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  • Drugs. UK, 24-years-old girl was called a ‘drama queen’ and filmed by her boyfriend a few times before she died after a overdose of 2-CP drug that had a fatal reaction, given by the same boyfriend. The Girl died in the woods next to the concert they attended. In the filmed clips she can be heard repeatedly shouting at her boyfriend to call her mother and only after an hour she managed to call, her mum heard her “screaming”. In one video clip she was so confused that tried to eat thorns and after six hours of anguish she died with a bloody face and hands. Her boyfriend failed to get help because he feared the consequences of a suspended jail term, he was handed one month earlier.
  • World. Humans, smartest living form on earth and solar system, didn’t find yet any smarter life form in space. They have knowledge to make the world a better place but instead of looking after the world, wildlife and humanity, they are killing everything they can. Greedy, selfish, power thirsty humans allow to poison air and water, allow war and death of wildlife.
  • Traffic in UK. Drivers poorly indicates when changing lines and turning. They are giving way for no reason at all to cars coming from side roads, even when there is no more cars behind them (they can just go and car can turn from side road). Roundabout is the worst, even learners showing indicator right when entering the roundabout and not indicating when leaving, it is a one way system, so there is no need to indicate right because it looks like you about to turn against the traffic, so you indicate left before you are leaving the roundabout, yes it is good when drivers indicating on a junction with roundabout rules. Instead of driving slow on a roundabout to give enough time for other drivers to join the traffic, they are speeding, leaving other road users to watch one driver on the roundabout, when they can share the roundabout giving time and way to other drivers (if they go slow and give way to other users, there can be a lot less cars to enter a roundabout). When two lines merging into one, many UK drivers trying to merge way before the point of the merge, leaving empty gap in front and building traffic behind. On a junctions when turning right, many drivers turning and giving way to opposite traffic that is turning right and coming on their right hand side, blocking the view and way to turn, some junction starting to have pointers in the middle of the junction for drivers to stop turning the wrong way. On top of that drivers turning right into left lane, they don’t understand that when you turning right from right lane you enter right lane or right side, this way leaving the left lane empty for opposite traffic that is turning left to join the road into first line. UK drivers don’t understand to stay and drive on left lane, stay left, on a dual road or motorway, leaving right lane empty for emergency vehicles and to overtake. Very very poor driving in the lanes, sometimes looks like there is no lanes at all, jumping from left to right and back to right from left, corners most of the time turning with high speed and taking two lines.

  • Money was created to support King and its army. Business was supported by government and kept national. But then business founders privatised business and this way kept all the money after taxes for themselves. This step ruined country, because most of the money from big business stay with few founders and stock owners, instead of government that could use all the money income for people and country.

  • So they say people living longer that's why retirement pension is prolonged. Scientists say preserved ready food kills people 10 years faster and statistics disagree that people live longer. So the government allow to die us faster and don’t pay pension.

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