arrested.

Ivory Coast ex-President first former head of state to go on trail at the International Criminal Court.

African migrants’ journey through the Sahara desert comes at a terrible risk.

The Kumbh Mela festival, the largest gathering of people anywhere, is starting in northern India.

Germany holds Iran spy as suspected of handing over secrets about operations in Afghanistan.

South Korea’s Football Association gives gold medals to the children of four dead players who received fakes after their 1960 Asian Cup win.

The exposed database contained detailed information about more than 200 million Chinese people.

Private security guards in India have become de-facto protectors across urban neighbourhoods.

MacDonald’s loses trademark case against  McBully.

Migrants share their reasons for leaving Honduras on the way to US.

Over a third of Lebanon’s population is refugees, storm Norma’s left many of their homes flooded.

Lithuania, sentenced priest of Jonava city, for withdrawing money from a believer, transferred to a larger Kaunas city parish.

New ambition of Lithuanian politicians to ban smoking in balconies.

Ukrainian oil products imported from Lithuania in 2018 for $ 570.5 million.

Lithuania, ‘’Lietuvos Energija’’ will sell its owned office complexes and buildings for EUR 30 million to Lithuanian ‘’NT Valdos’’ company.

Lithuania was allowed to export horses to Japan.

The European Union stated that it "drew attention" to the unexpected results of the presidential election in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the accusations of the electorate that voting results are fraudulent.

There are microorganisms in Northern Ireland that could help with the development of new antibiotics.

Lithuanian scientists printed, 50 times smaller than poppy grain, Lithuanian coat of arms depicting Vytis - a unique study with very large prospects.

The second recurring fast wave of radio waves from space was recorded on earth.

The latest NASA telescope for exoplanet searching is working out - the third month astronomers have discovered the third new planet outside the Solar System.

For the first time in history, NASA going to redirect the asteroid from its current trajectory.

Russia has published new details about the underwater nuclear drone Poseidon.

Drones are used to map previously unmapped areas in Africa.

Cleaners for the ousted president of Zimbabwe appear in court accused of stealing $150,000.

Russia renewed interest in Africa.

Chinese businessman who works for the telecoms company Huawei arrested in Poland for spying.

Myanmar rejects Reuters journalists after conviction of breaching secrets and exposing a massacre.

US and China officials held their first formal talks since both sides agreed to a trade war truce.

Japan to scrap UK beef ban import.

Reports that 200,000 wild boar can be killed this month are denied by the Polish government.

Russia review the BBC’s output for compliance with its licence.

Spain arrest 15 tennis players from lower tiers of professional tennis, in investigation of match-fixing, many players involved because of low income.

Over 600 flights are cancelled as security staff strike over pay at major German airports.

Russia, Stalin ordered the imprisonment and execution of hundreds of the bes Soviet doctors accusing them of plotting to kill senior Communist officials.

Venezuela President Nicolas MAduro is starting another six-year term as president.

6 Yemen soldiers killed in a Houthi rebel drone attack on al-Anad military base.

Euro league: basketballteam "Zalgiris" 79:84 lost to "CSKA", Eurolyga fined the ‘’Zalgiris’’ club with 500 euros fine for fans throwing rubbish on the playing pit and coach Sarunas Jasikevicius fined 4500 euros for disrespect of referee.

In Australia, hundreds of thousands of fish have been dead, government officials believe that this is due to harmful algal blooms.

The device acts as a lung, but produces hydrogen - Stanford researchers have created an incredible efficiency to have a lung type device.

University of Illinois scientists have found a way to make plants genetically modified to speed up their growth.

Vancouver fighting back addictions to drugs by providing injection sites, antidotes and heroin on prescription.

Silicon Valley startup sells e-cigarettes now valued at £38bn.

Egypt named as the host on 2019 Africa Cup, replace Cameroon.

The North Korean leader is on three-day visit to China.

Attacker was arrested after the incident which left 20 children injured.

Nissan’s ex-boss spent two month in jail accused of misconduct.

50 villages in India with strange names are trying to convince the government to grant them a new ones.

EU agreed and sanctions on Iran as it is accused of planning, carrying out, assassinations on European soil.

US no longer ranks the EU alongside national leaders at diplomatic functions.

Heavy snow brings widespread disruption to parts of Europe.

Female Magellanic penguins are more likely to become stranded in South America because they travel further.

Brazil deploys troops to stop gang attacks on shops, banks and buses.

Saudi women must obtain a male relative’s approval to travel abroad, get married or leave prison.

Two men, including a Texan who asked to teach English to IS militants, were caught by US-backed fighters.

China's rich people are preparing for a tax raid: targeting a $ 24 trillion property.

Scientists proclaiming a tremendous amount of life under the surface of the Earth - this can even lead us to colonizing aliens or other planets.

The Chinese probe landed for the first time on the invisible Moon side.

Two leading US cancer drug companies announce a blockbuster tie-up valued at more than $74bn.

Bankers arrested by US authorities alleged them taking part in a fraud scheme to supply loans to firms in Mozambique.

Papua New Guinea has eight million people and over 800 languages.

Apple has been ordered by a court to remove iPhone 7 and 8 models from its German stores.

US Tijuana border guards fire tear gas into Mexico as migrants try to cross the border.

Iran claims to be first to make ice cream 2000 years ago.

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